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Any PT's on here 14:39 - Jan 14 with 389 viewschrismakin

Ok bit random.

But I just can't find anything suitable online

Are there any PT's on here which would be happy to send me across a possible at home exercise plan to get into. I really need to get on to it as I'm in the obese category and Altho I've started losing weight I'm now at that stage I'm ready for the next step but everything you see online e is always based on the modern fella where as being heavy obviously limits what you can start with.

I appreciate PT isnt a free service. But if there's anyone who's a bit bored and fancies helping someone out I'd really appreciate it

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Any PT's on here on 14:46 - Jan 14 with 359 viewsPinewoodblue

Bluey leads exercise sessions on the Town website but not aimed at your age group.

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Jim Henry isn't doing much..... on 14:56 - Jan 14 with 319 viewsBloots

....give him a bell.

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Any PT's on here on 15:56 - Jan 14 with 263 viewsSaleAway

I'm not a pt, but have done a lot of different training over the years, from Indoor rowing, to marathon running, squash, tennis amongst others.

In terms of at home training, probably need to know a bit more about what you can do, and what you can't, what equipment you have etc.

In terms of cardio work, I'd highly recommend an indoor rower if you have room, as its low impact, and gives a full body workout...

In terms of strength work, there's loads of bodyweight exercises that you can do, which with a bit of modification can be made harder or easier. ( TRX system would also help with this). for example... press ups are excellent for you, but if its all a bit hard, elevate your hands on a block/chair/stairs. If its too easy, elevate your feet. There's an excellent book , https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NHIQZAQ/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8& which gives loads of options, and some basic programs to follow if you don't have weights etc.

The key to all of this though, is finding a regime that you feel you can follow. The right approach is one that you enjoy.


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