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Lavery on Trial at Sunderland
Lavery on Trial at Sunderland
Sunday, 20th Nov 2011 21:05

TWTD understands that Town contract rebel Caolan Lavery is on trial with Premier League Sunderland. The former academy striker recently turned down a six-month professional deal with the Blues and has subsequently held talks with Bradford City and spent time on trial with Leicester City.

Lavery, whose two-year academy scholarship was extended until his 19th birthday in October after he suffered a serious knee injury last season, is staying with his ex-Town team-mate Connor Wickham while he tries to win himself a deal with the Wearsiders.

The Canada-born frontman, who qualifies to play international football for Northern Ireland’s U21s via his parents, was understood to have been unhappy with the wages on offer at Portman Road, which were believed to be below those of a number of his contemporaries.

In addition to Sunderland, Leicester and Bradford, Aston Villa monitored his progress in the early part of the season, while Town were looking to send him out on loan to Rochdale prior to his decision to move on. Links with Tottenham were dismissed last season.

Lavery netted five goals in seven FA Premier Academy League games for Town’s U18s during the early stages of this campaign, plus a further four for the reserves.

Having offered the contract, Town are entitled to compensation from the club Lavery eventually decides to join.

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Tillz9 added 21:15 - Nov 20
Sounds like Wickham had a word with Bruce. Although I agree with PJ stance re contract I can't help but think it's one that got away. Seemed a promising prospect

Garv added 21:20 - Nov 20
Que complaints about not throwing money at the situation, as soon as we know he's half decent, being 'hungry' isn't important, funny that. Seems all he is hungry for is more wonga in his pocket.

tractorgirls added 21:21 - Nov 20
we don't focus on youngsters anymore, only over 30's....

BobbyPetta added 21:29 - Nov 20
Ha! I suggested this at the start of the week and was laughed off on the forum. Screw you all.

BobbyPetta added 21:31 - Nov 20

fourth added 21:34 - Nov 20
Well Mr Petta you are Right.

And we now need to move on.....

bluelady added 21:36 - Nov 20
Seems he is after the biggest wage packet possible maybe young but clearly only hungry for the biggest payout not necessarily what's best for him!!!!

sudburyblue16 added 21:40 - Nov 20
I bow at your feet BobbyPetta! And you hardly got 'laughed off the forum'. Just one person responded to your incredible insight and it was hardly taking the p1ss.

BobbyPetta added 21:41 - Nov 20
Thank you fourth. That is all I was after...

Marshalls_Mullet added 21:42 - Nov 20

Maybe throw the toys out of the pram is he signs and actually plays a match.

At best an understudy for someone younger than him even if he won a contract.

chicorytwin added 22:12 - Nov 20
Good Luck to the lad.
As for some slagging him off for turning down PJ offer.
None of us actually know what was offered.
Perhaps it had nothing to do with money...Maybe he just didn't want to play for a clueless manager.

alfromcol added 22:41 - Nov 20
Maybe he is another greedy footballer?

scooterblue added 22:42 - Nov 20
what odd's on him eventually come crawling back our way??????????

bobble added 09:13 - Nov 21
i would rather choke myself with a water pistol than live in sunderlandk

NewcyBlue added 09:59 - Nov 21

Sunderland isn't THAT bad! Every town has it's positives and negatives, even Ipswich!

As for the lad turning down the contract offered to him, he was offered a 6 month contract, I'm not surprised he turned that down. Good luck to him!

newboy added 11:13 - Nov 21
Good luck Caolan there is only person to blame for you walking away a £200 a week offer is a joke - the U18's only get £80 and they are on scholarships so expect it but a professional deal deserves a professional wage with a decent length contract.

h32 added 19:57 - Nov 21
With supporters like some of you, I can't blame youngsters for not wanting to stay here - this lad was offered, like many others youngsters who have left us, an insult of an offer. And some of you are slagging him off for not accepting a derisory offer !!!!.
Many other Clubs treat youngsters much better - because they realise that these kids are the Clubs future.

We currently prefer to concentrate on geri-hatricks.

If things do not change RADICALLY at this Club - we have no hope, and the future is not an option.

Good Luck in your career young man.

broomfield123 added 20:23 - Nov 21
Premier inn must be doing well with all these trails. Some fans try and do all 92 pro clubs in england.. Is he going for the premier inn version

tomisamos added 21:11 - Nov 21
h32 I know I keep commenting at you but you're so short-sighted I thought someone ought to direct you to specsavers.

This guy has turned down a 6 month contract. At his age I'd pay to get my chance to play football for the rest of my life, the money will come. Jewell was absolutely 100% right that a first professional contract is about proving yourself. If you're worth the extra money you get it, if not you move on. To turn it down and follow your buddy who HAS proved himself worthy of a more substantial deal is plain greedy, there is no other reason. What more did you expect us to do?

Perhaps you could provide me with some of these facts you keep harking on about so I can see just how derisory the offers we give our youth system are (a club that is renowned for it's exceptional youth facilities, but never mind). Then maybe we'd all repent and turn to your ways.

Until then I'd rather be a fan who isn't satisfied to let unproved little squits demand extra pay they don't deserve yet than find any and every excuse to blame the manager for all of my life's problems. What sort of fan are YOU?

h32 added 21:54 - Nov 21
tomisamos - one with more ambition and bo##ocks than you for sure - I'll take the knock reference specsavers because the knock is in the written sense, but take a tip from me .......... leave it at this very point.
I have my opinion, and I say my piece, but I DO HAVE RESPECT FOR PEOPLE including young players - maybe you should be likewise.

Some of you will continuously make excuses for every failing of this Club - and some of the excuses are pathetic beyond words.

In the meantime, with yours, and the Clubs attitude to youngsters, many whom have already left - then we will keep losing them. Great - if you think so.
I don't - for what it's worth.

Will correct you on one point, which you haven't researched - 'a Club that WAS once renown for it's exceptional Youth Policy' - makes more accurate reading.

scooterblue added 22:50 - Nov 21
does anyone know what he was offered before this piece decends into a slagging match between certain fans?

tellitasiseeit added 22:43 - Nov 23
h32 well said agree with all of your comment. The youth at Ipswich have fallen to a low level ? Not the actual players but the way the club is bypassing these players for older players taking their place in the club? They seem to be going backward at Ipswich. We will lose some very good players because of this? COYB

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