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After those games, I make it that 2 out of the 3 sides we have yet to play
at 17:10 27 Apr 2024

...have nothing to play for.

Coventry are out of the running for the play-offs.

Huddersfield are barring a miracle down.

Tonight's opponents - thanks to WBA folding - the only ones left with anything to play for.

Here's hoping this gives us the two wins we need...
Long shot - any ITFC fans in Des Moines (Iowa) ?
at 09:08 11 Oct 2023

A colleague and I are in Des Moines next week for business and want to see Friday's game there. It's on ESPN+ which is a streaming service not broadcast. Would love to meet up with any Town fans there - or at least find out which sports bars might have that channel, as Google isn't helping....ta.
Genuine, honest question - should I get a flu / Covid booster ?
at 08:54 13 Oct 2022

Firstly, I'm not interested n the opinions of anti-vaxxers / people who believe this is somehow part of the "great reset" or any of that nonsense.

I've been offered the flu / Covid booster as I'm over 50. Mid fifties, "rude" good health (fat bar steward who can walk at a very brisk pace for >90 minutes without stopping despite being a smoker).

Had Covid in June, was fairly mild (i.e. didn't keep me in bed).

Had the flu jab for the first time last year, then in November the Moderna booster which really laid me out. Then had dreadful breathing issues (yes, correlation isn't causation) for the next 2 months, only went when I went to Thailand. Had some strange flu (definitely wasn't Covid, I tested) a month ago.

I want to be a "responsible citizen" but given I've had both Covid and the flu in the last 6 months, plus the nasty effects of the 3rd jab I had 11 months ago - is putting more stuff in my body a good idea or not ? I genuinely don't know...would love some SENSIBLE advice from you good people - many thanks.
Dog bites man
at 07:57 25 May 2022

As the old adage has it, "dog bites man" (i.e. a commonplace occurrence) is not news, whereas "man bites dog" is.

There has been yet another mass shooting in the USA, as we know. Now this might sound callous on my behalf, but when I think of the upset that news causes us (yes, an infinitesimal fraction of that caused to the families involved) I just think "why do we even need to know about this any more ?"

In this country, we had Hungerford. We banned one type of weapon. We then had Dunblane, and we banned others. It was quite simple, there was no "right" which trumped the rights of our kids to not be shot.

The Americans (and yes, not all of them, but a majority of them) have not made that decision. There have been so, so many "atrocities" that frankly another one won't make any difference. It never does.

So, it's "dog bites man" in terms of news, I'm afraid. Perhaps the best reaction the world could have is just to print a small headline, with no details except numbers, every time this happens:

"Americans lose another xx children to their love of guns".

Then at least that way those of us who don't put guns ahead of our children's lives don't need to read or hear graphic upsetting details of the latest senseless massacre.
Finally, kiss the reputation of the UK goodbye...
at 10:22 17 May 2022

The Government is just about to announce that they will be breaking the NI protocol deal they signed with the EU, the famous "oven ready" Brexit deal.

"Boris" said last night on C4 news:

"Yes, I agreed it (the NI protocol). I hoped & believed our friends (the EU) would not necessarily want to apply it"

Here's what another Tory leader said in the past:

"Britain does not break treaties. It would be bad for Britain, bad for our relations with the rest of the world and bad for any future treaty on trade we may need to make.”

I find it deeply, deeply ironic that the party that swathes itself in our national flag is currently overseeing, as a direct results of its actions, the imminent break-up of the Union and the complete trashing of our international reputation.

As I've said before, the only way we'll know we've turned a corner in all of this and back to the nation we'd like to be is when those responsible have been put on trial for treason.
So - genuine question - what DO we do about "the boat people".
at 13:38 14 Apr 2022

Right, before I begin, I've never voted Tory, Blair was too right-wing for me, and I'm married to an (EU) immigrant.

Obviously the Rwanda "solution" has been carefully timed to get "Boris" out of trouble.

The issue it seeks to address, however, is going to carry on being an issue. For example, the population of Africa was 0.3bn when I was born. It's now 1.4bn. Europe is dealing with a demand that is never going to go away; and illegal immigration as well as making nasty people very rich and leading to tragic deaths, also removes a lot of enterprising people, and their money, from countries which need both those things.

And yes, if I were in their shoes and had the resource, I would do what they are doing, I'm sure.

So - what do we actually do to address this ? The problem isn't going away. Yes, immigrants are less likely to be on benefits that UK people, we're (in some ways) underpopulated etc etc. However if we have borders and restrictions on who can live here - how do we enforce them ?

I genuinely don't have an idea on this...
Happy Christmas to those spending Xmas on their own (like me !)
at 09:26 25 Dec 2021

Yup, 2021 hasn't ended well, and many of you might be alone today, due to circumstance or because that's the way you roll.

If you're feeling down, reach out to someone or post on here. And remember the words from George Harrison: "All things must pass - it isn't always going to be this grey".

Peace and goodwill to all.

Reasons to be cheerful...1,2,3
at 09:10 24 Dec 2021

Right, if you're of a certain age, you read that in Ian Dury's voice. Anyway.

It's been a mare of a year both in ITFC and "general" terms but maybe there's a brighter future coming along now it appears (crosses everything) that Omicron might not kill us all.

So, looking back over the year, what made you happy / can you feel proud of ?

Me: winning a particularly nasty court case vs my ex over access to youngest child / learning German (an ongoing task, but Duolingo is very good and I'm on a 260 day "streak").

Seasons greetings one and all and Uppa Towen !
A ray of hope ?
at 21:33 28 Nov 2021

No, not today's match.

Just listened to Stephen Nolan on Radio 5 (probably around 21:10 tonight) interview the female doctor who "found" the first Omicron patient.

Apparently the symptoms are basically severe fatigue for two days....and that's it. Zero fatalities, even in an older patient who already had cancer.

Yes, very early days, anecdotal etc etc but might be a ray of hope to anyone (like myself) who felt that the news last week was going to take us back to square one. Let's keep hoping this turns out to the case; virulent but ineffective would be the best strain possible.
UK Government knowingly paid DOUBLE the going market price for facemasks
at 07:54 21 Oct 2021

One day, people should go to jail for this; but they won't.

Does anyone want to stick their head above the parapet and defend this ?
Does anyone think that Labour would have handled the Covid crisis any worse ?
Does anyone still feel inclined to vote Tory in the next election ?

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