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Footballers signed after a great international tournament
at 15:33 14 Jun 2021

What I enjoy most about international tournaments is when players have an absolute blinder of a tournament which earns them a move to a big club only for it to turn out that they aren't very good. Let's run through some famous examples, I'll start

El-Hadji Diouf & Salif Diao to Liverpool in 2002.

Keep them coming..
Donacien is the new Jaime Peters
at 19:17 10 May 2021

I have to admit I'm a little surprised to see Janoi Donacien have his option taken up. On his day, he can be a solid defender I won't deny that but his attacking output is practically not existent. He simply doesn't fit the mould of a modern day full back which PC desired and we lack without KVY. This move immediately springs Jaime Peters into my mind, a player like Donacien, who always seems to a deemed a better player when they aren't in the team but when actually playing doesn't cut it.

Very similar career path too with multiple loans during his spell with the club without ever truly nailing down a starting place.
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Tenuous ITFC link- Arnold Muhren's prolific nephew.
at 11:27 6 May 2021

Chatting with a work colleague who's very clued up on his Dutch football. He mentioned the quite outstanding upturn in form of Arnold Muhren's nephew, Robert. He is currently playing for Cambuur in the 2nd Division with 35 goals in 35 games this season, with 13 assists. He also registered 26 in 29 with 7 assists the previous season. Quite a remarkable run of form for a 31 year old who's been far from prolific in the rest of his career.

I always associate Dutch footballers with our club, I hope we return to scouting the area in the coming years. They haven't always been successful but most have been memorable.
Chambers, Skuse & Sears heading along the A12
at 09:14 5 May 2021

Latest rumours from EADT..
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Sheffield Wednesday
at 13:34 1 May 2021

Watching the Forest vs. Wednesday game (proper old school football tie that). Wednesday look destined to be joining us next season despite Westwood going from zero to hero just before half-time. Wondering if there's anyone worth trying to tempt down south with all thats gone on with the Chansiri regime?

Notable out of contracts:
Jordan Rhodes (well documented and discussed this week)
Tom Lees
Adam Reach
Kieran Westwood
Sam Hutchinson
Moses Odubajo

We may even be able to tempt the likes of Chey Dunkley or Massimo Luongo to Portman Road.

Surveyor needed- recommendations welcomed
at 12:30 25 Apr 2021

Good Afternoon kind folk of TWTD, I posted a few weeks back regarding what life was like with a terraced house. Well we have had an offer accepted for our first home in Ipswich. Now we are going through the joys, trials and tribulations of conveyancing, solicitors and mortgage application.

We are yet to have a survey carried out and are looking to have a RICS Homebuyers Report performed. Does anyone have any recommendations of a local surveyor or is there a surveyor among us? Trying to get as many quotes as possible with the best value for money service before deciding.

Any help in the thread or by PM is welcomed.
F1 @ Imola
at 12:50 17 Apr 2021

Anyone watching this weekend? Imola is a fantastic little track that punishes mistakes in a big way. Should be a great weekend of racing.
First Time Buyer Needing Advice- Living with a Terrace House
at 11:01 16 Apr 2021

Morning kind people of TWTD,

My partner and I are looking at purchasing our first property together in Ipswich. Our budget limits us to what we can purchase but we do favour a character property which points us in the direction of Victorian Town houses in a terrace. The clear limitation of this is lack of allocated parking which we've both been lucky to have whilst living with parents.

Does anyone own or live in a terrace house and how much of an issue have you found not having allocated parking?. My partner and I both have relatively small hatchbacks. We are willing for any help or guidance in terms of type of property as well as area so any contributions are welcome.
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Money is no guarantee
at 17:23 7 Apr 2021

I'm delighted as anyone to see the back of Mr. Evans from our football club but we must remember that money is no guarantee of success. There are fundamental issues with this football club that run far deeper than the playing staff (which is a big issue in itself). These need addressing before we can dream of the promised land once again. I feel it's our duty as fans to be remain vocal in a constructive and supportive manner in order to relay our frustrations at this moment and any that arise going forward.

I don't want to come across as negative as I'm delighted with today's news but we've got to be mindful of not allowing mistakes of the past to happen again.

I welcome Gamechanger 20 LTD with open arms and I truly hope this isn't another false dawn for our club. They've got a lot of work to do, I just hope they know that as much as we do.
Woeful Loan Signings
at 16:44 5 Apr 2021

Have we had a batch of loan signings as bad as this lot? I don't think any of them have made any sort of positive contribution over a consistent period. At least in 17/18, Bree/Quaker/Keane improved us.
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The Curious Career of James Norwood
at 17:29 2 Apr 2021

We are coming up to 2 years of James Norwood as a Town player and I honestly can't think of another player who's had such a bizarre career with us.

- Joined with huge hype after back to back promotions with Tranmere scoring goals for fun
- Solid start to his career. Player of the Month in August and national attention with the WWE GIFs, tweet from Dwayne 'The Rock Johnson' before his wrestling appearance in Harwich.
- Injury hit spell begins alongside stop/start parternship with Jackson
- More national attention for smashing his car window in order to get to training on time.
- Various Twitter exchanges with both Town and opposition fans over his time.
- The 'PrezzoGate' incident.
- Drink Driving saga

I'm sure there's a lot more that I've missed but there's plenty there to get us started. I genuinely feel for the bloke at times, particularly at the moment, as he's clearly being used whilst carrying some sort of injury as he's the only goal threat we seem to possess. It seems as if he can only play 45 minutes and we are praying he can score in that time to give us any advantage before he misses a game or two. He is a capable goalscorer at this level and certainly has the instincts of a natural goalscorer (movement and positioning) but sometimes lacks that killer finish.

