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Those annoying pop ups
at 21:24 11 May 2019

AGAIN, every 2nd post I try to view gives me a redirect.

Getting a bit beyond a joke now how often this is happening
Naomi Scott
at 22:44 10 May 2019

Aka Mrs Jordan Spence, no wonder he doesn’t need to try and be a footballer when he’s married to a Hollywood actress. She’s princess Jasmine in the new Aladdin movie alongside none other than Will Smith
Boon Gould RIP
at 17:07 1 May 2019

Founding member of one of the best 80s bands (and beyond)
Spurs looked as likely to score tonight
at 22:00 30 Apr 2019

As we have for most of the season, really really poor, clueless up front
Is Skuse playing in the middle of a back 3/5
at 18:05 27 Apr 2019

Certainly looks that way from the last 10/15 mins that I have seen
Will you still buy a Season Ticket for next year in league 1
at 19:54 13 Apr 2019

I’d be interested to know just what kind of support we could be looking at next season

Will you still buy a Season Ticket for next year in league 1

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[Post edited 13 Apr 19:55]
I hope Toto isn’t playing tomorrow
at 14:28 12 Apr 2019

It’s his friend the very short sighted Mr Simpson as referee for the game vs Brum tomorrow!

Heaven help us
Those annoying redirects are back again
at 13:26 10 Apr 2019

When accessing this board from my iPad.

“Congratulations you have won ............ blah blah blah”

I thought this had been sorted out?

That’s the site I’m redirected to
[Post edited 10 Apr 13:36]
These emails from the club
at 08:32 22 Feb 2019

Does anyone know when they are being/were sent?

I know this is going to open me up to ridicule in terms of not being a super fan blah blah..........

I am a ST holder but haven’t received either of the recent communications regarding the survey or the fan event at the Forest game.

I checked my account online last night and the correct email address is on there.

Has anyone else not got the mails either?

Edit - it would appear that I had unticked the I agree to being contacted occasionally by the club....... box, I guess this means that they don’t even email you about things at all then?
[Post edited 22 Feb 8:44]
We have a 100% record this season with the Ref for the game today
at 09:59 2 Feb 2019

and a 100% record with him as ref vs Sheff Weds
Anyone else off to Boro tomorrow?
at 22:59 28 Dec 2018

Or are me and my lad the only mad ones?

Were staying in Leeds for a few days and it’s only just over an hour to Boro so we decided to go along, plus it’s another one off his list of new grounds (why he keeps picking the ones I’ve been to as ones he wants to go to I’ll never know)

I think we may need a little luck tomorrow to get anything from the game but it would appear the natives are far from happy up there
What PL needs to get is
at 20:10 26 Dec 2018

That Bullard/Gio/Lawrence esque marque signing in January that can drag the team with some class to a better place, yes sure there are other areas that we need bodies too but I think one big signing with some other seasoned championship players around them and we could drag ourselves out of this mess
Any news on the double gym session scheduled for tomorrow?
at 12:48 31 Oct 2018

Has it been cancelled

A few observations on the “Hurst saga/era”
at 21:49 25 Oct 2018

I know that hindsight is a wonderful thing but I do wonder if part of the problem stems from the initial saga and process when recruiting Hurst

Think back to May when we interviewed numerous people and we are lead to believe we’re interested but never offered the job to anyone else. The public courting and open talk by Evans that Hurst was effectively the man he wanted for the job, despite being impressed with Jack Ross, seems to have had an effect that PH was almost seen as the golden choice that Evena hung all of his hopes on.

One can only imagine that this had given Hurst a sense that he was the messiah and he could do what he wanted, I think that whole saga was where the problems started.

Talking to a colleague of mine today at lunchtime before the sacking was made public he asked me whether he thought that we would turn it around/whether Hurst could start to get some results, I had to admit that there was no was no way that I could see that happening and that is why he had to go.

Another interesting musing that people bandied around in the last weeks was that we never got thrashed by anyone, nobody scored more than 2 against us in those 15 games......... in my opinion no team needed to thrash us as with a 2 goal lead there was little chance that anyone was getting beaten as we really offered nothing whatsoever upfront.

The whole era needs to be swept aside, forgotten. It has happened and yes it may well take some time to recover from and get the team back to having a core of championship ready players, hopefully we can get some of our youngsters back in January, add a couple of experienced players and stay up, ready to fully rebuild in the summer
Another Ex player having his say
at 22:38 24 Oct 2018

For all of those neutrals that say we havent
at 21:50 24 Oct 2018

Been thrashed by anyone as yet, no one has scored more than 2 against us......... that is a fallacy as teams know that we offer nothing going forward and whilst 2-0 may be a dangerous score line for us to defend once the opposition get 2 goals we have no fight to get 1 back let alone 2

Absolutely no fight in us whatsoever
at 21:29 24 Oct 2018

Is the kindest word I can think of, bereft of any ideas whatsoever going forward, unable to get out of our own half.

The man needs to go now before it’s too late to repair the damage that is done.

Looking at our team we would struggle to make mid table in league 1 at the moment
Did we pick the wrong “young and hungry manager”?
at 06:42 3 Oct 2018

I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but did Evans take too long in his decision making and ultimately pick the wrong man?

Wouldn’t you rather have been hearing the sound bites in this interview.

Tonight showed us a few things
at 00:01 19 Sep 2018

1- Spence is not good enough either as a WB or a RB, he should be back up only now Toto is back
2- Donacian is a right back and not a left back or LWB
3- Ward can play out wide if he is given the opportunity
4- Edwards is our best player and should start if fit
5- Jackson, wow he has some pace and also some engine to keep that up for 90 minutes
6- Gerken is worthy of the number 1 jersey at the moment
7- Eden has definitely done something to severely P155 PH off if he wasn’t considered to be in the starting line up tonight
He scored one of the best goals I have ever seen in person... RIP Beat
at 17:05 16 Sep 2018

I only wish I could find a link for it, half way line goal against Leeds Utd, we lost 3-2 but the legend scored such a stunner.

In this age when the word legend is used all too frequently Kevin Beattie was a real true legend who will live forever in the memory of any town fan who ever had the pleasure to watch him play or met him

Edit, I found the goal

[Post edited 16 Sep 2018 17:08]
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