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Huddersfield and Boro Linked With Simpson
Wednesday, 22nd Jun 2022 23:35

Middlesbrough and Huddersfield are the latest clubs to be linked with wantaway Blues striker Tyreece Simpson.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the 20-year-old is a “major target” of Huddersfield with fellow Championship sides Middlesbrough and Luton, who TWTD revealed were chasing Simpson in April, also vying for his signature. The report claims the frontman is valued at around £250,000.

TWTD previously reported that Barnsley and Peterborough are keen on Simpson with Posh director of football Barry Fry having confirmed he had spoken to Town about the one-time Swindon loanee but while not anticipating the approach coming to anything.

Towards the end of last season, Simpson told the Blues he wants to move on this summer having turned down the offer of a new contract.

Last month Town took up a one-year option on his previous deal in order to secure a more significant return on the academy product than the compensation which would otherwise have been due.

Another club who may show interest in Simpson are Charlton with ex-Swindon boss Ben Garner having taken over at the Valley.

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KiwiTractor added 05:53 - Jun 23
See ya

Saxonblue74 added 07:11 - Jun 23
May need to improve his attitude if he's to progress in the game. I'd suggest he reads Dominic Ball's autobiography!

Paddy39 added 07:30 - Jun 23
Be glad when this saga is over.

RegencyBlue added 07:46 - Jun 23
Doesn’t hurt to have several clubs interested, puts the price up!

Monkey_Blue added 08:00 - Jun 23
He wasn’t in any of the pics or videos of the start of preseason training which does suggest McK and the club have decided not to try to persuade him to stay

Ipswichbusiness added 08:16 - Jun 23
Fee of £250k?

It might explain why we haven’t paid a fee for any players yet; we may be waiting for the deal to be done on Simpson first.

Stu_boy added 08:52 - Jun 23
£250k hope there is a decent sell on and performance related add ons as well

TractorClarke added 09:35 - Jun 23
I have no interest in any player that doesnt want to play for the badge, see you later as far as i am concerned.

Its disappointing for him to have acted the way he has for a club that has got him to where he is and being chased by other clubs with a good rep, but devils advocate none of us other than the club and Simpson really know whats gone on behind the scenes.

midastouch added 09:43 - Jun 23
Really wanted to see him given a chance here but his agent sounds like a k**b and won't be sorry to see him go now. If his heart isn't in it then it's bye bye time!

d77sgw added 09:57 - Jun 23
I'm less bothered about the initial fee than the sell-on clauses - too many times we've seen players (Matt Clarke, Jack Ainsworth, Jordan Rhodes) go on to secure big-money moves having undervalued them when selling...

blues1 added 10:03 - Jun 23
Ipswichbusiness. Evans isn't here anymore. We dont have to wait to get a fee in, in order to be able to pay a fee. And £250,000 is chickenfeed to us now, Compared to the money we have to spend. Of course we're gonna spend wisely, and a large amount of the money available is unlikely to be spent while in lge1, but to suggest we need to sell to buy is somewhat off the mark.

PortmanTerrorist added 10:47 - Jun 23
Quite right blues1, not allowing for wages, we are in profit on transfers since the new (got to stop calling them that) ownership took over I believe....and they have always said funds are available regardless. The biggest challenge is getting better players than we have to come to the Club, which likely means we will need to wait a little to get (e.g.) Championship level players in, as they will be waiting to see if a better option in a League above ours comes in. We have done fantastic business so far, have some younger players entering the First Team arena, and time to put the icing on the Summer transfer cake. If Simpson was a fit for our new style, then we might be fighting for him, but an assessment has clearly been made and the lad will move on. Get off his back though as am sure all he has ever wanted was a chance at ITFC and it is not the current regime who hindered that, but they have taken a view and as they say "in the interests of the Club". Nothing to gripe about, good luck to him and am sure we will get at least a fair price.

OldFart71 added 11:41 - Jun 23
Young players come, young players go. Who knows whether Simpson is something special or just an ill advised lad that someone has turned his head to thinking he's the next superstar. Time will tell. I do hope for his sake that things turn out well as many of the next hot property end on the scrap heap. Those that make it are fortunate, many don't appreciate the wonderful opportunity that has been given to them. Money turns head and too much too young can in some lead to their downfall.