I think we can safely say that he will certainly be remembered as a Town player over the years. I hope over the summer we can rehab him properly to at least get a fully fit Norwood for 75% of next season.
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The Five Point Protest' Open Forum Review and General Update
at 18:59 13 Mar 2020

'The Five Point Protest' Open Forum Review:

On Thursday 12th March, we held our first open forum to discuss the overall protest and to start developing a plan of action going forward. Supported by Ashley Symonds of Ipswich Fanzone, around 20 people of varying age groups and affiliations attended. This included members of Blue Action, the 'Talk of The Town' podcast as well as members from well traveled supporters groups (Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Clacton).

The initial first stage of the protest was pitched to the group which would have included a united fan march and 12 minute boycott (referencing the amount of years under Evans' ownership) of the opening 12 minutes of the home game against Rochdale on Saturday 18th April . The aim of which was to show both the unity of the fanbase in showing their frustrations towards the current ownership as well as highlighting the potential future of attendances. The FPP Twitter page polled a small proportion of both season ticket and non-season ticket holders both yielding results attributing to drops in both season ticket renewals and ticket sales next year. Around 600 season ticket holders answered the poll, with 45% selecting not to renew at this current stage, of that 45% who choose not to renew 55% selected the club's ownership as to their reason for not renewing. The other options available where current manager and value for money. The non season ticket holder poll of approximately 300 users yielded a result of 80% not attending as many games as they had this season for the 20/21 campaign. With 47% stating that ownership was their biggest factor. This may have been a small sample size but in the infancy of this protest movement it's a indication as to where our fanbase is currently sitting rolling into the final month or more of the season.

This idea was met with a mixed response by those in attendance, some feeling that the stance may come off as a very aggressive approach to begin with and may not be fully engage a large amount of supporters in the early stages of this protest. The boycott was also met with a mixed response, with the view that it may have a determental impact of the team's performance during the game. Although I respect the opinions of those in attendance, as the organiser of this protest I feel that an early demonstration is something that is needed in order to bring attention to the frustrations and feelings of our fanbase. So long as the protest march is respectful to the authorities and staff at Portman Road, with the use of social media and local press to grow it, this can be seen as a very positive and progressive first step of our movement. Ultimately, the likelihood of this happening now is very low and uncertain due to the current Coronavirus pandemic leaving the remaining schedule in question. However, once we have more clarity going forward I would like to gauge the general interest of a protest march and I would like to open discussions with the authorities and relevant parties about the feasibility of this. In the meantime, I would appreciate as much feedback regarding interest in a protest march.

With no football in the immediate future we will be turning our attention to other matters that we can affect. A crucial part of the discussion, was nailing down key points, questions and indisputable evidence supporting key frustrations and relating to the 'Five Points'. There is a clear sense of frustration within our fanbase and as we all know talk is cheap. We see this from our playing and coaching staff as well as those at the top of our club, usually leaving the fans dissapointed later down the line. The crucial part of this action will be credibility, it is very easy to react to whispers and rumours but without key facts and information it is very difficult to put those to our ownership without it being waved away or avoided. A key piece of information that came to light was the absence of our Director of Football who is currently on gardening leave. With performances and results on the pitch significantly nosediving, it is hard to fathom why someone hired to aid our coaching staff and manage performance isn't being utilised. This is the kind of information that we can use and question our owner on should we achieve the end goal of our protest, clarity and transparency from our owner.

I urge anyone who may have contacts or who could provide important, relevant information relating to ongoing issues, on or off-field, or relating to the 'Five Point Protest' to make themselves know and provide as much information. We will be working with the contacts and information that we have been provided as a group by those attendees and our mailing list then pursuing avenues of enquiry. Once again, I won't divulge details until we have something significant to provide going forward.

I have also been contacted by a fellow Town fan who has expressed interest with support from external sources in our current protest movement from a business viewpoint. I am hoping to arrange a meeting with this individual to fully flesh out his proposition. This wasn't raised in the open forum as it is unfair for me to comment at this stage without a full and clear understanding of the proposal. Once again, I do not wish to build expectation from this but it's an avenue I personally will be pursuing.

To summarise, I felt as the organiser that this was very productive and constructive first, of hopefully many, meetings regarding 'The Five Point Protest'. Currently, as a football club and a country we are in an uncertain time due to factors nobody perhaps anticipated happening at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. It's frustrating that we face this stumbling block but I ask for patience at this time and wish you and your families good health. Football isn't the most important concern right now and I hope that we remain merely disrupted by the current situation. Rest assured we will be working in areas that we can to benefit the movement going forward. The response and support we have had in the early stages of this protest has exceeded our expectations which is a really positive step. The key to this protest movement growing and yielding action is your support. This will be a gradual build and progress will be slower now but I ask for all supporters of this protest movement to remain patience and keep spreading the word. This is our club and I hope that we continue to make good progress going forward.

If you are interested in joining our mailing list please email

Thank you for reading

Kind Regards
Mark Beck

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