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Supporters Club: New Owners Enthusiastic, Up For the Challenge and Extremely Positive
Supporters Club: New Owners Enthusiastic, Up For the Challenge and Extremely Positive
Tuesday, 20th Apr 2021 10:37

New Blues chairman Mike O’Leary and Brett Johnson from the Three Lions were the guests at a Supporters Club committee meeting last night which their chairman Mark Ramsay says was “open, friendly and informative” with subjects including player recruitment, stadium development, sponsorship and season tickets among those discussed.

Outlining what was talked about, Ramsay said: “Last night Brett Johnson and Mike O’Leary joined the official Supporters Club at our regular monthly Zoom meeting for about an hour to share with us the vision for the future and the way forward for our football club. We also had the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of all supporters.

“The dialogue was open, friendly and informative. It is evident that their passion for our football club is as strong as ours.

“Behind the scenes they are already hard at work planning changes both on and off the field. We asked for reassurances on a range of topics.

“We discussed the stadium at Portman Road. We are staying here and improvements will be made and given time the Cobbold Stand may be replaced.

“On player recruitment, meetings are already under way, with a longer meeting with Paul Cook planned for later this week. Supporting the team and Cook is the main priority.

“Club sponsorship. With our current agreement [with Magical Vegas] due to expire we asked if a new sponsor was coming in. We were told talks have taken place and an announcement will be made shortly.

“Club colours. Many will remember what happened at Cardiff when they came under new ownership, so we sought assurances that our new kit will be blue, and it will be. In fact our new owners have already been buying merchandise at our club shop.

“On season tickets, announcements will be made by a week on Friday, but plans are in place and I am assured supporters will not be disappointed. They realise that supporters are the lifeblood of the club.

“We now have open lines of communication with all at the club from the owners down. They are approachable on all matters, want to keep open lines of dialogue, they are enthusiastic, up for the challenge and extremely positive. The excitement is just beginning.

“We the Supporters of Ipswich Town Football Club have been through a lot in the last few years, but we now have a great opportunity, led by new owners.

“Let us reward their support by supporting them. A new era has begun, as always we are ‘better together’.”

The comments are in stark contrast to the frustrations the Supporters Club expressed in November when they hit out at the “seeming stagnation” of the Blues under Marcus Evans's ownership.

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blues1 added 11:00 - Apr 20
That's great to hear, but also doesnt surprise me. Ever since their 1st press conference I was convinced they are the right people to take our club forwards. Let's listen to them tho, and just cut out the negativity for the rest of this season, regardless of performances and results. Think we all know, almost certainly, little is likely to change in these final 5 games. But let's just get behind them whatever our personal opinions of certain players are. It's clear there is gonna be a massive overhaul of the squad in the summer, so let's all just look forwards to that. And hopefully to the end of years of stagnation. Lets make no mistake tho! If anyone thinks it's just gonna gel just like that, and we're gonna start next season on fire? It may, or may not happen. Could take a while for that to happen. I m confident it will tho, and fully expect us to be challenging by the end of next season. Let's also remember tho, that the more we spend in the summer, the more teams will want to beat us. So it certainly wont be easy.

SouperJim added 11:13 - Apr 20
Hoping we see meaningful engagement with the fans as soon as it's realistic to do so. Let's be honest, if the club served up a turd sandwich the official supporters club would swallow it. We need groups like Blue Action to keep the owners accountable.

ArnieM added 11:16 - Apr 20
Agree with all of the above. However I would add , that American business does not suffer fools easily and will demand results . Its in their make up. Second is not an option. And American business is driven and hard working so that ethos will fit hand in glove with our current manager .

Its a new era guys , We have to embrace change and go with it .


Edmundo added 11:18 - Apr 20
Looking forward to seeing the season ticket prices: pitched correctly, we could see the unthinkable: more season tickets sold than the last 2 years.
One thing is sure too: we will be listened to far more than the last 13 years.

Europablue added 11:22 - Apr 20
I am convinced that they know what they are doing, and that is a double-edged sword. We have stability for the short to mid-term, but if they are successful they will be looking to sell us off so we will be on the look out for a new owner again and changing ownership is always dangerous.
The good thing about our ownership is that they have a cultural understanding and respect for our sporting traditions, and they don't want to Americanize us, just make us more sucessful and profitable.

