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at 19:11 28 May 2020

There have been only five home wins in 27 Bundesliga games played behind closed doors. The ratio represents a 25% slump for success in home soil and underlines how fans in the stands are a key component to home advantage.
Four PL games free to air on the BBC
at 19:03 28 May 2020

Plus sky will make 25 of the remaining top-flight matches free to air, including the Merseyside Derby on the first weekend of 19-21 June.
England semi-final starting 11
at 20:17 12 May 2020

Which starting 11 was the best?

England v Croatia 2018 World Cup


England v Germany Euro 1996


England v Germany World Cup 1990

Paul Parker
Mark Wright
Des Walker
91% of all England hospital Covid-19 deaths have been people aged 60 or over
at 16:00 12 May 2020

Aged 80 or over 12,451 (52%)
Aged 60-79 9,184 (39%)
Aged 40-59 1,890 (8%)
Aged 20-39 172 1(%)
Aged 0-19 12 0.05%)
UK furlong scheme extended to October (n/t)
at 12:46 12 May 2020

No professional sport in England until 1st June at earliest
at 14:44 11 May 2020

No professional sport, even behind closed doors.
Labour's electoral challenge in the 2020's
at 14:36 10 May 2020

To win a majority at the next general election Labour needs to gain 123 seats, almost teice as many as it required at the 2019 election.
This figure actually under-states the extent to which Labour's position has deteriorated. To secure almost three times more than the swing it needed to win the 2019 election.
63 per cent of the seats Labour needs to win are in in the North, the Midlands and Wales; 13 per cent are in Scotland; and 24 per cent are in southern England.
104 of the 123 seats Labour needs to win are in towns not cities ( by contrast over half of existing Labour seats are in cities).
Only 30 per cent of the 123 seats Labour needs to win voted 'remain' in the EU referendum, compared to around half of Labour's existing seats.
There is no electoral future in fighting a rear-guard action on Brexit. Senior Labour politicians need to emotionally and psychologically accept the reality of leaving the EU.
Labour must again debate how it works with other progressive parties because it's best hope of returning to power is govern in parterniship. More controversially, if Labour really wants power quickly, it may need to consider formal alliances.
2010 seats required 68 percentage swing required 4.6
2025 seats required 94 percentage swing required 8.7
2017 seats required 64 percentage swing required 3.6
2019 seats required 123 percentage swing required 10.3.
Labour's future prospects will be even worse if it cannot make progress in Scotland. To secure a UK majority without regaining seats in Scotland, Labour will need to win 57 per cent of the constituencies in England and Wales. Winning the 123 seats it needs in England and Wales will require an electoral swing of over 12 percentage points in English and Wales marginal seats.
A swing on this scale in England and Wales is almost inconceivable. This means that for Labour to return to government the party will either need to defeat the SNP or work with the SNP. The latter secnario seems more likely. Labour would need to gain 83 seats (but not from the SNP) to be able to govern with the support of the nationalists. Even this would require Labour to secure a swing in English and Wales marginals of 7 percentage points.
Overall Labour remains very strong in London ( with two thirds of seats) and strong in Wales, the North West, Yorkshire and Humber, and the North ( over 50 per cent of seats).
Labour had suffered a crushing defeat and is very unlikely to return to majority government in a single electoral cycle. But if the party does not make major progress over the next 4 or 5 years it cannot expect to secure power even after a further 10 years in opposition. A decisive change in direction is needed immediately.
For the Labour party to recover bit must rebuild support across the whole of Great Britain, but the new electoral map means that is top priority has to be Wales, the North and the Midlands. The party's mission must be to win support in towns and small cities, not the large cities that it already dominates.
This poses a profound challenge for the because its members, activists and politicians tend to come from large cities and are more socially liberal and pro-European than left-leaning voters in many towns.
Concern after Germany's virus reproduction rate rises
at 12:04 10 May 2020

The reproduction rate of the virus in Germany has risen above one, causing concern after some restrictions were eased.
The country's "R-value"- the average number of people a patient will infect- is now 1.1, the Robert Koch Institute for disease contol said.
Third Brighton player tests positive for cornonavirus
at 11:49 10 May 2020

The unnamed player, who will now self isolate for 14 days, was tested on Saturday, two other players tested positive earlier in the pandemic
82% of Canada deaths in care homes
at 20:03 8 May 2020

