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Travel to PR by train from London
at 09:03 27 Jun 2022

I know that a fair bit of our fan base are London based and I assume that the majority are travelling by train when possible to games?

I moved about 18 months ago and it’s around a 400 mile round trip for me now to PR from down here in deepest darkest Dorset. Looking at how much it was costing me last season in petrol to travel to games when it was £65-75 to fill my car (of which I was using most of it) and the increase in fuel costs it’s looking more viable for me to take the train this season (2 advance singles is going to cost me around £75).

My question is around how reliable and good the service is from Ipswich to London (I know the last year there have been engineering works on the weekend) and how full the trains tend to be on the way back after the game/which ones are the best to get?

How did this guy get elected?
at 12:58 9 Jun 2022

What is the point in VAR if it doesn’t pick things like this up?
at 07:02 20 May 2022

If it was a penalty taken a yard from the spot or a goal kick taken from outside of the 6 yard box the officials wouldn’t allow it.
That SBR statue at St James Park is awful
at 11:39 19 May 2022

Was in Newcastle for work yesterday and stayed at the hotel just across from SJP so had to go over and take a nosey at the great man.

I have to say their interpretation of the great man isn’t a patch on the one at PR, to be honest it doesn’t even look like him
Charlton Fans Yesterday
at 07:44 1 May 2022

Absolute disgrace, apart from the flares at the start of the match which were thrown from the back of the upper tier and one almost hitting one of their own fans in the lower tier they continued to show their poor form throughout the game, numerous objects thrown during the game both towards the SARL and down from the top onto their own fans (were talking beer bottles here).

I was quite surprised by the amount of things they must have got into the ground with that they shouldn’t have done, that said there were extremely low numbers of stewards on the turnstiles checking anything yesterday which is unusual as we normally see 3-4 on the turnstiles of SARL and this time there was just one older woman for the whole lot
Tickets for Saturday
at 13:15 28 Apr 2022

I’m sure this has been done already but I realised earlier in the week that I haven’t used my 2 free tickets for season ticket holders. I’ve been travelling with work this week and I’m only now getting around to posting this

If anyone wants to make use of these then let me know and I’ll get 2 tickets (SARL) and I can email them over
That Morsy Chant
at 19:21 10 Apr 2022

Does anyone know the guy who single-handedly was trying to get the crowd singing the Morsy song to the tune of she’s electric - oasis?

He was absolutely trolled and I have no idea how someone can spend good money and a great deal of time to travel to an away game to get into such a state that he probably has no idea of what he was watching!

Pompey fans, players and management
at 20:46 12 Mar 2022

Celebrating a 0-0 in a game where they needed the 3 points as much as us like they had won the league.

Awful team who showed no desire to score or win for the whole of the 2nd half.

Can you imagine the uproar from our fans if we had gone to clubs just above us like Sheffield Weds or MK Dons and packed the middle of the park and show no desire to win, I’d be embarrassed if that was us yet for them it was some big celebration. Then on the way out their fans still lauding it up because they got more points than shots.

I can understand that mentality from a team like Cheltenham or Morecombe who are trying to stay in this league but for a team like Pompey who have ambitions of getting out of this league it makes my blood boil, I was expecting them to make a game of it but the time wasting from 50th minute onwards was appalling and the ref let them get away with it.

Did any of their strikers touch the ball in our box?
Added Time
at 20:20 19 Feb 2022

Not sure if this has been mentioned but has KMcK got the officials not to put up the board with added time in the 2nd half?

Noticed it against Gillingham and thought that maybe I’d missed the announcement/board going up but seems like the same thing happened again today.

Sorry if it’s been mentioned already but I couldn’t see anything when I just had a quick scan of the board while waiting at Fleet services on my way back to the south coast……… I must say it’s a happier 3 hour journey back these days
at 09:27 9 Dec 2021

Just talking to my Chelsea supporting colleague about this and his first reply to me was

“I hope you don’t want to defend”

In that sentence it’s enough to make it a no from me
That Woolfenden should be first choice centre back……..
at 20:20 16 Nov 2021

I mean he can’t defend against anyone physical but he can bring the ball out…………….

Proof if it were needed that he shouldn’t be first choice
Anyone seen these guys tonight……..
at 22:13 2 Nov 2021

….. feel free to add any more doom mongers to that list

Of course not we won convincingly
Do the stewards work for ITFC?
at 07:18 8 Aug 2021

I’d like to call out for praise one of the stand managers and I want to email the club about it as when someone goes over and above they deserve to be recognised in the same way as they would do if they were being a complete jobsworth and an arse.

Because my son couldn’t go with me yesterday I took my good lady (not his mum), we had the most horrendous drive up from the south coast having left at just after 9 and finally parking up/paying for the car park at around 2.20. She can’t walk particularly fast or stand for any length of time (she has MS) so it was getting on for 2.35 when we got to the ground to be met by that massive queue to get into the SAR stand. I thought she was going to cry because her first words were “there’s no way I can physically stand in that queue”. We made our way down to where the long queue was being directed to the turnstiles so I could find some help. I spoke to a very busy but incredibly helpful guy who was the stand manager for the SAR as I’d seen him several times before and it was on his jacket, he said if we were happy to wait 2 minutes by the gates where they let the coaches in he would take us in, he never forgot and was incredibly helpful by taking us round the back way into the stand without the need to queue or use a turnstile.

I am incredibly grateful to this guy and I don’t know if anyone knows him or knows his name but he’s the bald guy who is the stand manager for SARL and I’d like to single him out to the club for this.
Also does anyone have an email that I should send this to at the club?
Happy Christmas Everyone
at 06:26 7 Aug 2021

Well it’s like Christmas morning today………. Here’s hoping we all get what we wanted!

I’m leaving on the 200 mile trip from the south coast in a couple of hours time, can’t wait to be back at PR, haven’t felt this excited to go to PR for years
This should serve as a warning to all of those Anti Vaxxers
at 14:30 21 Jul 2021

Joseph David Wozencroft Pigott
at 17:34 12 Jul 2021

Wozencroft……….. wtf is that for a name?
Who else got Switzerland in the TWTD sweepstake and thought
at 23:19 28 Jun 2021

Oh sh.t that’s me with no hope and even less so when you knew they were playing France?

I’m sure I’m not the only one!
Whoy hev we not soigned anyone yit innit? N/T (n/t)
at 10:17 18 Jun 2021

Come on Gamechanger make it happen……..,
at 13:38 17 Jun 2021

We all know the real answer to this question don’t we?


Before anyone thinks I’m remotely serious and before I have to make an edit to say so I thought I should add that this post is entirely tongue in cheek
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