90z added 11:29 - Apr 20
I truly believe these are the right owners for our club. They have engaged more already than what Marcus Evans ever did in his 13years! Also would anyone elaborate on the Cobbold stand being replaced? As in modernised?

Michael101 added 11:30 - Apr 20
Owners talking to supporters,that has not happened at ipswich for a very long time ,roll on Next season with a new look team no mor e Hong Kong fluey (hopefully)

atty added 12:22 - Apr 20
90z - Cobbold stand. I guess it means replaced. Obvious step if they are to improve the ground and capacity( we might need it if we become one of the new also rans in the PL). It’s getting on for what 50 yesrs since it was built. Problem could be Portman Road of course. It’s right on the pavement. You can’t build up much without increasing the base.

NthQldITFC added 12:31 - Apr 20
Really good, positive and open stuff. COME ON YOU BLUES!

NorthLondonBlue2 added 12:46 - Apr 20
Re. replacing the Cobbold stand, important to bear in mind our pitch is 75m wide, whereas the Premier League minimum width is 68m.

So the pitch could be narrowed by quite a bit, and allow for a double-tiered stand like the North.

Europablue added 12:52 - Apr 20
90z I believe that the owners have good people in place. The three lions group (kind of cultural appropriation there, but oh well) is a 5% owner along with ME. Ultimately the fund managers are the real owners, but they are letting Brett Johnson take the lead. So far they have proven to be great owners in that they provide the cash and stay silent and let their football men do the talking.

trncbluearmy added 13:07 - Apr 20
All great,
but we have not heard a single word from the real owners, but that`s fine, at least they have appointed a board to represent and guide them which is more then evans ever did

RegencyBlue added 13:16 - Apr 20
I think these people have a plan which had great potential. The problem now is this European Super League and what the knock on effect is down the whole football pyramid.

The potential financial rewards of getting to the Premier League will be reduced dramatically if this goes ahead which could affect investment decisions here even now. Hopefully it will get kicked into touch but if it goes ahead it could have repercussions even here!

TotalBlue added 13:23 - Apr 20
I have thought for some time that that part of portman road does not need to be a road couldnt we try and buy that small piece of land of Suffolk council and close it what land is left make a nice area to congregate. I do hope though they keep the cobbold name in the stand

TotalBlue added 13:25 - Apr 20
As far as the suer league is concerned cant they get it all sorted in the next few weeks there would then be at leat 6 relegations from prem and we would be in the playoff places now!! Ok a pipe dream but would be helpfull

RobITFC added 13:40 - Apr 20
The Cobbold stand is almost 50 years since being built, crikey that makes me feel old as I remember the old stand before it, that ended up the Speedway.

blues1 added 13:58 - Apr 20
To those asking about how theyd build a bigger cobbold stand? I know that sheepshanks had plans approved in the past, for a stand to be built over the
road. A bit like newcastle have. Would probably be easier to do that now with that part of Portman road closed off to traffic now anyway.

Bert added 14:17 - Apr 20
....,reduce the width of the pitch and we may get some crosses in the box.

Gonefishing added 14:38 - Apr 20
I still think of the Cobbold Satnd as the New Stand.....

jollyroger added 16:00 - Apr 20
Rob itfc the cobbold stand was known as the chicken run . I stood in there the last game before it was transferred to the speedway

dirtydingusmagee added 16:05 - Apr 20
well guess that is one positive Bert.

Roo added 17:02 - Apr 20
Development of the existing ground - a positive! Keep our blue colours (just hope with white shorts, blue socks) - a positive. The end of the awlful Magical Vegas sponsorship deal - a positive. Engaging with fans - a positive. An apparent understanding of the history and essence of the club - a positive. Commitment to investing in the turnover of players this summer - a positive. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the team pulled a rabbit from the hat and went on a run to the playoffs and we had a day out at Wembley - a miracle ! COYB!!

BecclesBlue500 added 22:18 - Apr 20
I’m just glad, given all that’s gone on with the ESL that we’re not owned by some group of faceless American investors who are just looking to maximise their returns......

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