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Norwood PFA League One Player of the Month
Thursday, 13th Jan 2022 10:10

Blues striker James Norwood has been voted December’s PFA Vertu Motors League One Fans’ Player of the Month.

Norwood returned to the Town side under interim manager John McGreal and has kept his place since Kieran McKenna took charge.

The 31-year-old has scored four goals in his last four league games, three of those in December.

Photo: Pagepix

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earlsgreenblue added 10:11 - Jan 13
Well done fella, keep banging them in & please, keep your head down.

jong75 added 10:11 - Jan 13
Is he still on the transfer list? Surely, we cant get rid of, in my opinion the most natural finisher we have?

billlm added 10:13 - Jan 13
Pleased for him, it's on field which he gets paid for, he does it well,

dyersdream added 10:26 - Jan 13
Best finisher in our squad

johnwarksshorts added 10:38 - Jan 13
Well done Nors. 👏 I

Gforce added 10:45 - Jan 13
Congratulations Nors ,well deserved.
Keep it up ,starting with a couple more at Bolton.

cranky_old_tractor added 10:50 - Jan 13
Well deserved - just wonder where we would be if he had been involved more this season. Great player

Linkboy13 added 10:53 - Jan 13
I've got to admit ive been one of the Norwood bashers on here, but i always give credit when it's due and he's been excellent in the last few games, long may it continue.

TheReverendSpooner added 10:55 - Jan 13
Great stuff, really well done Nors.

pennblue added 10:57 - Jan 13
Whoop Whoop!!!! Nice one sunshine, keep proving people wrong!!!

grinch added 11:13 - Jan 13
Makes Cook decision not to play him laughable and one of the reasons he got the sack

JewellintheTown added 11:15 - Jan 13
As long as this doesn't go to his head in a negative way like in previous seasons it would have, this will only build his confidence back up and well deserved.
I think / hope he might have learnt some humbling life lessons. Cooks push into the outer fringes seems to have made him even more determined than ever. Hope its not just to get him past Jan transfer day, but don't think it is.
Seems to be doing a great job on the pitch & long may he continue. Keep it up, lad!

TimmyH added 11:46 - Jan 13
I wonder what all the doubters and the 'moral high grounders' on here think of that? and there were a few...

Well done James well deserved after such a lay off.

Bluroo added 12:31 - Jan 13
Marmite player but he knows where the onion bag is.

Mmmm, Marmite and onion...

MickMillsTash added 12:32 - Jan 13
I was certainly a moral high grounder after his performance vs Newport earlier in the year. based on what I saw he was not an asset to the club and looked nowhere near producing the performances early in his ITFC career
I really hope he keeps fit, when on form a vital asset to us at this level.

Whats his contract situation - now a free agent or one more year to go ?


Marinersnose added 13:24 - Jan 13
Norwood fully deserves this award as his application since returning to the team has been first class. We can all look at negatives outside of football but honestly many footballers have issues off the field but because they’re in the public eye it becomes common knowledge and the media put their spin on it and rightly so. If it were anybody else the chances are it wouldn’t have the same impact with media coverage. Norwood needs to focus on what he does best. Important player for the club.

Bluearmy71 added 13:53 - Jan 13
Well done Nors, best way to silence any doubter is by doing it on the pitch, most idiotic decision was made by someone who works or worked at the club, a lot of town fans out there could see what the team missed with you out of it, now you're back firing on all cylinders proving what a mistake it was and its fookin marvellous to watch, keep it up lad!!

Monkey_Blue added 14:13 - Jan 13
Let’s hope he doesn’t get a bottle of champagne or go out to celebrate. Sorry, but as happy as I am that he’s scoring I can’t like a drink driver who’s clearly not even sorry.

Monkey_Blue added 14:17 - Jan 13
Btw TimmyH…. Moral high grounders? You mean people who think getting behind the wheel of a car when drunk isn’t moral, in fact is despicable? What if he’d run over one of your relatives when drunk? Oh, it’s ok, he was lucky enough not to kill or injure anyone. I’ll cheer when he scores but don’t tell me I have to like the selfish arrogant “””

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 15:07 - Jan 13
TimmyH, "I wonder what all the doubters and the 'moral high grounders'"?

Yes, I'm a moral high grounder because I never have and never will drive drunk. Drink driving is utter recklessness and shows a blatant disregard for anyone else. It's shocking that you condone it. He is damn lucky no one was hurt or worse.

On saying that, I am happy for him. He's come back into the fold and worked hard; he deserves this award. But let's not pretend that drink driving is not a serious offense.

TimmyH added 18:02 - Jan 13
Yes I'm not condoning drink driving (I know the time when numerous people drunk drove when I belonged to a golf club back in the 80's and early 90's when nobody lifted an eyebrow to it).

If we were to judge a percentage of footballers on their personal life and what they got up to nobody would want to have them playing football for anybody and don't forget I believe Mr Norwood had quite a few personal problems at that time and can't ever remember him saying he wasn't sorry, still not condoning him.

I've heard about many shenanigans footballers have got up to back in the day (70's/80's and now) including one or two Robson ITFC players and it seems practically every other month you read about a Premiership player up to no good and I wonder if their supporters wanted them out? but it seems we're living in very 'sanitised' times brought on by social media and other outlets. Clearly I have rumbled a few feathers...who are no doubt doing just that.

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 20:37 - Jan 13
Why not judge bad behaviour though? We are. How many of us would lose their job if we got arrested for a DWI? I know I would. Celebrities and sports personalities should not be held to higher standards than the rest of us. If I was jailed for drunk driving, I'd lose my job, my house, and quite rightly so.

Demanding people face the consequences for dumb and or dangerous actions isn't sanitization, it's progress. Just because "that's how we did it in the old days" isn't an excuse.

bluearmy81 added 06:27 - Jan 14
Monkey Blue - well said. While i congratule his on field efforts, drink driving can never be condoned

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