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Town Supporters
at 08:30 12 Feb 2020

It may be a controversial opinion but i think some of our fans are absolute idiots.

I get to a few away games each season and each time i'm shocked by how some of our following act.

Last night for example, a lady (Wimbledon fan) in the disabled area had to be taken away in tears after 4 or 5 blokes spent 20 minutes call her a C**t. Don't get me wrong, she tried to have a go back but clearly was not able to hold her own.

The "supporters" who spent most of the first half arguing about barriers and that they couldn't see were embarrassing. Grown men of around 50-60 years of age, screaming in the face of a young female Steward, calling her a c**t is ridiculous. Perhaps getting there a bit earlier than 5 mins before kick off and expecting to be at the front would have been a better idea?

I'm sure most supporters are ok, we see and hear about our fantastic support but some of our "followers" are an embarrassment.

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Wimbledon Tickets
at 10:13 30 Jan 2020

I spoke to the ticket office earlier and they confirmed they had some tickets left for season ticket holders to go on sale at 10.

They seemed to have gone straight away and i thought i'd missed out. However a friend has just managed to get me some as they kept refreshing the page and they came up again!

Maybe worth a go for those who are interested....
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Wimbledon Away Tickets
at 10:57 6 Jan 2020

What are peoples thoughts on if they will get to season ticket holders?

A couple of people have suggested to me that they think it may be " a letter in the post" type of thing once the away passport holders have been sorted out. I was thinking of getting a gold card just in case, thoughts??

8 Home League wins in the last 2 calendar years
at 14:11 27 Dec 2019

Managers aside, clearly something is wrong at the root of the Club. 8 league wins at Portman Road in 24 Months is not only embarrassing but makes me feel physically sick. Surely 2020 will be better, it can't be much worse......... can it?
Southend Tickets Still Available
at 10:16 2 Oct 2019

Hi all, just thought i'd let you know i just got through to the ticket office and ordered 4 tickets for the elderly and family area that they had held back. They said they still had some left :)

Just for those who were wondering why they were held back, the chap at the ticket office said Town fans were arguing with each other at Gillingham. Some people wouldn't sit down and the people behind couldn't stand for the entire match. They hope that these held back tickets will be used for those wishing to sit down!
IFollow help!
at 18:44 29 Jul 2019

Hi, does anybody use ifollow to watch any of the away games? I know there are location restrictions etc but is not any good? Also would the games still be on even now we are in league 1?
Andre to Norwich??
at 15:13 22 Jul 2019

A couple of weeks ago I overheard a conversation between Andre and his Dad at a youth football tournament. They were speaking about Norwich coming in for him and that he would go if the deal was right or if Town didn't show they wanted him. As i was a bit away from them, i thought i may have misheard etc. He also was talking of how he thought they were offering 8. I don't know if that was in relation to a fee (8m) or wages (8k).

However without prompting, somebody has told me they have heard whispers of Norwich interest and that Andre is off.

No def info, just sharing what I have heard.....
Let's get it going then........
at 13:26 8 May 2019

Looking at the Championship released list....


realistically i like the look of

Paul Mcshane or Mile Jedinak
Callum McManaman
Steve Morison or Conor Washington

Obviously we will not be signing many players and who we do will be limited on wages etc. The above would give a little experience to the squad and take the pressure off some of the youngsters having to be at it each week.

[Post edited 8 May 2019 13:26]
I'm going to call it now - We stay up with 39 points
at 14:29 1 Feb 2019

It may be a bit fairytale and very much on the side of hope but i think we will pick up enough points compared to our rivals to stay up.

Very much based on that Reading, Bolton and Rotheram are also awful, i cant see them picking up much over the next few months. With a little luck and the newbies gelling quickly, a win tomorrow and it's on.

I've always been a bit of an optimist but think it's not lost yet. We have five very winnable home games and a couple away that could go either way. Add in a couple of draws here and there we wont be far off.
"Advantage" to second half of the season?
at 12:21 17 Jan 2019

I've been thinking that as we have now played everybody, we will know what to roughly expect from most teams when we play them for the second time (clearly not to the degree of Bielsa though!). This should hopefully help us going forward and give a small advantage to us in the 2nd half of the season. However due to PL replacing PH, new players and tactics etc, the opposition will be playing a pretty much different team from their first encounter. Clearly i'm grasping at straws and looking for any shed of hope that we'll pick up some wins but wondered if anybody else had a far fetched notion that they were clinging on to?
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at 15:10 28 Dec 2018

I know its something that has come up a few times but i think we need a proper Director Of Football, somebody at the top who has done it all. My vote would be for Terry Venables or Kevin Keegan, either would be ideal. I'm sure they wouldn't cost that much as they've been out of the game for a while and would welcome such a high profile job. I'm sure Evans could find 2-3 mil to tempt them.
Really, what is all the fuss?
at 12:46 23 May 2018

Young manager with a relative lack of experience in management and no exposure to the English league decides to go to another managerless club.

Hurst is a manager who has 5 x the experience and has an overall better winning percentage in a similar if not a more competitive league. He has more knowledge of the league and its players. I would suggest he has always been Evans preferred candidate and has already sounded him/Shrewsbury and more importantly Hursts agent out.

We assume that Sunderland have come in and snatched Ross, if he had of been our first choice do we not think Evans would have already of done the deal?

Soundbites and couple of clips on youtube don't make Ross the one and only choice for our new manager.
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