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Other managers/pundits comments 13:07 - Sep 12 with 1106 viewsBent_double

Just about every manager - after their team has played us (and won!) - heaps praise on Cook and the fantastic set of players we have here.

Now, I get they could be taking the proverbial, but they're right, Cook is the best manager in L1, based on previous achievements at other clubs, so either it's another case of the assistant manager being the key to success, or he just needs time to get it a decent experienced defensive coach.

It's been the worst possible start that any of us could have imagined, but I think the worst thing now would be to get rid of Cook. Get him a defensive coach and by Christmas we will be working our way up the table towards the POs or better - hopefully just as other teams suffer their own mid-season wobble.

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Other managers/pundits comments on 13:10 - Sep 12 with 1069 viewstimothyeo

When you're an underdog thats beaten the favourite you tend to play up to media about the quality and resources available to the opposition making your victory look even better.

Other managers/pundits comments on 13:40 - Sep 12 with 979 viewsSteve_M

After the way last season finished and the amount of change we have had this Summer, getting off to a poor start was always a strong possibility. Many of us cautioned against the scale of the change for that reason.

Cook has had 23 matches and two complete sets of players with little sign of actually achieving anything; we’ve got less coherent as a team as this season has gone on. Cook will get more time because he’s been so heavily backed but the idea he’s the best manager in this division is getting harder to sustain regardless of his previous record.
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Other managers/pundits comments on 13:55 - Sep 12 with 882 viewsMattinLondon

Managers tend not to criticise other managers.

Past achievements mean nothing when compared to the present.

Other managers/pundits comments on 14:01 - Sep 12 with 840 viewsNthsuffolkblue

Is this another take on "the football is better"?

The opposition managers say Cook is a good manager just after they have proven to be better than him.

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Other managers/pundits comments on 14:06 - Sep 12 with 817 viewsChurchman

It’s the easiest thing in the world to big up the opposition when you’ve just hammered them. There is every reason to do it, not least that you have to play them again and if with a few kind words you can help keep the mug in place, happy days.

No manager ever sticks the boot in on somebody they’ve just trampled all over. As for supporters, it’s the same. After Norwich let in 7 to to Colchester, I really hoped they’d keep Gunn on - because he was useless and it would pile on the misery. Sadly, their Board showed some sense and the rest is history.

Other managers/pundits comments on 16:07 - Sep 12 with 625 viewsIllinoisblue

It’s the sort of waffle I say to my kids U12 opponents after we’ve handed out a hiding. “Thanks coach, great effort. Nice work boys, thanks for coming”

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Other managers/pundits comments on 16:10 - Sep 12 with 602 viewsSharkey

"Oh come now, Ian, you're not too shabby yourself!"

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