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A busy week ahead 02:54 - Sep 28 with 523 viewsNewcyBlue

The twins have been moved back to the hospital in Newcastle.

MrsN has gone in to be with them, getting into feeding routines etc.

Our little boy is still being monitored under special care, our little girl is in a cot by her mother’s bed.


Speaking of progress, I have flights. I get home late on Friday night.

Taxi home and straight to bed.

Our main car has a flat battery, our second car has run out of MOT.

I’ve got a new battery, I just need to bring it up to a fully charged condition before fitting it. The car has a battery monitoring system and can throw all kinds of a fit if you don’t.

I also need to hire a van and pop to Ikea. MrsN didn’t want to buy baby furniture when I was last home, she felt it too early and was worried about the possibilities of another miscarriage.

Our third bedroom, which is the smallest bedroom, needs gutting and redecorating. It’s going to be a relief bedroom. MrsN plans on mostly breastfeeding, using the odd bottle so that I can give her a bit of extra sleep. So we will stick a bed in the small room and use that as a sleeping room for whoever needs it.

I’ll stick a TV on the wall, which will probably mean Seb will want that bedroom. Although he keeps saying he wants to share with his siblings. The maniac, does he not know how much noise babies make?!

Whilst doing all of the above, I will be able to visit the hospital for an hour per day. I’ll meet the twins on Saturday. I went to sea and had one kid. I’ll get home and there are 3.

Seb’s mums family has a static caravan, she knew I was coming home, but has decided that she is taking him there this weekend anyway. I’ll see Seb maybe Sunday evening now. Bit annoyed by that, I’ve been looking forward to his cuddles.

Have a good week all, stay safe, and give your families extra hugs. Because I can’t. Yet.

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A busy week ahead on 07:29 - Sep 28 with 429 viewsKeno

Thinking of you mate

keep us up dated

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A busy week ahead on 08:02 - Sep 28 with 407 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

Great news all around ... Miss Slave was asking for news so now I can let her know. Enjoy those hugs when you get them.

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A busy week ahead on 08:41 - Sep 28 with 380 viewsEdwardStone

Great news Cap'n Newcy

Delighted that you are on your way home this week and family will finally be united

Best wishes to you and yours

A busy week ahead on 08:55 - Sep 28 with 360 viewsPJH

All great news Newcy, apart from Seb being away part of the weekend.

I am pleased for you all.

A busy week ahead on 09:30 - Sep 28 with 339 viewsfactual_blue

All the best to you, Mrs N, Seb, and the twins (Kevin and Beattie).

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A busy week ahead on 15:44 - Sep 28 with 267 viewsDarth_Koont

Nice one, Newcy.

Sounds very exciting!

A busy week ahead on 21:42 - Sep 28 with 213 viewsArnoldMoorhen

Always an emotional read- so pleased that things have worked out this well for you all.

You'll be the happiest man in the country on Friday!

Are you sure the car is out of MOT? Extensions were given during lockdown- it's the kind of news that may not have filtered out to the Horn of Africa, so thought it worth mentioning.

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