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Williams thread 10:07 - Mar 23 with 1420 viewsPhilTWTD

Removed it given some of the comments speculating on the ongoing case and one or two other aspects of recent stories and rumours. Think it is best avoided, despite the court appearance.
Williams thread on 10:22 - Mar 23 with 1359 viewsSitfcB

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Williams thread on 10:25 - Mar 23 with 1328 viewsKeno

Williams thread on 10:22 - Mar 23 by SitfcB

should that be

"why always someone next to me"?

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Williams thread on 10:27 - Mar 23 with 1318 viewsRyorry

Shame it couldn’t be discussed without some people over-stepping. I’d just read page 1, then it disappeared before I could proceed. As I don’t read the Mirror or Shun, I wouldn’t have known what the issue actually is with Williams if it hadn’t been posted on here.

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Williams thread on 10:55 - Mar 23 with 1180 viewsDJR

I was surprised such a thread was allowed to get off the ground, as the matter is sub judice.
Williams thread on 10:57 - Mar 23 with 1162 viewsBlueBadger

I was just shocked that it wasn't the case that he'd [redacted] a [redacted] with [redacted] and a [redacted] whilst he was visiting [redacted].

I'm one of the people who was blamed for getting Paul Cook sacked. PM for the full post.
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Williams thread on 11:53 - Mar 23 with 975 viewsWeWereZombies

So can I post 'Were Town courting Williams before he was caught and ended up in court' ?

Obviously I can't, because if he was caught then he would have had to have been doing something to have warranted being caught, allegedlly..

So I will just suggest that he is played by Bud Cort when they make the film of it all.

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Williams thread on 12:05 - Mar 23 with 921 viewsSwansea_Blue

Williams thread on 10:25 - Mar 23 by Keno

should that be

"why always someone next to me"?

trust you to shoe in that that joke!

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