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Newcy, any problems with the ship?
at 07:18 6 Mar 2021

EFL trophy finals to be held on same weekend
at 10:46 5 Feb 2021

The 2020 EFL trophy final is to be played on 13th March with this season's final a day later. Portsmouth are in the 2020 final and if they win it they will only hold the trophy for 1 day

Portsmouth are often the pub quiz question 'which team has held the FA Cup for the longest period?' Answer, Portsmouth during the war.
If they win the 2020 EFL Trophy , the question could finally be amended to which club has held the FA Cup for the longest period and EFL trophy for the shortest period

Pointless fact of the day
Breaking news. Cornwall going into tier4
at 10:59 24 Dec 2020

A number of news agencies are now reporting Cornwall will be going into Tier 4 lockdown rather than Tier2 as announced by the government yesterday.
Meaning they have moved from Tier1 to Tier4 within 2 days

The reports are saying hundreds of pirates returned home to Penzance to celebrate Christmas with their families. Apparently the Arrrrr rate has increased dramatically.

I always enjoy a pirate joke at Christmas
[Post edited 24 Dec 2020 10:59]
Up to 17 million Mink to be culled in Denmark because of CV fears
at 10:01 5 Nov 2020

Following on from the Mink culled in Spain and Holland, Denmark is now planning on culling Mink after discovering a mutated version of the coronavirus that can spread to humans was detected on mink farms.


Not sure what I was more shocked about the fact Mink have this strain of CV or the fact Denmark as 17 million Mink on fur farms. Probably not helped as I thought Mink fur farming had been banned in the EU, but after looking it up it seems Countries are gradually banning it
Spot on by the Jewish Chronicle
at 10:31 29 Oct 2020


'British Jews were made to feel increasingly wary — to such an extent that nearly half considered leaving the country. That this could have happened in a modern democracy shames Labour.'
Is the fans zone open today?
at 11:37 5 Sep 2020

I assume it is as its basically a pub with a very (very) large beer garden.

They could have people seated around with a few screens up watching the game with alcohol and food available.
Ok I admit it I would have gone in for a beer
at 18:14 2 Jun 2020

if it was open even if against the rules. Just had a nice long walk first one for weeks and as I got near the Pepper Saint Ontiod pub with this lovely weather I thought **** it if they're open I'm going in for a couple of pints, but unfortunately not open.
Lots of youngsters in big groups around the docks some having a bbq I'm sure not all the same family and one group was at least 20 strong. But as the weather is glorious and i would have broken the rules I cannot blame them.
Boris admitted to hospital (n/t)
at 21:15 5 Apr 2020

BBC newsreader George Alagiah has bowel cancer & coronavirus
at 21:47 31 Mar 2020

But has now recovered from CV. That's hopeful I thought for people with cancer and/or oldies like me CV is a guaranteed one way ticket to the pearly gates.
Ebay and toilet rolls
at 13:25 19 Mar 2020

I was just hearing on the radio someone bid £27,000 on ebay for 9 toilet rolls and won (obviously), surely ebay wouldn't allow that?
Sorry I don't know enough about ebay but that should never be allowed in this situation. Plus if someone has that much money to waste £27,000 on 9 toilet rolls they should be locked up, newspapers are much cheaper
RIP Caroline Flack
at 17:55 15 Feb 2020

Far too young
Forget about Brexit, Duffy's leaving Casualty after 30 years
at 07:59 31 Jan 2020

Casualty has been on our screens for over 30 years and tomorrow we say goodbye to Duffy who has been in the show from the start.

I actually know 2 people who became nurses purely because of watching Nurse Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin, which is amazing
Keane looking fitter and back to his old self today
at 17:58 25 Jan 2020

I thought he was way of the pace ten games ago but finally getting match fit.
Boris a born winner?
at 07:56 13 Dec 2019

Went he stood for the mayor of London they said he was crazy he would never turn red London blue, not only did it once he did it twice.

When he supported the leave campaign they said he was crazy it was never going to win, he/it did

When he finally got to leader of the Conservatives/PM he was told he was crazy the EU would never change the agreement and even if they did he wouldn't get it through the HoC, they did/he did.

Momentum/Labour were delighted he became the Conservative leader instead of someone like Rory Stewart because they thought the buffoon would be easy to beat in a GE. Yesterday not only did that buffoon win the GE with a massive majority he turned some Labour seats blue which have never ever been blue.

Not sure if he's just lucky or something else but you write off Boris at your peril
Nigel Pearson to be Watford manager
at 18:56 6 Dec 2019

Not sure that will work
The Neil / Sturgeon debate was brutal
at 21:17 25 Nov 2019

She held her own reasonably well, but did start to get a bit flustered. Neil probably put Scottish independence on hold for another 50 years with the facts he put to her. The Neil debates with the other party leaders will be fun.
[Post edited 25 Nov 2019 21:24]
Jon Ashworth on Andrew Neil embarrassing.
at 20:05 13 Nov 2019

It was unreal. John McDonnell saying earlier today the 4 day working week would definitely be coming in within 10 years for all including NHS, Ashworth then again tries to counter argue it by saying no we will negotiate with the NHS it's possible it won't come in for the NHS. Clearly the shadow cabinet isnt talking.

Ashworth then looked completely bemused and defeated by Neil's questions on the topic of removing all traces of privatisation from the NHS

One step forward three steps back.

The whole GE is a joke.

5000 Grimsby fans at Chelsea tonight
at 21:08 25 Sep 2019

That must be more than they get for a normal home league game
Hmmm is this Norfolk or UK in general?
at 19:54 4 Sep 2019

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