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Lambert on Evans Meeting: It’s Not Interesting, I’ve Got My Opinion and He’s Got His
Friday, 26th Feb 2021 10:15

Boss Paul Lambert has confirmed that he held his planned meeting with owner Marcus Evans yesterday but kept tight-lipped regarding what they discussed, saying only that each of them had their opinions and insisting what was talked about wasn’t interesting.

Evans was at Portman Road for much of yesterday, and will also be there today, and met with general manager of football operations Lee O’Neill among others before catching up with Lambert early in the evening.

Lambert confirmed that the two spoke: “Aye, it was just what it is. Unfortunately for you guys [the media], these talks aren’t as interesting as what you might think they are. Marcus had his say, I had my say. But not interesting at all.”

Are these discussions not as dramatic as those on the outside might think? “It’s not. You guys, I really don’t know what you guys [think about it]. He has his opinion, I’ve got mine. I guess if he wants to say something, he’ll say something. But there’s no interest in it, put it that way.”

Asked what was discussed, whether his critical comments on the club’s structure and failings going back beyond his time at the club came up, he wouldn’t go into details: “Just what I said, it’s not interesting. Honestly, it’s not interesting. I’ve got my opinion and he’s got his. Let’s probably leave it at that. That’s probably the best way to do it. As I said, not interesting.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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alfromcol added 10:18 - Feb 26
Future of the club. Not interesting?

ArnieM added 10:20 - Feb 26
Lol, he’s been told to keep it shut hasn’t he!

Portman_Pie added 10:28 - Feb 26
Get out of our club Bell end..

dirtydingusmagee added 10:29 - Feb 26
that dosnt sit right, perhaps he came off second in the opinion stakes,in which case he would say something like that. They surely didnt talk about the weather or the price of fish&chips thats for sure. Sounds a bit miffed !. Perhaps Evans DID give him a pint of Lambert Out to sup during their meeting .lol.

Bergholtblue added 10:30 - Feb 26
The talks were about the future of the club in which case they would be interesting to me.

Edmundo added 10:30 - Feb 26
Despite all this lockdown-fuelled media hype and rumour, we are likely to have Evans for the foreseeable, though with less investment. Lambert sees out this season and goes.
It's not exciting, but we have a club, we have an Academy system, and we have a loyal fanbase. If we can get Evans to see that we can go places with proper infrastructure from Academy to 1st team, with scouting and medical/fitness care a priority imo, then things might change.... COYB

WeWereZombies added 10:31 - Feb 26
Sounds like Lambert is prepared to walk if Evans doesn't move on the necessary corrections needed to bring about structural change at Ipswich Town Football Club.

WhittonBoy added 10:33 - Feb 26
The utter disrespect we as fans are being shown by this clown and our owner is beyond belief. This is the future of our club we are talking about!

Where is Marcus? Let's be having you!

Nobbysnuts added 10:34 - Feb 26
What an arrogant pr#ck....and I've got my opinion paul...get out of our club you fraud!!!!!!

Bluebongo added 10:34 - Feb 26
Thats Lambert alright, Not interesting

Edmundo added 10:41 - Feb 26
IF Lambert has the best interests of ITFC at heart, then WWZombies, you are spot on, and no one could blame him. Sad times.

StringerBell added 10:43 - Feb 26
Tha man has the charm and grace of a virus. He is such an embarassment to the club and his blatant disregard of how the fans feel beggars belief. How Evans allows him to undermine him at every turn astonishes me. Oh, actually it doesn't, because Evans doesn't give a scheisse either.

buzbyblue added 10:47 - Feb 26

Marcus told me to shut my gob and focus on the job I'm being paid for cos I'm doing really sh!te in reality

TimmyH added 10:49 - Feb 26
Seems like just a lot of waffle with no outcome...so much for the sacking, I knew Evans wouldn't have the spine to do it after that silly extension to Lamberts contract at the beginning of last year.

As for this 'structure' problem, just seems like Lambert trying to evade his managerial failings onto something historical in the club but never lets anybody know exactly what is...

Cheshire_Blue added 10:54 - Feb 26
Surely disrespect is what TWTD shows towards Paul Lambert.

Razor added 10:57 - Feb 26
Surely somebody should keep the fans informed or are indispensible and not an item?

I find the silence of Evans in these difficult times arrogant and disrespectful----does he know we even exist or does he care?

He will of course soon be wanting our money for next season---good luck with that!!

Pencilpete added 10:57 - Feb 26
PL "Alright Marcus have you sold the club yet ?"

ME "no not yet still working on it, you'll have to keep up the pretence until it's finalised and the new owners can pay you off"

PL "don't worry, i've mastered it now - i just say we've played well no matter what, i think they believe me"

ME "I find just ignoring everyone is the best method"

PL "yeah, i'm finding that sending someone else to do pressers helps and also i get one of the lads to come in and say they need to up their game and start performing soon, that normally goes down well"

ME "anyway - i've been here all day, thats more effort than i normally put in for a month, if i'm here much longer people might start thinking i give a fcuk so i'd better run - same again in June"

PL "OK, in the meantime could you look into my contract extension request"

ME "yeah no worries, you've been at some big clubs and played in big games so i don't want to lose you"

cromwellblue added 10:58 - Feb 26
So either the sale rumours are true and nothing will change till the deal is done.


Evans can't afford to sack him because of the stupid contract he gave him.

Surely based on performance and recent comments there is no other reasons he could still be here?

tractorlad01 added 10:59 - Feb 26
It may be a surprise to Lambert, but yes the fans are actually interested in their discussion about everything wrong with the club...

wewerefamous added 11:00 - Feb 26
This really has gone beyond a joke now. How can a business continually underperform like this with no communication from the top. Regardless of the rumours, which lets face it can only be regarded so until an official announcement of sorts is made, Evans has a responsibility to his customers (us fans) to let us know what the hell is going on.

No matter what anyone says, this must also impact on the staff within the club regardless of role.

Total disrespect in my view.

90z added 11:03 - Feb 26
Where the hell is Evans?! As fans we have heard literally nothing about what the heck is happening with OUR club! I understand their is privacy with certain things but we have literally heard nothing! Why hasn't Evans came out and told us why Lambert is still here ! The arrogant prat has no respect for fans or journalists ! Every interview he comes out with makes me want to shrivel up into a depressive mood!

RobITFC added 11:06 - Feb 26
Lack of respect to all us fans again!

Europablue added 11:32 - Feb 26
alfromcol do you want Lambert to have an interest in the future of the club?

hollywoodginge added 11:33 - Feb 26
It’s not uncommon for there to be a non-disclosure agreement as part of a settlement to leave your employment position....

Northstandveteran added 11:34 - Feb 26
It really might have been a very brief conversation.

" There's someone interested in buying the club, it's up to them what they do "

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