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Ipswich Town 0 v 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
SkyBet Championship
Wednesday, 19th September 2012 Kick-off 19:45
Jewell Frustrated By Failure to Take Chances
Wednesday, 19th Sep 2012 22:51

Town boss Paul Jewell was once again left bemoaning his side’s inability to take chances after their 2-0 home defeat to Wolves.

Jewell said: “It was similar to Saturday, we dominated the game, but we’re not just missing half-chances, we’re missing gilt-edged chances.

“If the keeper was making great saves, fair enough, but we’re just wasteful. When you miss chances like that it highlights it and at the moment anything that can go wrong will go wrong, hence their first goal. It was comedy capers really.

“We spoke about giving cheap fouls away, whether it was a foul or not [for the freekick for the first goal] I don’t know, but even the second goal we had them in their corner and we gave a silly foul away.

“It let them out of jail, they took the freekick and it transpired from that they scored. You can always trace things back.”

He says his team aren’t doing the ugly side of football: “It’s the small margins in games which become huge chasms because if you don’t do the tiny little things that people in the crowd don’t quite appreciate but managers do, like closing down, getting little blocks in, little things like that, being in the right areas, standing up and being strong in little situations.

“The sexy things in football, if you don’t do the things that aren’t sexy right, you win matches. And because we’re not taking our chances, we’re getting punished for every little error.

“I don’t quite understand how the ball ended up in the back of the net [for the first goal], to be honest. But we’ve had chances in that second half, two just before half-time, to have won the game comfortably.

“If we get the first goal, the confidence will flow, everybody knows that. Football and life are about confidence, if we go out there and score the first goal, the crowd are up for it, the fans are up for it, at the moment we’re very edgy.”

Jewell admits that the more results go against his team, the more pressure grows: “That’s the nature of football, of life. If you keep on going to work and it doesn’t work out for you, you know the consequences.

“If you’re going to lose matches, you lose your job. That’s life, that’s football. There’s no easy way out of the situation we’re in, the good thing about it is that we’ve got lots of games left.”

He knows results have to change even if performances are good: “It doesn’t always wash if you keep on telling people ‘we’ve had the best chances, we’ve had more possession, we’ve had more crosses’. Anyone who was at the game tonight, I thought we were the better team.

“They didn’t even have to work hard for their goal and goals change games, we know that. If Lee Martin had taken one of his two chances before half-time, if Tommy had taken his chance, if Massimo had taken his, Daryl Murphy had taken his, Jason Scotland had taken one of his, and they weren’t just half-chances, they were gilt-edged opportunities.

“But we’re not blaming anyone. I as the manager take full responsibility for everything that goes on and that’s the way it has to be. Any errors we’re making on the pitch at the moment, we’re getting punished for.”

The Liverpudlian says it’s no surprise fans showed their annoyance at the end: “They’re entitled to get frustrated and edgy. They haven’t seen us win at home this season. It’s a home game and the crowd are the football club, they are any football club.

“We’ve got to get the crowd excited, we’ve got to give the crowd something so they get behind us. We’re not giving them enough.

“It’s not that we’re not playing OK, we’re not taking our chances and when you don’t take your chances and you’re in a bit of a losing spell like we are, you can almost write the script.

“There’s no place for shrinking violets in football. As a manager I pick the team and I make the decisions and as players they make decisions, right or wrong ones, on the pitch. And at the moment every time we make a wrong one we get punished for us.

“People will talk about not keeping a clean sheet, but we should have been out of sight with the opportunities we had at Middlesbrough, we could easily have scored three goals tonight and no one would be talking about the back four.”

The Blues could be without Paul Taylor when Charlton visit on Saturday due to the ankle injury he suffered in the second half: “It’s a nasty one, he’s on crutches, it’s a bit of a blow that.

“He’s going to get a scan first thing in the morning. It’s quite swollen so whether that can tell us anything, I don’t know, but he’s obviously a major doubt for the weekend.”

Jewell says he’s still looking for new recruits but isn't sure whether anyone will be signed before the weekend but insists he has belief in his current squad: “I don’t know, we’re still trying like we always are to improve the squad, but obviously it’s proving very difficult to get players in. But I believe the players we have here are good enough to get out of this rut.”

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Edmunds5 added 22:55 - Sep 19
Just a bundle of words now.

the_gospel added 22:56 - Sep 19

Jon_456 added 22:56 - Sep 19
Dominated?! im sorry but he must have been watching another game! we were shocking.

MaySixth added 22:56 - Sep 19
Oh well, at least Paul Taylor wasn't a panic signing

hairbear added 22:56 - Sep 19

TimmyH added 22:57 - Sep 19
Not really interested Paul, how about the players trying to knock over a match box when shooting on the practice field,I wish I could get paid what they do for missing and not keeping their composure.

raycrawfordswig added 22:58 - Sep 19

NoCanariesAllowed added 22:59 - Sep 19
Must confess, I've gotten to the point with Paul Jewell where my heart wants him to get the boot even if my head thinks the sensible thing to do is be patient. Nothing changes at our club and sometimes it feels like it needs something radical to happen to spark any kind of upturn.

Having said that, the last 'radical' change at our club was in April 2009, and that's pretty much where everything started to go wrong...!

ITFC2012 added 23:01 - Sep 19
Blah blah blah. Getting Jewell out will do no good. Give him until Christmas and if we are still bottom half then get him out!! Fair enough our form is poor but the main problem is these silly mistakes which can easily be fixed with some more time.

runaround added 23:01 - Sep 19
Dead man walking Mr Jewell. I have no confidence in you turning it around and its a matter of when not if you lose your job I'm afraid

waters2908 added 23:01 - Sep 19
Forget the chances and the awful defending, where was the fight when we went 1nil down. If jewell stays were staring at league 1!

