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Would you have preferred 0-0?
at 19:17 18 Feb 2018

Or was that glorious feeling, albeit short-lived, worth the pain that followed?

Better to have loved and lost?
Bad day for Boltons
at 17:15 17 Feb 2018

Henry sacked and Wanderers lost.

Not sure which one I feel less sorry for.....
Is there a less interesting club to support in English football?
at 17:48 6 Jan 2018

I appreciate we haven't plumbed the depths of Coventry or Portsmouth but by God it's boring following Town at the moment.

Having grown up with what seemed like a perpetual cycle of promotion pushes and relegation battles, sometimes successful sometimes heartbreaking, it's hard to believe how little fun it is now.
Maitland-Niles starting tonight.
at 19:33 22 Dec 2017

Big challenge for the lad tonight, out of position and up against Salah.
Top 5 look hard to shift
at 18:07 9 Dec 2017

Sheffield United falling away may be our best chance?

Lots of competition for that place though, Leeds, Boro and Sheff Wed to name but 3.

[Post edited 9 Dec 2017 18:12]
Scoring goals and attacking teams
at 18:27 2 Dec 2017

Is enough for me, playoffs or no.

So different to last season, well done Mick.

What a fantastic week.
Christmas Tree and Decs
at 09:15 1 Dec 2017

When is acceptable to put these up?

I'm planning on doing mine tonight and over the weekend which I thought was fairly standard. However, people in the office are outraged that I'm doing it so early and are banging on about the 12th? Hardly seems worth the effort doing it that late.

Over to you TWTD....
That disallowed goal
at 13:13 26 Nov 2017

Was pretty embarrassing.....

But also the highlight of the day (football wise anyway!)'
Ryan Woods - Brentford
at 19:22 4 Nov 2017

Is there a better player in the league?
at 11:57 2 Nov 2017

Anyone been?

Any good?

Will it be ridiculously cold in January?

Thinking 3/4 nights so just normal tourist sort of stuff really.
Things we can all agree are annoying
at 08:04 30 Oct 2017

When they open a new till at the supermarket just after you've put all your stuff down and some smug old lady swoops straight in without so much as a sideways glance.

People who like dancing at weddings and spend their whole time trying to get people who don't like dancing to go up.
Best/Worst Desserts
at 18:03 12 Oct 2017

Worst: Panna Cotta - what's the point?
Best: Sticky Toffee Pudding, ideally with cream.

Try and argue otherwise if you want but deep down you know I'm right.
Winter City Break
at 20:21 5 Sep 2017

Looking to go away for 3/4 nights in December or January.

Not an enormous budget but not looking for bargain basement.

Was thinking maybe Iceland, or Copenhagen anyone been?

Any other recommendations?
What does your partner think of your TWTD habit?
at 18:59 29 Jun 2017

Mine is just cheerfully bemused by the whole thing.

A typical conversation goes something like this;

Her: what are they all going on about now?
Me: just arguing about Jeremy Corbyn
Her: still?
Me: yep
Her: what's that got to do with Ipswich?
Me: Nothing
Her: I don't get it
Me: (patronising pat on the arm) I know
The Detectorists
at 22:29 27 Jun 2017

Series 2 off to a solid start.

Bluddy love that programme.

Sophie is a bit (lot) of a secret crush too...
Come on you Lions! (n/t)
at 07:41 24 Jun 2017

Grenfell to be this generation's Hillsborough?
at 22:16 18 Jun 2017

I can see the repercussions lasting for decades and being equally significant.

Here's hoping the aftermath is handled differently and the victims and survivors treated with a great deal more respect, although it's hardly been an auspicious start.
Australia 19-24 Scotland
at 07:51 17 Jun 2017

With 5 minutes left.

Can they finally hang on this time?

Hope so.
[Post edited 17 Jun 2017 7:55]
MMA/Boxing People
at 22:27 15 Jun 2017

Does McGregor have any chance at all against Mayweather?
Scotland fans
at 17:15 11 Jun 2017

Have I missed all the righteous hand wringing and self flagellation over the scots roundly booing our national anthem and singing offensive songs? (The Jimmy Savile chant was particularly loud).

Or is offensive behavior only offensive when it's the English doing it?

All the media seem to be saying is what a great atmosphere it was. England have their fair share of idiots but the way our fans are treated by 'our' press really is massively ott.
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