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That was horrible, we were horrible, but... 21:57 - Feb 20 with 757 viewsNthQldITFC have to say Rotherham were excellent at what they do, and they were far, far better on the ball than I think we expected too. Coming through that we'll learn from.

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That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 21:59 - Feb 20 with 714 viewsStokieBlue

Yes but on any other day they would have had to have stopped at 60 minutes because they would have had 10 yellows.

Every time we passed it they hit the player late - it was clearly designed and cynical and the ref allowed it to happen.

We need to do better of course and need to cope with these things.


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That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 22:00 - Feb 20 with 663 viewsChurchman

They had nothing to lose. Not seen the game (I couldn’t go tonight) but I suspect from the reports it’ll be ‘room for improvement.

All that matters is three points. That Southampton lost adds a bit hurrah to it.
That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 22:16 - Feb 20 with 501 viewsSarge

If what they do is be utterly terrible at football in every possible way then I agree with you.

If they don’t score another goal for the rest of the season I won’t be surprised. After all they won’t be playing us again to gift them 3.
That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 22:32 - Feb 20 with 438 viewsBlueBoots

Sometimes you have to give the opposition credit; they don't play pretty football - direct from open play to 2 big strikers (Burgess can't mark both of them) and quicker to the 2nd balls; win your foul / corner / throw-in and get balls into the box from those.

Gave us no time / space to play our normal game (particularly the way they pressed our back 4 man-for-man), to the point that we ended up being more direct than usual which played into their hands.

Didn't help that it was our 3rd game in 7 days (after a tough away one in draining conditions 3 days ago); probably the worst type of opposition we could have hoped for - better off with a team that sit off us or try to play out from the back...that was as good a win as we'll have all season in the circumstances (particularly having the steel to go get a winner after what looked a ridiculous penalty decision for their equaliser)

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That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 22:35 - Feb 20 with 399 viewsSwansea_Blue

One thing we fans can learn is to listen to KM's pre-match comments. He warned they'd been competitive in games, but everyone seemed to think it would be a walkover. Making the mistake of judging football by simple stats again, rather than actually knowing how teams have been playing lately.

Come to think of it, maybe that's not just for the fans and the players could learn too

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That was horrible, we were horrible, but... on 22:38 - Feb 20 with 372 viewspointofblue

If Rotherham were that good they would have thrashed us, considering how we played tonight. Don't think they had a decent shot on goal other than the ones we... and Stroud... gifted them.

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