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Lambert: I'm Seeing Marcus Face-to-Face Next Week
Friday, 19th Feb 2021 10:14

Under-fire boss Paul Lambert says he hasn’t spoken to owner Marcus Evans since Tuesday’s 0-0 home draw with Northampton but is due to meet with him face-to-face next week.

The expectation among fans since Tuesday has been that Evans would finally end Lambert's tenure but he remains in place and will be in charge for tomorrow's game against Oxford at Portman Road.

However, he says the two have a meeting next week, where it seems certain his position will be discussed.

“I haven’t actually, but that’s not unusual, that’s not unusual because his schedule is incredibly busy as well,” Lambert said when asked if the two had spoken since the game the other night.

“Owners are all different. I get on well with Marcus, I’ve always said to you. I’ve got a good relationship with the guy. I’ll see him face to face next week and we’ll discuss things from there.

“It’s like Mr [Peter] Coates at Stoke, he would come in every Friday and have lunch with me and I’d have a chat with him, but everybody’s different. It’s not unusual.

“I’ve spoken to [general manager of football operations] Lee [O’Neill] loads of times since Tuesday night. Marcus, no problem, I’ll speak to him next week at some point face to face, I guess hopefully, or through one of these things [computer].”

Lambert made a number of critical comments regarding the structure of the club following Tuesday’s match and also in his talkSPORT interview.

Pressed further on that, asked who he meant with a few people in the club having wondered whether it was them he was talking about when spoken to, he asked who had been talked to: “Who have you spoken to then?”

When told several people but that he wasn’t going to be told who they were, he responded: “I'm not going to answer your question then.”

Is it recruitment, the academy, communication that you were talking about? Which areas are wrong at the football club?

“You're a football journalist and you understand what a structure is, I guess,” he said. “Maybe you don’t. I think you do.

“I've seen it and as I've said before, I've been to the top level and the structure for me here at this moment is not right.”

Asked to elaborate further, he said: “I won't do it the now because now’s not the time, the time’s [for talking about] Oxford.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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sospier added 10:16 - Feb 19
Let’s just hope he has the guts to sack you.🤭

Swailsey added 10:17 - Feb 19
Lambert OUT.

Moriarty added 10:17 - Feb 19
Evans publicly backed Lambert. Lambert publicly knifed Evans.

Evans will surely sack PL before this meeting?

CokeIsKey added 10:19 - Feb 19
Maybe they’re both going to negotiate a deal to end Lamberts contract without it costing as much as it would? There’s no doubt that Lambert wants to go and Evans will want him gone.

hoppy added 10:19 - Feb 19
How many fingers just got crossed on reading that headline?! 🤞🏼

MrJase_79 added 10:19 - Feb 19
He's been at the top level, he's played for big clubs.

WeWereZombies added 10:22 - Feb 19
So a new five year contract for Lambert before the team sets off for Hull or will the call wait until after that but be in place for Doncastor's visit?

Woodbridgian added 10:23 - Feb 19
Fingers crossed it’s a very short meeting

davetheblue added 10:23 - Feb 19
Did evans mention to bring n employment lawyer?

phillev added 10:24 - Feb 19
Somebody needs to tell Lambert that what he's done in the past is long gone, it's the here and now that matters and his current record is abysmal failure!

hadleighboyblue added 10:25 - Feb 19
The situation at the club is getting more unacceptable day by day .

Lambert is finished at this club , why wait until next week , get rid now , the longer he stays , the more damage he is doing

Radlett_blue added 10:26 - Feb 19
I can only assume Lambert is doing everything he can to make Evans sack him before the performance break clause kicks in.

SouperJim added 10:27 - Feb 19
Lambert will go when the separation clause in his contract is reached (mathematically impossible to make the top 6 I suspect), not before. If Evans was going to sack him, he would have done it by now.

What a time to be a Town fan.

MonkeyAlan added 10:32 - Feb 19
You have been here over two years, yet you still say the structure is wrong. You said it needed changing when you came in, surely you must have altered some things you didn't like? I can't believe ME is that bigger c unit that he wouldn't change some things that didnt suit you Lambert? Yet the way you talk it's no better at all. I really am not sure that you actually know what needs changing. Give us a clue? You never actually say what needs sorting?

CrockerITFC added 10:32 - Feb 19

planetblue_2011 added 10:34 - Feb 19
Is he still here🤷‍♂️bloody hell Evans you do take your time.
Have you seen the next 4 games? 0 points then & 18th in the league by then😳

dubblue added 10:36 - Feb 19
Surprising he has not gone already, I can only hope its down to negotiations on the exit package and/or lining up a replacement.

With this season more or less gone now I would not rush into getting any replacement - I am sure one or a combination of Klug, Nash or Dyer could step in until we get the right man.

TimmyH added 10:39 - Feb 19
See Lambert is doing for name dropping here, yawn!...see many Wolves/Villa fans on the BBC HYS yesterday thought Lambert was about as much use as the proverbial ashtray on a motorbike.

BlueWorldOrder added 10:41 - Feb 19
If Marcus Evans leaves him in post while looking for a new manager to appoint like he did Mick McCarthy then I have no words to really describe just how bad Evans is.

IpswichT62OldBoy added 10:46 - Feb 19
He seems clinically paranoid, "asked who he meant with a few people in the club having wondered whether it was them he was talking about when spoken to, he asked who had been talked to: “Who have you spoken to then?”.
Does he drink? Perhaps he should

truthhurts added 10:46 - Feb 19
We are in urgent need of a change of manager, that has been crystal clear for a while now.

The problem will be getting a suitable, long term, replacement.

Lets face it. When was the last decent manager we had, which didn't turn sour? I would say maybe Magilton? Who knows how that could have gone had he been given longer. Either way i guess?

Anyway. Whoever next comes in will be seen as a relief to the fans. But what will really change long term? I wouldn't be at all surprised in x number of months we would be in a similar position to now - ie fans wanting a change of manager again. It's how its been for a succession of them now in truth...

Problem is the owner

blues1 added 10:50 - Feb 19
Blue world order. What are you on about. Its whatcmost owners do. That's why many new managers are appointed within days, even hours after the sacking has been announced.

Sixto6 added 10:50 - Feb 19
I honestly can’t believe Lambert is still here ! (Constantly refreshing my pc to read he’s been sacked)
But I’ve got this horrible gut feeling that he’s going to be here for the rest of the season !

We are a shambles - unfortunately being dragged through the national media - no class, not very ITFC !

oldegold added 10:51 - Feb 19
Evans needs to make a public statement..this wall of silence is ridiculous but what we have become used to in these 14 years. Not acceptable and not befitting a club like Town.He needs to be upfront and clear and stop treating supporters like fodder.We are the paying club. Heed Sir Bobby's golden words..

oldbri added 10:51 - Feb 19
CrockerITFC, best post on TWTD for a long time. Love the , YER JAIKET'S OAN A SHOOGLY PEG, YA BAMPOT!.

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