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The participants
at 23:19 16 May 2024

Another one for their honours list:

"The last 86 teams to be eliminated in a Football League play-off campaign have either managed to score once, or conceded fewer than four times. Norwich City are the first team to exit the play-offs having not done either since 2015."

Ciao budgies!
Ashton Interview
at 10:02 16 May 2024
at 17:42 4 May 2024

On such a joyous and historic occasion I am sure everyone will want to join me in recording their thanks and appreciation for the tremendous job that Phil, Gav and everyone else associated with TWTD do. We are so lucky to have a resource that offers top quality reports, news and updates along with interactive features such as the chat room so that those of us who are a long way from Ipswich can feel involved.

Thank you gentlemen and keep up the great work.

at 23:36 29 Apr 2024

Can't sleep, this week is far too stressful and now the missus has piped up.

"Why can't you sleep? It's only football."

Que a massive eye roll from yours truly which she saw.

Now I'm on the sofa stressing about if we lose tomorrow and mess this golden opportunity up. I can't focus on work or family life, I am useless!

FFS Town, make this worthwhile...please. I'll even treat the missus to a day out on playoff final day if we go up this week.
I believe
at 16:55 24 Apr 2024

I think this two week break is doing the majority of us fans more harm than good (certainly I feel I have gone loopy) but hopefully for the manager and squad it's the reverse.

It's easy to feel a bit deflated after Leicester's two wins and Leeds's win on Monday night. I felt very flat after Monday, but our destiny is still totally in our hands and this could be where KM's one game at a time policy could really bear fruits.

Hull on Saturday is huge - win there and I think we will do it. As a fan base we need to get behind the team 100% for the biggest week of their lives. Even if we end up in the play-offs, this manager and this team deserve nothing but all of our support - it's been an incredible 15 months wherever we end up next season and it's a privilege to have witnessed it.

at 07:27 4 Feb 2024

Apologies if it's been discussed elsewhere but my main concern from yesterday was obviously the first half which, I think many will agree, was the worst under KMc. The second half was improved, not that that was difficult, but why were we so poor to start?

The early goals didn't help, but where was the fight which should have been even more evident after last week's result? The players and manager have a lot of credit in the bank so to speak after the amazing last year, but that first half yesterday was simply unacceptable on so many levels. I just can't fathom why. The team looked knackered -are they? Or maybe credit just has to go to Preston, everyone has an off day.

I'm waffling now and I'm sure KMc and the team will look at it, but there was a lot of worrying signs in that first half. The fightback of sorts will hopefully spur them on, if we had gone down without a whimper, I'd be more worried.
[Post edited 4 Feb 7:31]
Statement from Mark Ashton
at 17:08 31 Dec 2023

RIP Anne. 😪
Saturday's referee
at 18:51 6 Oct 2023

David Webb, from Lancashire. Not preempting anything or trying to get a repeat of last season, but do we know anything about him given we are playing a team from Lancashire?
A Positive Wednesday Experience
at 16:37 17 Sep 2023

Have seen the other thread regarding the alleged altercations, but for the sake of balance I cannot praise Sheffield Wednesday enough. Took my youngster (7) to their first away game (as it's our nearest away game) and the stewards were fantastic, went out of their way to help and even moved us to a spot soon after kick-off with a clear view of the pitch due to everyone standing meaning my little one couldn't see much.

Walking back to a side street 15 minutes walk away after the match amongst Wednesday fans in our away shirts was absolutely fine too and thankfully, for my kid's sake, nothing untoward seen. In fact the Wednesday fans I spoke to were very complimentary and welcoming despite their clear unhappiness with their own club.
at 23:05 1 Sep 2023

A good transfer window, some quality additions but why shouldn't a squad that performed exceptionally since February be given every opportunity to prove themselves in the Championship?

I remember how the 2000 squad broke down after our first successful season in the Premier League when Burley made supposed marquee signings.

We have a great team who are clearly very close and that counts for a lot. The most important signing of the summer was McKenna. Why rock the boat for the sake of it, let this wonderful group show us what they can do over the coming months, they deserve that opportunity. COYB!
Neighbour issues
at 17:35 14 Aug 2023

Not a frequent poster here but would appreciate a view from others.

Whilst on holiday, our neighbour has taken it upon themselves to cut back the trees and hedges that run along the shared boundary. No issues with this, except that they have
a) done a rubbish job,
b) come over the boundary line into our grounds by over 6 foot in places, and
c) killed 2 nesting birds (doves) that were in one of the trees in the process.

This follows a disagreement a couple of weeks ago when the neighbour in question asked when I would have the shrubs and trees trimmed as they were coming over the fence. I told them it would be in the autumn (as we have done every year for years) but they could cut back any overhanging branches from their side up to the boundary as it's their right. However, they weren't happy and threatened to cut them all down and the conversation ended on heated terms. Nothing further happened until we went away and came home to all the cuttings dumped on our lawn.

From my understanding the Criminal Damage Act 1971 provides that unless you have a lawful excuse, intentionally or recklessly causing damage to “any property belonging to another” amounts to a criminal offence. That includes a hedge. Therefore, what they have done equates to criminal damage. If so, what should I do about it (serious responses please)? Police? As much as I want to confront them about it, there's no point as the damage has been done but I want to ensure it doesn't happen again.
Town Ladies
at 15:25 7 May 2023


Godfrey 59'
MK Dons tickets
at 18:01 24 Feb 2023

Anyone else brought tickets in the home end and just had an email to say those tickets are cancelled as not on the MK Dons database?
at 23:22 22 Nov 2022

Horrible run of injuries, again, and I don't know the science behind it all - if there is any - but wondering if the intense pre-season and intense training sessions that by all accounts take place are taking their toll now? I'm sure it's something the club will be looking at going forward.
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