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‘Do not go gentle into that good night....
at 19:41 8 Dec 2018

Rage, rage against the dying of the light’

Come on Town, this is the time to show what we’re made of, on and off the pitch. The team need us now like never before, fabulous support today, let’s recreate that at PR on Saturday. If we’re to go down let’s go down fighting.

Blue action bods, I think the quote in the title would make a class banner too.
Police Officer who rammed dangerous moped driver could face charges....
at 16:20 4 Dec 2018

What do we reckon twtd?

Without thinking about it too deeply, my initial reaction is to sympathise with the copper I reckon.

Freddie Sears was superb
at 21:45 28 Nov 2018

2 great goals and, as always, got through an immense amount of work.

He deserved better from some of his teammates tonight.
Are we pretty much all sold on PL now then?
at 09:58 2 Nov 2018

The season starts here.

I'm excited again, a win on Saturday would be huge.

We're going to win today aren't we?
at 10:23 27 Oct 2018

I'd be worried if I was a Millwall fan, what looked like a guaranteed 3 points under Hurst is now nothing of the sort. I always hate it when our opponents have just changed their manager.

3-0 Town.

Come on Villa
at 19:43 23 Oct 2018

Give us a tiny bit of relief in what is turning into a pretty miserable season.

If the budgies win tonight they'll have me a bit worried that there could be 2 divisions between us this time next year.

What an awful thought.
Phenomenal result and performance
at 21:44 15 Oct 2018

Brilliant effort by them all but special mentions to Gomez, Chilwell, Sterling and Rashford.
I hate international breaks
at 18:43 7 Oct 2018

Bored of this one already.
4 of the next 5 games v teams in the bottom 6
at 20:01 6 Oct 2018

Things could look very different by the middle of November.

On the flip side, if we're still in the bottom 3 by then, it could be an extremely tough season.

Fabulous day today, COYB.
Absolutely superb result
at 16:55 6 Oct 2018

Great effort everyone
Is anyone else beginning to worry that...
at 20:42 22 Sep 2018

We should have been careful what we wished for?

I knew it would be tough post Mick but I didn't realise it would be quite so joyless.

An even more divided fanbase, just as many annoying idiots posting on here, and a pretty terrible football team to boot.

I know the subsequent troubles don't necessarily mean we were wrong to get rid of Mick but you have to wonder.
In any walk of life
at 16:19 19 Sep 2018

It's normal for a new manager to cause some unrest, particularly if they are replacing a long serving, extremely popular, incumbent.

No one likes change and no one likes insecurity. Our players are used to Mick, who they trusted and who trusted them, who very rarely criticised them and with whom they knew exactly where they stood.

PH has a far more abrasive style, is happy to call out players who he feels aren't performing and is much quicker to drop those players, regardless of their status in the squad.

The senior pros are bound to be a little disconcerted, they are well out of their comfort zone. I'm sure, with hindsight, PH would have handled things slightly differently too.

However, these players are paid extremely well to represent our club and, now more than ever, we need them to step up and show some minerals. Second half last night was a good start.
Get the fcuk in
at 21:19 18 Sep 2018

Great header son
All the negatives of a Mick team without any of the positives
at 20:34 18 Sep 2018

Defensive, passive, disjointed, awful passing, headless chickens up front chasing after aimless long punts.

No discernible team spirit and no individual brilliance.

That was dreadful.
Brentford look decent
at 20:09 18 Sep 2018

Putting lots of pressure on the ref at every opportunity too.

I fear the worst there.
Time to remind the world what a great club Ipswich Town is.
at 21:11 16 Sep 2018

Let's make Tuesday a night to remember.

For the Beat, for the club he loved as much as the rest of us.

Come on you boys in blue, time to step up.
Why was Krul wasting time?
at 14:27 2 Sep 2018

Slightly bizarre and extremely tinpot.

I wouldn't have been happy if I was one of them lot, they were in the ascendancy too.
It's always darkest before the dawn
at 19:45 25 Aug 2018

Norwich up next, turning point written all over it.

We'll be back in 15th before you know it.

Come on Burnley
at 19:53 16 Aug 2018

Send Erdogan's pets home with their tails between their legs
Throughout the whole ''numbskull' debate
at 22:34 14 Aug 2018

I defended our fans to anyone who would listen. Every club has idiots after all, and ours are no worse than anyone else's.

However, the blubbing on here this week has me starting to doubt.

As a fanbase we wanted change, it had gone stale, we knew it was a bit of a risk but we were willing to sacrifice grinding safety for something a bt more edgy. Now we've got what we asked for. We have a young manager, attempting to introduce a completely new style with a completely new team.

But because we've lost 2 games (2 games ffs!) the knives are out again.

Of course performances and results have been disappointing but nowhere near as disappointing as seeing the bedwetting on here.

Maybe Mick had it right all along.
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