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A Plea
Written by BackTheBlues on Friday, 24th Mar 2017 14:28

This isn’t your usual please for unity, I think the ship has sailed on that venture! But rather a plea for the sake of the status of our club.

I’m in absolutely no doubt, that the next two games at home to both Birmingham and Wigan will decide our Championship status.
Win both and I think we’re safe. Four points and we might just get away with it. A loss in either or three points or fewer and we are in serious trouble.

I’m not going to bother trying to explain what’s wrong and where it’s gone wrong because we’ve all had our say, we mainly agree on the large points:

- Lack of investment
- Lack of tactics
- Lack of excitement

It’s been said and been said and been said – unfortunately no one seems to be listening at Ipswich (not least until the summer). There’s talk of protests, there’s talk of boycotting games, the lot.

My plea is not that Ipswich fans do none of these things (because I think we’re more than entitled to), but for those that do attend our next two games, if you’re going to protest, please protest before and after the game – but those 90 minutes whilst our team is hopefully going to fight for its life, let’s all get behind the team and give them as much of a boost as possible.

I hate this argument that professional footballers get scared of playing at home in front of a hostile crowd – but it is very apparent that our team do not like playing at home at the moment – they’re scared of misplacing a pass, scared of a bad touch, scared of shooting in case it doesn’t go in.

There are going to be two crucial moments in both these upcoming games where our fans are going to be more important than they have done in the past 15 years:

- Positive boost, a sing song perhaps, or just no negativity = We may just survive
- Negative booing, chanting at the manager and players = It may just tip the iceberg

As I said, I’m not asking Ipswich fans not to protest or show their feeling, I’m not telling you what you can or can’t do. But for the sake of our dear club, I ask that during the two next 90 minutes – no matter how hard it gets – we try to support the team!

Once we’re mathematically safe – then we can look at changing whatever it is that needs changing.

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Slambo added 15:21 - Mar 24
You 100% have my support, buh! Lovely post. We could be playing in the Thurlow Nunn South division and managed by the reanimated corpse of Pol Pot and i'll still be singing my heart out for the Towen, make no mistake...

cat added 15:34 - Mar 24
Agree, I'm purchasing tickets for this one despite previously stating that I would not attend again under MM. MY sole reason for this is to support the team as getting relegation would be a catastrophic disaster in my book. I will park my loathing of MM til after the match, win, lose or draw!!

littlestoneblue added 17:15 - Mar 24
BTB I like your idea of backing the team, but there's a big problem with this and its bloody hard to come to terms with it, many home games we have been on top only for Mick to sub a couple of players, to go defensive, which is not what's wanted by the fans, when your mastering the game the last thing you want is to go all defensive and invite trouble, and that's been Micks tactics on most games, and I've lost count on the times its backfired on us, so we know for sure we have an owner who's not the least bit interested in in getting us to the Premiership, with a substantial investment programme, that's been proved over the 4 year tenure of Mick, forget the Play off year we were very lucky with results, and we should have invested in quality players then, But no none whatsoever, I would like to see very large banners throughout the ground showing our discontent with the invisible owner who's S**t scared to confront fans direct, unlike the previous owners, who regularly spoke direct and answered fans concerns, and also put up large Banners with McCarthy OUT, as I can assure you 95% of the Ipswich Town Fans want him gone at the end of the season, if he's still at the helm come next season crowd attendances will drop like a lead balloon guaranteed, but whilst this is all going on, we can try and encourage the players to make the effort to wear the shirt with pride and passion, for the remaining home games, BUT the end result will be this, if there's no sound investment in more quality players from ME over the summer, and Micks still at the helm we will be down and out. COYB

armchaircritic59 added 17:50 - Mar 24
Very good/sensible blog. I havn't been to PR for some time, but attended for decades. I can honestly say i never once booed or heckled a player (i've seen the very good times, as well as some less so!). I just believe, that in the end, it's counter productive. I can understand where it comes from though, especially if it seems a player is not giving 100% commitment.

My take on the situation is this. If a player isn't actually good enough to do the things he's asked by the manager, then whose fault is it that he's in the team anyway? But further, whose fault is it that we have a manager who signs/picks players that aren't up to the task? I think you can all work that out. That's where i believe the buck truly stops. For me the club needs an almost complete clear out from top to bottom. With a few honourable exceptions, such as Bryan Klug, who is still producing the goods, even if they end up running in to a brick wall.

carsey added 13:38 - Mar 25
I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed and the desire to do what we can as supporters to help the team perform to their best. I too find it difficult to understand how a grown man can be scared of playing at home particularly at Ipswich Town where supporters are generally easy going compared to many around the country or elsewhere in the world.
If that is a problem for them all they have to remember is keep it simple, pass to a blue shirt preferably on the ground and if they get a sight of goal have a shot. Most supporters appreciate a decent work rate from players who are giving of their best especially when up against supposedly better players and providing they ALL believe a positive result is possible. Treat every game like a cup match and we should be alright. Anything less and we are doomed.
Finally I would urge the players to ignore McCarthy once on the pitch in certain areas like opposition corners- we should have at least 1if not 2 players on the half way line so when we win the ball in our area we have an outlet. Bart should not always whack the ball up to a huddle of players on the half way line for goal kicks. Spread the team out and look to do something different. If nothing else the opposition won't be expecting it and it might just give us the edge.

Keaneish added 13:49 - Mar 25
What happens if we're 3-nil down at half-time, down to 10 men due to two petulant Lawrence yellow bookings, Skuse is labouring making sideways passes and Berra keeps hoofing it into touch? And, to remedy the problems, MM brings Douglas off the bench in place of Diagouraga?


DurhamTownFan added 19:16 - Mar 25
I agree with little stone blue. The sentiment of the blog is sensible, but ME has taken us for a ride for too long. Fans need to show him that that he can't treat us so badly. Fair enough, argue we can just stay away, but it makes much more of an impression if you go and make a noise

cobboldblue added 00:43 - Mar 27
Totally agree with your post but reading the comments on TWTD over the last month or so, there appears to be a significant number of supporters who want us to loose at least one of the next two games,

BackTheBlues added 15:37 - Mar 27
I totally understand the want to voice disapproval at this team, its manager and owner...

Just my personal opinion is we MUST WIN the next two games...
And getting on the players backs may cost us our league status...

I'm all for full protest against Wednesday and Newcastle (on Sir Bobby's Day - I think it would be quite Poignant) - but that's providing we're safe - and once we're safe let it all go, get it all our the system - Banners, Chants, Late into the ground - whatever it is!!!

But for me personally, NOT the next 2 games - we need 6 points!

JCBLUE added 19:50 - Mar 27
Great post, totally agree

LimitlessBlue added 17:41 - Mar 30
a blog written by someone who hasn't attended a single game this season by the sound of it!

BackTheBlues added 11:11 - Apr 3

You are joking? Not only do I attend, you do not have the right to make a poor petulant comment like that!


Your prediction almost came true - except Dougie started!!!
There is no defence for that one I'm afraid!
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