Ipswichbusiness added 12:46 - Jun 23
Blues1; transfers sometimes work on a similar basis to a house move, namely a chain of transactions that has to be put together before anything goes through.

I have no idea what our transfer budget is; do you?

blues1 added 16:23 - Jun 23
Ipswichbusiness. No, I don't know the actual budget. But the owners made it clear when they arrived that there was a vast amount of money to be called upon if and when required.( A pot of around £14bn). Of course, not all of it will be for transfers, and not all at once. As I said the vast majority of the transfer budget unlikely to be used while in lge1. If ever. But its there to be called upon. My point is tho, that we dont have to wait for money to come in to be able to pay a fee for a player


Ipswichbusiness added 19:19 - Jun 23
Blues1; “£14bn”? You really think that there is £14 billion to be spent?! Where do you get that figure from?

blues1 added 08:08 - Jun 24
Ipswichbusiness. That's the figure that was stated by the ownership group. Unless u think they're lying? And as I said, not all of it is for transfers, nor is it likely we're ever gonna spend anywhere near all of that. But the fund is there to be called on should we need to use any of it. So with that, and the original amount kf money already made available, we don't need yo wait for £250,000 to come in before making a bid for some1.

Ipswichbusiness added 08:27 - Jun 24
Blues1; Grealish cost Manchester City £100 million. £14 billion would be enough to buy him 140 times over!

blues1 added 12:44 - Jun 24
Ipswichbusiness. Well yes, but try reading my post correctly. That pot isn't just for transfers. And as I keep saying, it's very unlikely we'll use that much, if any, of that pot. But its there if we need to take any extra money out of it. It's not money that belongs to the club, its part of the pension fund that is funding the club. We do however, already have £500m deposited in the clubs account, less what theyve already spent on players, ground improvements, etc. And thats the last time I'm gonna try to explain it to you. If u don't get it now, u never will. Dont think we'll ever buy 140 grealishs

Saxonblue74 added 13:30 - Jun 24
£500m deposited in our account? Where does that info come from?

Ipswichbusiness added 13:39 - Jun 24
Blues1 my point is that your figure is outlandish. £14 billion is a lot of money. It bears no resemblance to anything that might be invested. I thought that you meant £14 million, but then you came out with the astonishing claim that £500 million has been “deposited in the clubs [sic] account”. As Saxonblue74 asks, what is your evidence for any of these claims?

blues1 added 15:10 - Jun 24
Ipswichbusiness. Yes . That's the figure quoted by the new ownership. And as i keep trying to say to you but it doesn't seem to sink in, it's not necessarily money that the club will ever use, but that's the fund the money is coming from. Maybe if ud bothered to watch thr videoed interviews when the owners took over, u wouldn't have to keep suggesting I've just made that figure up. Which I haven't.

blues1 added 15:10 - Jun 24
Ipswichbusiness. Yes . That's the figure quoted by the new ownership. And as i keep trying to say to you but it doesn't seem to sink in, it's not necessarily money that the club will ever use, but that's the fund the money is coming from. Maybe if ud bothered to watch thr videoed interviews when the owners took over, u wouldn't have to keep suggesting I've just made that figure up. Which I haven't.

blues1 added 15:12 - Jun 24
Saxonblue74. As I said to ipswichbusiness, from the owners when they took over the club.

blues1 added 15:40 - Jun 24
And if u have doubts that there's large amounts of money available to the owners. The new tannoy system is costing £250,000. They've just spent £1m improving the pitches at the training ground. Plus dont knowzhoe much on new building work there. Are gonna be acquiring new land near Capel for a new part of the academy. Thr new pitch next year will cost £2m, plus all the work happening there now with the big screen, the new dugouts and making the ground more accessible to lorries, etc. The new advertising boards and all the tech that has to be installed along with that. Improvements planned for the fanzone. Extra tills in order to improve the service to fans in the bars in the ground. Already have plans to demolish the cobbold stand at some point in the near future. There's such they have planned. And on top of that, supporting the manager with money for players is there. So the money has to be there. I've nog said at any point in this debate that we are ever gonna spend anything like that amount, and of course theycwill have to balance the books, especially while we are in lge1. But at the end ofcthe day, it bears up what was my original point, that we dont have to wait for a minimal fee to come in before we make a bid for some1 else. As we did under Evans.

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