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Gav’s going to be busy this morning....
at 06:02 26 May 2019

Not sure about this new guy
I wonder if Colin will retire...
at 16:29 12 May 2019

Should Cardiff hold on to win at Old Trafford today?
[Post edited 12 May 16:30]
Will there still be 4 million Leeds fans....
at 19:10 27 Apr 2019

Sleeping on the streets of Ipswich next week?
Annoying Things
at 19:46 19 Apr 2019

Easter eggs that don’t break neatly in half.

It kills me.
Here's what I don't really get about Brexit...
at 10:13 11 Apr 2019

How have we allowed it to become such a massive deal and do such immense damage to our country and its people? I don't mean that as a dig at one side or the other, just at the process in general.

It's a fringe issue really, a squabble between two wings of the Tory Party that morphed into an argument between the Traditional Monied Elite (Brexit) and the 'new' establishment (Business, Parliament etc).

The EU was never a particularly big issue for anyone outside of a few UKIP loons and never featured very highly on concerns heading into elections. Bluntly, almost all of the populace neither knew nor cared about trade deals, customs unions, ECHR etc etc and it didn't impact their day to day life at all.

Yet we have allowed the media and a few politicians to whip up such a storm that families are divided, friendships ended, MP's getting death threats and usually sensible people are talking about TREASON and civil unrest. The whole thing is just mad.

We don't seem to be angry about children being murdered daily with no police left to stop it.
We don't take to the streets about the NHS being under unprecedented pressure, with cancer rates and A&E wait times moving in the wrong direction.
We don't talk about the fact that many crimes are no longer even investigated in the 5th richest country in the world.
We don't protest about our prison system nearing collapse.
We don't ring radio shows to loudly rant about the deterioration of the education system and ever worsening shortage of teachers.
We don't see many threads on here bemoaning the embarrassing lack of infrastructure and increased problems on our roads and rail (potholes anyone!).

We have somehow become all consumed with this fringe issue that no one cared about 5 years ago.

When you actually stop and think about it, it's absolutely bonkers.

I don't know how or why we've ended up at this point but I'd be very interested to hear CIL's views on it, particularly regarding the role of the media. Someone must be benefiting from this situation and it certainly isn't us.

Buttler wicket yesterday
at 07:43 26 Mar 2019

What do we reckon?

I know it was technically legal but I’d hate to see cricket go the way of football with the ‘win at all costs’ approach to sportsmanship, especially on the back of the Aussie’s cheating.

Suspect and hope that Ashwin regrets his actions this morning.
You can always rely on the Scottish football team
at 17:14 21 Mar 2019

To lighten the mood.

Amazed at the negativity on here
at 21:44 12 Mar 2019

A team sprinkled with academy prospects have gone and got a thoroughly deserved point away at at team in the play offs, playing passing football and showing considerable character.

Expected almost universal satisfaction on here and yet almost all the threads seem to be negative, including people having pops at Emmanuel, Kenlock and Dozzell.

WTF is wrong with some of you people?

Exactly how well were you expecting us to play tonight???

Thank goodness the away fans have a different attitude.
Jon Nolan
at 20:28 23 Feb 2019

Superb today I thought.
Away Supoort today
at 19:53 23 Feb 2019

Excellent I thought, both in numbers and noise.

For a team miles bottom of the league, and from the other end of the country, it really was impressive.
Tickets available on the gate on Saturday?
at 09:29 21 Feb 2019

The championship really is bonkers
at 17:16 16 Feb 2019

Stoke, with £12m Afobe, Shawcross, Adam and Bojan on the bench.

17th in the league.
Jack Ross
at 14:13 16 Feb 2019

Amazing the effect Sunderland can have on a man.

A few months ago he looked like Bonnie Prince Charlie in a Burtons cardigan, now he looks like Tommy at the end of Trainspotting.
Blue Action Banner Idea
at 10:02 15 Feb 2019

Now we've actually shown a bit of fight is it time to revisit the Dylan Thomas banner? A big banner across the SBRL with:

'Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.'

Would look class.

Could live at the training ground during the week too, Ipswich expects.
I really hope Judge stays next season
at 22:12 13 Feb 2019

Don’t think he’s been anything like at his best yet but how refreshing to see a town player demanding the ball and looking comfortable when he gets it, even in tight situations.

Great attitude too, and a pain in the arse to play against.
Norwich are an absolute sh1thouse of a team aren’t they?
at 13:38 10 Feb 2019

Don’t get me wrong, they’re absolutely miles better than us but not sure I’ve ever seen such consistent cheating at this level.

It wouldn’t look out of place in South America.

We may be too honest for our own good but I’m glad we don’t carry on like that.
‘Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin....
at 17:33 3 Feb 2019

but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.’

Quote from my favourite literary character seems fairly apposite ahead of next week.

Come on you boys in blue, we need you to show real courage, don’t take a backwards step. If we lose then make sure we lose with our heads held high and give us fans a tiny bit of solace in a miserable year.

[Post edited 3 Feb 17:51]
Norwich look like a proper team
at 19:00 2 Feb 2019

Could this season be any more miserable?
Neil Warnock’s Brexit comments
at 17:57 14 Jan 2019


Bet his bosses are delighted with him....
‘Do not go gentle into that good night....
at 19:41 8 Dec 2018

Rage, rage against the dying of the light’

Come on Town, this is the time to show what we’re made of, on and off the pitch. The team need us now like never before, fabulous support today, let’s recreate that at PR on Saturday. If we’re to go down let’s go down fighting.

Blue action bods, I think the quote in the title would make a class banner too.
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