Mr_Evans added 23:02 - Sep 19
I'm not a Jewell hater, and have never been part of the Jewell 'Out brigade' but, I firmly believe its time for him to leave. He failed in his first full season by bringing in expensive over the hill players on a gamble for promotion, costing the club a lot of money. Secondly he has continued not to address out defensive problems with have been evident during the last 2 seasons.

Letting go of Delaney before signing a replacement is ludicrous and poor management. People may blame ME or SC as much as they like.. But as a club we can not afford to spend millions and millions each year like we did during the Magilton and Keane era.

I don't think we're moving backwards with PJ but we certainly aren't moving forward or progressing. If we're planning for a youthful squad for the future then why not do the same with a young up and coming manager.. Personally I'd love to see Bryan Klug given an opertunity with a experienced old head as his number 2.

BigginBlue added 23:03 - Sep 19
This will obviously get disliked but he has to stop giving this dribble for excuses. "we dominated the game "comes out every time we lose. In this circumstance 4 shots on target to there 7 and 2 % more possession isn't really dominating is it? I mean I think we should give him time but I emplore him to accept that we clearly weren't the better team as we're losing by a two goal margin! Rant over bring on Charlton at the weekend!

TimmyH added 23:03 - Sep 19
Look at the picture of Jewell on the 'Town 0 Wolves 2' post and he looks like a defeated manager, as others have said he looks like a manager who does little in the way of motivating once on the touch line. Days are numbered.

jamesmostevens added 23:03 - Sep 19
He seems to frequently contradict himself and doesn't really show any real passion either. I cannot find any reasons left to have any faith in this man and the time has come to get rid of him. Any replacement would be better than the current state of affairs and could not possibly manage to put us in an even worse position.
My one positive is that I can start planning my trips back to the UK around away games at Shrewsbury as it's near my mum's place...if the decline continues then the convenience of her being equidistant from Shrewsbury and Wrexham will finally be revealed.
The only other possible excuse for this rubbish will be to find Blackpool, Middlesborough and Wolves are the best 3 teams in the division at the end of the season. That's not entirley far-fetched, is it???

thebeat added 23:03 - Sep 19
fat fool.simple as.enuf said

cromwellblue added 23:03 - Sep 19
Perhaps Mr Jewell should stay awake during the game. We did not dominate that game

The first half was inexcusably lacklustre. Our possession periods go nowhere but sideways.

It disappoints me to say but enough is enough. Change is needed urgently as we learn nothing week after week.

Time for the manager to actually take responsibilty and do the right thing

Mark added 23:04 - Sep 19
23rd in the table, not scoring, and conceding plenty...the fans are right to be concerned. Yes, we missed lots of chances tonight and it feels inevitable that we will concede a goal or two with our defence. It's all very depressing.

Jewell's contract expires at the end of the season, so he not only has to keep his job but also earn a new contract. That is looking unlikely at the moment.

My big worry is that changing Jewell won't improve things, as we'd still have a reclusive owner seemingly unwilling to invest much in the side, and still a non-football Chief Exec who doesn't seem able to get the deals done. Perhaps Jewell has suggested 20 or 30 players this summer but the club hasn't been willing to sign them? Would it be any different for a new manager?

I thought Edwards, N'Daw and Martin did well tonight, but too many non-performances. Murphy and Chopra didn't look very lively in attack, I have to say, and how Cresswell and Emmanuel-Thomas have gone downhill recently.

the_toff added 23:04 - Sep 19
Deserves til Christmas and see how we're doing then in my opinion. We've been a bit unlucky and had a tough first 6 games. As PJ says, still 40 games left and 2 very winnable ones coming up in the next 10 days.

Gotta say anything less than 4 points from our next 2 games and the pressure will be on Mr Jewell.

Talbs77 added 23:05 - Sep 19
Make no mistake the crowd are on the turn. He's now on borrowed time and another performance like tonight against Charlton, and he's bang in trouble.

Looks like the Taylor injury is a bad one, what another terrible night down at PR, god I struggle to think anything positive about the club right now.

TractorBoy666 added 23:05 - Sep 19
Just got home from this dreadful game. Spent nearly 20 mins parking, to watch a game as rubbish as this. It was so slow and poor to watch. Can somebody tell me why aren't we playing Hyam?! We have N'Daw and Massimo in that area which are two loanees. Don't get me wrong, Massimo is a great player but what has Hyam done wrong? Murphy was poor, JET to replace him please because yet again he is just a loanee.

If we lose Saturday, we need more boo's to show what we all think!! I give Jewell 3 more games.

blueblood66 added 23:05 - Sep 19
I am frustrated he hasn't resigned tonight.

LancsBlue added 23:06 - Sep 19
Been with Jewell up to now, but when he starts saying that spectators don't understand the game or "appreciate" certain things, then the excuses really are running out. These are the words of a desperate man. My confidence and suport for PJ are beginning to ebb away.

Tractastic added 23:08 - Sep 19
All just the same old excuses from Jewellosauarus.


essexblue41 added 23:09 - Sep 19
so if we keep missing guilt edge chances and easy chances get someone in who won't miss them simple as, stop farting about trying to fanthom out why, the man and the board are a disgrace ok finances are tight ( only at ITFC it seems ) but for pitys sake unless they want league 1 football next season they have to do something it's becoming painfull being a supporter NORWICH laughing at us i should think so think even colchester will be laughing at us.

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