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What a difference fair play
at 17:30 8 Jan 2022

What a difference. Only 2 games in and early days as we all know. But immediately what an improvement. 90% of my previous posts have harked back to the Burley esque days of the late 90s, not because I don’t embrace change but because I embrace commitment, work rate and effort throughout. The last 2 games we have shown that In 2 very different ways. If that is the effect of McKenna so soon then fantastic and well done to him and the lads these past weeks

My only hope is the likes of Cook don’t see this and think it in anyway proves he was only a couple of games from the team clicking, not a chance. The guy was devoid of the strategy and ability to inspire the guys in a way McKenna appears to of in the last few weeks.

Bedsides, in my opinion this clicking thing can be a bit of a nonsense. It should only really be the difference of drawing rather than winning and in no way justifies lacking application and abject performances from professional players. For that to happen there was something much more wrong in Cooks set up.

For those of you that watched the swindon game last night (my most local team now since my move you will know in the summer they nearly went under. They had 6 players in the summer and cobbled them together and are giving it a good go In their league. This is because their management got it right, not because of ‘clicking’.

Only 2 games but my god well done to McKenna and the lads to transform their efforts. That is all I can ever wish for to walk away from a game knowing they gave it everything come win, lose or draw.

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For literally no reason
at 20:07 20 Dec 2021

How much do we think McKenna might be on salary wise approximately? or Cook have been on for that matter?.

I have no feelings about this and don't have an issue with it or begrudge it, more just interested what a manager in this league might be on and giving my brain a break from thinking about Covid, our season so far and what to eat next.

I'm going to assume McKenna is likely to be highly incentivised financially on milestones and achievements.
Away fan pubs for Cheltenham
at 18:55 16 Aug 2021

Hi All,

Anyone know which pubs for away fans tomorrow that they can recommend?

My reality check
at 22:51 11 Feb 2020

My post after the Peterborough game that I went to admittedly wasn’t too positive!, as I was missing dearly the football we used to play, and could again.

Undoubtedly we have a fantastic squad but for some reason management / strategy / training whatever it isn’t clicking

We should be in the automatic promotion spots based on squad, but we aren’t.

However, my reality check is that even if by some chance we were up there in the auto spots from nicking a few goals in our drawn games would that be a success?. Surely we’d still be the same team with the same hit and hope approach devoid of ideas, just one that had nicked a few extra goals to get the points. Nothing else would change.

Surely what we all really want is the fight, effort and passion from that team and I’ve decided my personal view of success is to see our team playing proper football with commitment and it can be done as shown by others in this league who have embarrassed us, and rightly so.

I dread to think how we’d fair back in the championship as we currently are with the style or lack of and the poor application, that definitely wouldn’t be my idea of success.
Have I lost my rose tinted teenage glasses or are we really so bad now?
at 21:08 2 Feb 2020

I travelled from my Wiltshire home for the game against posh yesterday, along with my partner and 13 year old son. Naively I guess in part trying to bestow upon him the excitement of the travel and a Portman road game that I used to enjoy as a kid having moved from Chelmsford at a young age.From 14-18 (before the crazy uni days) I used to take myself to every weekend home game despite living 170 miles away and as many away games as I could. When we lost back in those 97-2001 burley days I felt it but on the whole it was always a ‘reason’ for it ie the shocking ref, a sending off or dirty fouling opposition stopping our decent play and us not dealing with that. But one thing is for sure we always put a shift in. Even when we went 1 nil even 2 nil down you felt some magic might happen.

I am I have to admit one of those maligned individuals who did utter the words ‘I’m not going back until McCarthy is gone’, in part having met the guy just thinking as an individual he’s a total arse and couldn’t stand as an individual.

It was for that reason that as soon as he’d gone I went to the Reading away game that we won 4-0 a couple of seasons back. And for 20 minutes of that game under Klug it felt remotely as if I had that ipswich team of late 90s back. A team with little fear, a team with belief and a team with a work rate. Just for 20 minutes in particular in that game we felt unbeatable and that the only risk was we were going to embarrass Reading further.

The reality is imho is that in the late 90s whilst we did have some great individuals what we really had was a fantastic team, belief and hunger. Without question we also currently have some fantastic individuals, but in my mind we seem to lack the team, the freedom and the confidence and I don’t know why.

This isn’t me saying I want Burley back!. It’s just that I can’t begin to fathom how for the last few years we seem to have a team of some great individuals who can’t seem to make it work collectively at our club. Again not doom and gloom just my opinion. Despite our position in the league I don’t think we’ve been the team we should or could be this season or done anything with style and flair, those 1-0 wins will always end at some point.

My biggest issue is not losing, that’s football. My biggest issue is seemingly not caring or doing enough about it when having the chance or having a manager present to the pitch a team so easily broken. The soundbites are tedious and boring ‘beaten by the better team’, ‘players are gutted etc’. Of course they were, they were embarrassed but so were we.

Anyway pointless rant over. No solutions implied or offered, just total bewilderment at what’s missing in terms of mentality / tactics or whatever that I seem to remember us having before. We have players capable of playing football, this long ball over the top or hoof stuff doesn’t work for me or any decent player imo and is a dangerous non confidence building way to play that gets easily shattered at 1 or 2 nil down.
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