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Reid Could Reprise Wigan Role at Town
Monday, 11th Oct 2021 14:36

Former England midfielder and Sunderland manager Peter Reid could take up a so-far unspecified position with the Blues, reprising a role from Paul Cook's time at Wigan Athletic.

Reid was at Saturday’s 2-1 home victory against Shrewsbury sitting alongside Blues chief operating officer Luke Werhun and chief executive Mark Ashton, having also been spotted at Town’s defeat at Accrington by the same scoreline the previous week.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt tweeted that Reid had taken up an advisory position with the club, which is not currently the case.

However, while nothing is yet agreed, talks are ongoing which could see the 65-year-old involved with the Blues in a new role created for him, presumably much like the technical director’s position he was in at Wigan during Town manager Cook’s period in charge of the Latics.

In November 2017, Cook was linked with the Sunderland manager’s job but instead suggested Reid could make a return to Wearside where he enjoyed significant success and outlined how they two worked together.

“I’ve said before I think it’s an absolute crime someone like Peter wasn’t involved in and around a football club,” Cook told Wigan Today

“The experience, the enthusiasm, the knowledge… he was first in this morning, watching videos on Crawley.

“If someone like Sunderland did look to go down that road, I’d be very much for it and I think he’d be fantastic for Sunderland. We talk about football for hours.

“People wondered when Peter arrived what kind of a role he would have. But there was never any specific role. It was just about having Peter in the football club.

“I think the chairman and Peter kick each other in the directors' box when the game’s going on, it’s like that. It’s invaluable having someone like him to bounce off. Every day with Peter you’re learning something.

“I might have been tough on one of the lads, but then you’ll see Peter whispering in his ear later, offering something else. As a football person, I enjoy football people, and Peter is a real football person.”

Cook’s coaching staff is currently made up of first-team coaches Franny Jeffers and Gary Roberts, another coach Ian Craney and keeper-coach John Keeley.

Responding to fans’ suggestions he should appoint an assistant boss during the Blues’ slow start to the season, Cook said: “In football again you’ll always look at stuff and rightly or wrongly questions can be asked, there’s never a problem with that.

“If you look back on my time, previously, all the lads I’ve worked with are all at other clubs working well.

“So when Ipswich Town aren’t doing so well, that will be a natural process. Mark Ashton, our CEO, our board give me every encouragement, our chairman Michael O’Leary, to look at every aspect of what we’re doing and how can we make it better.

“So just for our supporters, we look at the club in the same light, and we think ‘Have we got enough?’.

“If you look back, for example, at Macauley Bonne’s miss at Cheltenham, and I can speak about Macauley. Was that due to my assistant manager not being in the dugout? I don’t really think so.

“If you look at Lee Evans standing on the ball against whoever it was at home and giving the goal away.

“And it’s right what people will do. We’ve got a great belief in making the club better. If we feel it’s something that should happen and experience should come in, I’d be all for it. I’d be all for anything that makes this football club better.

“In my world, the thing that will make this club better is more time, more games together on the pitch and starting winning. And once you do all of those things, people won’t be worried about coaching staff or anything else, and they’ll be enjoying what they see on a football pitch. And in my world, that day is coming.”

Reid has also managed Manchester City, the England U21s, Leeds, Coventry, Thailand, Plymouth and Mumbai City, while he was a player at Bolton, most famously Everton, QPR, Manchester City, Southampton, Notts County and Bury in addition to representing England at the World Cup in 1986.

Photo: Matchday Images

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Orraman added 14:50 - Oct 11
He mentions again Bonne and Evans mistakes where we lost potential points and states that having an assistant manager would not have prevented these mistakes. Yes we all know that but it would help if perhaps we had someone else on the bench who had a semblance of a brain who could advise him that sometimes there is an alternative way to set up his team to fool the opposition as well as knowing when to make advantageous subtitutions

PortmanTerrorist added 14:52 - Oct 11
I get that PC knows him, but why Peter Reid but not Butch (recently discarded)....or Mr Burley who is local and would am sure be delighted to assist in this way. Though am George could be seen as a threat to PC if things start to slide again.

