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Oliver latest - and input needed EDITED with justgiving link [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ] by Lord_Lucan 15 Dec 13:52
Update Spoke to Oliver
2423763010 Jan 16:52
by hoppy
Time for Phil to show where his loyalties lay [ 2 3 4 ] by carlisleaway 18 Jan 17:00
Push McCarthy on behalf of TWTD to leave or protect your position
94509118 Jan 20:13
by Dyland
What were you doing when Lincoln scored? by Rentaghost 18 Jan 19:58
I just turned off tv and then decided to go outside in garden for a ci
1518818 Jan 20:13
Ben Pringle linked by blueblood66 18 Jan 20:09
On the EFL transfer Twitter page. How reliable is that?
310518 Jan 20:12
by Bluebell
Did anyone else notice that when Lincoln scored, even though there was by J2BLUE 18 Jan 20:11
4 mins of injury time to go, the commentator said LINCOLN ARE THROUGH
Gerken to Bristol Rovers? by maccyd9 18 Jan 17:21
Quite a few rumours that he's signed for them. It would explain hi
10111318 Jan 20:10
by TIB
so what do you all do for a living [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] by taximan 17 Jan 15:13
i'm regularly told i'm an imbecile etc, so all things considered i hav
1881176618 Jan 20:09
by hoppy
If anyone was wondering how Jamie O Hara was getting on in Celebrity Big Brother by The_Romford_Blue 18 Jan 19:21
Looked like he was gonna attack a 75 year old here.. https://m.y
1327718 Jan 20:08
by Bluebell
All time five worst performances [ 2 ] by Superfrans 18 Jan 15:26
I'm trying to tell myself that it's been worse and we have bounced bac
50201518 Jan 20:08
by Dyland
Anyone watching Obama's final conference? (n/t) by J2BLUE 18 Jan 19:48
24318 Jan 20:05
by Tollycobbold
I don't think McCarthy will last much longer by ottovonbismark 18 Jan 20:04
As the players have all but given up if last night was anything to go
Who's doing Huddersfield then? by Mullet 18 Jan 19:42
Seem to remember the crowd was buoyed by lots of on the day payers las
827718 Jan 20:04
by PJH
Sold out concert tickets by noggin 18 Jan 18:20
Anyone recommend a website for purchasing tickets to sold out concerts
614818 Jan 20:03
by JakeITFC
Josh Emmanuel by Robbie12345 18 Jan 16:19
People keep saying how he was our best player yesterday, he was really
23138918 Jan 20:03
by Millsey
Let's get a few things straight...... [ 2 ] by Bloots 18 Jan 12:46
1. MM isn't going anywhere before the end of the season, and even then
45197918 Jan 19:58
by jas0999
On the bright side by Cheltenham_Blue 18 Jan 19:50
Maybe ME might realise that although Keane and Jewell showed throwing
The tactical mistakes of last night were staggering by bournemouthblue 18 Jan 17:59
surely a manager of MM's experience could see things weren't working?
1157418 Jan 19:46
by CalmoreBlue
Who in their right mind will sign by Tollycobbold 18 Jan 18:54
after watching that pile of stinking manure? That will scare off an
421118 Jan 19:41
by backwiththeboysagain
I can't get over what I saw from Douglas last night... [ 2 ] by Keaneish 18 Jan 6:34
It's etched in my memory. I posted this last night but I'm still in di
44361218 Jan 19:41
by GeoffSentence
Is Mine for real? Thoughts and dark rumblings by Dyland 18 Jan 11:57
Dreadful timing to make his statement in my opinion. Do any of the to
1687218 Jan 19:36
by Dyland
Mick must go after that. by superfan 18 Jan 18:32
The worst performance I have witnessed in all my time supporting this
424218 Jan 19:32
by GeoffSentence
Colchester's Macauley Bonne is interesting by Grief 18 Jan 17:28
us and Nottingham Forest
650618 Jan 19:28
by GeoffSentence
Mick himself by Micknosehowtodoit 18 Jan 19:07
Now. I dont know Mick. But surely hes reached a point where he feels
533918 Jan 19:20
by HennersITFC
Well that was a long day at work! by RegencyBlue 18 Jan 19:13
Even people I barely know were queuing up to take the pi55 today!
Coach refuses compensation by Smithy 18 Jan 16:59
130918 Jan 19:06
by Lord_Lucan
People moaning at the timing of Milne's statement... [ 2 ] by tractorshark 18 Jan 14:02
Seen people moaning about the timing of Milne's statement this morning
36165518 Jan 19:05
The club have at least replied to me by ColchesterBlue1985 18 Jan 17:06
Sent an email of total disillusionment et etc They basically said e
6103118 Jan 19:04
by COYBitfc
Ward bid by Westover 18 Jan 17:32
Rotherham have turned down a bid of 2 million pounds from an unnamed c
16100018 Jan 18:49
by Bent_double
Enjoy by blueconscience 18 Jan 18:39 Phone in, in reacti
Just about everything is wrong with the club... by good_at_COD 18 Jan 17:31
Okay, first team results will always be more important than anything e
321618 Jan 18:39
by JETPower
Has he resigned yet? by Archer4721 18 Jan 18:38
Even his own are now distancing themselves from Fat boy Johnson Sa
Analysis and extended highlights from last night by GeoffSentence 18 Jan 18:28
Take a look at the Management of the First team at the club by Chiffchaff 18 Jan 16:26
Owner Marcus Evens, regularly sits with Charlie Woods and Simon Milton
1289218 Jan 18:24
by textbackup
Time for John McGreal by Heathlander 18 Jan 14:02
Doing well down the road. Nicking their manager worked out well last t
2179718 Jan 18:23
by TractorCam
We were that bad last night... by Fixed_It 18 Jan 17:00
...that all I've had today was sympathy from non-Town fans. I think p
636618 Jan 18:21
by The_Romford_Blue
Gerken to Bristol Rovers??? by ITFC_Forever 18 Jan 18:16
According to some guy on tweeter, so probably rubbish.
ITV News Anglia on location at Portman Road by MarcusEvansReborn 18 Jan 18:01
Can't help themselves can they? :o(
533918 Jan 18:13
by Benters
Chuckle............. by Johnhoz 18 Jan 18:10
Anyway, I've written a blog by Steve_M 18 Jan 9:27
Rather than repeat the same points all day. I'm still not sure that w
1043518 Jan 18:08
by gordon
We really are in the poo by cruncher 18 Jan 18:00
Squad is very average for the championship our reserve keeper wants t

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