Over 82% of 4,167 people who died with Covid-19 in Canada have been elderly residents of long term care homes a report from Canada's National Institute on Aginng says.
The proportion is similar in other parts of the world, as the virus disproportionally affects the elderly and sick.
The US state of New Jersey plans to deploy National Guard troops to nursing homes over the weekend, after finding that residents make up half of the state's death toll.
YouGov latest opinion poll this morning
at 13:09 7 May 2020

Conservatives 50%
Labour 30%
New Covid-19 cases detected in the Anglia region
at 12:07 30 Apr 2020

Additional positive tests for Covid-19 in the Anglia region have slowed to a relative trickle with only 135 new cases in 24 hours.
The rise in numbers on Wednesday was the lowest in a day since 26 March and it takes the total number of confirmed cases in the region to 11,511. The daily increase is just 1% since Tuesday.

Essex 3,010 cases
Suffolk 999 cases
Norfolk 1,427 cases
Cambridgeshire 941 cases
Bedfordshire 1,456 cases
Hertfordshire 2,202 cases
Northamptonshire 1,013 cases
Milton Keynes 443 cases
Rutland 20 cases

The number of people dying in the area is 3,281 deaths confirmed in hospitals, care homes and in the community.
German doctors protest at PPE shortages
at 23:26 27 Apr 2020

German doctors have repeatedly appealed for more PPE since the arrival of the virus in Germany in late January.
German firms that make PPE have upped their production but have been unable to meet demand. Medical practices, clinics and care homes have made frequent requests for filter masks, goggles, gloves and aprons and say their needs have barely been met.
A recent study by an association of German health found that doctors were lacking more than 100 million single-use masks, 50 million filter masks, more than 60 million single-use aprons, and a similar number of disposable gloves.
Serie A
at 23:29 26 Apr 2020

Serie A sides will be allowed to return to individual training on 4 May and team training on 18 May.
There are hopes Serie A fixtures could resume between 27 May and 4 June- with an end date for th season of early August.
Sturgeon accused of 'dereliction of duty' over Cobra meetings
at 18:03 26 Apr 2020

Nicola Sturgeon missing five Cobra meetings has been declared a " dereliction of duty" by Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Ballie.
Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman today admitted that she had attended early Covid-19 meetings, also missed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, instead.
"The first minister needs to explain what she was doing that was so important that she missed all these meetings, or is it merely about status and she won't go if Boris isn't there?" Ms Ballie said.
As questions continue about the seeming lack of preparedness for the cornonavirus pandemic, the insfuccient supply of PPE and lack of testing, not attending the Cobra meetings seems like poor judgement on the part of the first minister".
SNP MP Ian Blackford accussed the government of "jaw dropping negligence and complancey". She wonders if the same applies to Nicola Sturgeon as the first minister "missed those same meetings".
Fake news on social media
at 15:04 26 Apr 2020

Fake news have been reported on social media that the first volunteer in the Oxford vacinne trial has died. This is not true
A reporter from the BBC spent several minutes today chatting with Elsia Granto via Skype.
She is very much alive and told him she was #absolutely fine".
Birmingham Nightingale Hospital
at 14:11 26 Apr 2020

Birmingham Nightingale Hospital has not been used at all, 10 days since it has been opened. It showed the NHS had "absorbed" the extra pressure Dr David Rosser said.
Sturgeon missing at six Covid-19 summitts
at 12:31 26 Apr 2020

First Minster skipped six vital Cobra meetings as pandemic hit country.
No evidence linking UK government to fake NHS accounts
at 16:45 21 Apr 2020

Twitter says it does not currently see evidence that the UK government has tried to manipulate cornonavirus using fake accounts.
It comes after claims began circulating on social media implying the Department of Health and social care was behind a network of Twitter accounts pretending to be NHS staff.
The Department of Health tweeted that the claims were " categorically false".
Twitter adds that it " will remove any pockets of smaller coordinated attempts to distort or inorganically influence the conversation".
The BBC also currently has no evidence to support the suggestion these allegedly fake accounts had anything to do with the UK government.
EFL considers transfer embargo on clubs who defer player's wages
at 21:23 20 Apr 2020

The EFL is to consider preventing clubs who defer the wages of their players from spending money in the transfer market.
In a move to be discussed between the league and it's clubs this week, the proposal would necessitate that any money owed to playing staff be paid before a club add to their squad or increase the collective wage bill.
The idea for a new mechanism, whose remain uncertain, is one of a number of proposals to be discussed as attempts are made to stave off crisis in the face of cornonavirus. A broad range of ideas, up to the possibility of a wage caps, will be under consideration.
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