Approve of the idea, just not being a home for any available friend of PCs; if anything we should be interviewing for such a role to see who is actually out there and can add value which am surprised Mr Ashton is not doing given how professionally he is addressing everything else.

susanruth added 15:08 - Oct 11
Can I see Russell Osman sitting in the row behind Peter Reid?

muhrensleftfoot added 15:13 - Oct 11
Yet another member of the scouse mafia!

bluewarrior added 15:24 - Oct 11
Makes total sense having someone that Cook knows, trusts and gets on with who clearly has an extraordinary amount of experience in the game and comes across as a top bloke top - quite why any club CEO would parachute in someone the manager doesn’t know or want is crazy - being a club legend is one think but a trusted advisor and day to day member of a close coaching set up is another matter altogether. Plus Butch never set the world on fire as a coach and Burley has now been out of the English game a very long time. Plus now we can all sing that great Sunderland anthem about the monkey’s heed! 😂

Marcus added 15:37 - Oct 11
Any more scousers and we will need a translator

Suffolkboy added 15:43 - Oct 11
Might just be a bit of ‘fog ‘ being introduced here ; a diversionary tactic ? Many have commented, with positive intent, that strategy ,tactics , systems and personnel adjustments would benefit from an alternative and articulate view being available alongside our Manager .
The statement here,if accurately reported , could look like a tentative admission represented as a choice to strengthen .
Adding strength can only be good ; but independence of thought from a strong base might best and often be sought out and established with ‘outside’ influence . Whatever it seems certain M.A will be professional and supportive !

Michael101 added 15:44 - Oct 11
Let's change our name to Scouse fc😇

tractorboybig added 15:44 - Oct 11
why would reid wanna be number two to a dippo

Linkboy13 added 15:46 - Oct 11
This is more indication that Cook is not happy with his already large backroom staff. If we were flying at the top of the league don't think we would be appointing an advisor to the manager. Got to agree with you bluewarrior not a fan of making appointments on the strength of sentimental reasons unless they are positive. Cannot see George Burley ever getting a job at Ipswich after his over spending being responsible for us eventually going into administration. People conveniently forget this fact.

blues1 added 15:48 - Oct 11
My god. Some people just are never satisfied. They say we need some1 else with experience in, then he's possibly bringing some1 in and u still moan, bxse it's some1 he's worked with before. Something that all managers do, bcse they trust those people and they know how each other work.

tractorboybig added 15:49 - Oct 11
linkboy 13
it was sheepshagger and his not fit for purpose board that put us there and burley was the scapegoat

bluelodgeblue added 15:54 - Oct 11
Reid won’t take prisoners!

ghostofescobar added 16:00 - Oct 11
Seems sensible, I think. Experienced head around, when needed. Obviously the current coaching staff do lack a bit of experience on that side of the game. I can’t see he will be so involved that he’ll be dictating the style of football we play (thank heavens!!), but maybe we need a wise old head about the place from time to time.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 16:31 - Oct 11
I'd be more positive than negative about Reid coming in, in an advisory role. At the moment, Cook is at the top of tree in experience regarding his team, so I don't think they really influence him all that much. But Reid is someone he would have to look up to, even if he (Cook) still made the final decisions. On the other hand, there is the danger of "too many cooks spoiling the broth" [Sorry!]

Ipswichbusiness added 16:46 - Oct 11
Peter Reid played at the top level and has extensive management/coaching experience. It seems that he gets on well with Paul Cook.

What is not to like about that?

It would be a matter for negotiation what his terms/job title/structure are to be, but that can be done with goodwill on all sides.

braveblue added 16:55 - Oct 11
Such negativity. It’s a good idea. Support it. Done on here really want us to fail!!!!

Cakeman added 17:06 - Oct 11
Every single subject on this site attracts very negative unwarranted comments. In life not everyone gets on with each other or agrees with their comments but let’s have respect for each other and show support for the club with what they are trying very hard to achieve.

66notout added 17:07 - Oct 11
That’s got to be a relative of Paul Cook sitting to the left of Russell!

EricGatesShinpad added 17:29 - Oct 11
A very odd selection.....Do we need a Monkey's Head ? I guess it might work !!!

AlanG296 added 17:31 - Oct 11
Every game we rightly hear an announcement that the club opposes discrimination and prejudice of every kind, and you would except fans to be in full agreement yet whenever the subject of the football backroom staff comes up, some openly show their prejudice against people from Liverpool.

Wonky added 17:37 - Oct 11
Hopefully it will cheer him up.

SheptonMalletBlue added 18:05 - Oct 11
No thanks! Another McCarthy type!

Bazza8564 added 18:31 - Oct 11
If it helps the club doesn't put a financial strain on it and assists in getting results why would anybody object to this? PR was a fabulous and successful pro and would work well with Cook. I like the idea, if thats what the board thinks, thats what we should do, end of !!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:37 - Oct 11
Shepton: While I absolutely do not want to return to full-on McCarthy-esque football, maybe just a splash of the "McCarthy type" in the mix might not be such a bad thing?

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