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Chopra Quits Twitter After Posting Cash Photo
Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013 18:16

Striker Michael Chopra closed his Twitter account earlier today, shortly after posting a photo of large sum of cash in a bag. A spokesman from Town said the club welcome players using Twitter, but admitted that the 29-year-old, who has had well-documented gambling and financial issues and was lent £250,000 by the club in December 2011, can sometimes go “over the top” while engaged in banter with supporters.

Chopra, who has continued an ongoing dialogue with his detractors both from Town and his other previous clubs for some while, posted the photo along with a message at lunchtime, removing his Twitter account soon afterwards.

A Town spokesperson said: "Michael enjoys the banter of Twitter but sometimes that banter can be a little bit over the top.

"As a club we welcome the use of Twitter. In an era when fans don't get close to players it's a good communication tool, but players should think before they tweet."

Commenting on the photo, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas tweeted: “Michael Chopra you’re a clown!”

Keeper Arran Lee-Barrett later sent up the one-time England U21 striker with a further tweet and photo:

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Norwichbeater added 19:09 - Feb 6
What a sad excuse of a man. I have always been a huge fan of chopra. He could be the most prolific striker in this league if he wanted. Imagine him with his goal striking ability and kuqis attitude. All he has done is come to this club and taken the piss out of it and us as fans. He has had to be treated like a five year old and is not man enough to deal with his own problems. Go away and play non league footy and leave all of us wishing we had your opportunitys and talent. 99 percent of us would dream to be in your shoes. Loser.

itfc94 added 19:09 - Feb 6
If he is even selected to be part of the squad this weekend, I will NOT be happy.


Scotland was 10x better than him anyways

SamWhiteUK added 19:13 - Feb 6
..... How do we know the picture is his money?

pinewoodblueboy added 19:14 - Feb 6
Chopra is still a lot better off financialy than most of us can even dream of. The "clown" alledgedly earns £17k a week, take off the tax = £8.5k a week = £442k a year takehome for doing f### all !!!. Take out the loan ITFC stupidly gave him is still £192k. At the end of paying our club back Mr Chopra, go screw some other unfortunate suckers.

alexharban added 19:16 - Feb 6
You should switch network, no signal, tut tut tut...

marcus9 added 19:20 - Feb 6
as a player i rate chopra v highly as a person he needs to get a grip before its to late .his actions are predictably dumb however it must be said that he is being constantly baited . and closing his account was best move he has made in ages . needs to let feet do his replying.

MattinLondon added 19:40 - Feb 6
If I remember correctly not that long ago there was a story concerning Chopra's ex-wife who stated that Chropa is almost bankrupt - if the money is his then he may well be contacted by his ex's lawyers tomorrow morning concerning money.

Manchesterblue added 19:42 - Feb 6
I'm not condoning what Chopra has done or said on twitter, who is a very silly boy, but it's no wonder Mr Evans keeps a low profile due to the amount of idiots that we have on here reacting to the tweets in the first place..
I think it's best all round if Mr Chopra and his twitter mates were to part company from the club.

BossMan added 19:43 - Feb 6
Clegg give him a lift to the station

petermorris added 19:44 - Feb 6
Chopra is a div. Chaos Via Drip

Blue041273 added 19:52 - Feb 6
Chopra closes Twitter account. Who cares. How many would have known if this wasn't highlighted on here. Stupid anyway.

Edinburgh_Blue added 19:53 - Feb 6
What a total numpty. Whether this was posted for fun or not, the guy is joke. He really isn't very bright is he? Put up or shut up Chopra.

Blue041273 added 19:53 - Feb 6
Chopra closes Twitter account. Who cares. How many would have known if this wasn't highlighted on here. Stupid anyway.

h32 added 19:55 - Feb 6
Disgrace to ITFC, and himself - what an example to youngsters at the Club ? - GET HIM OUT OF OUR CLUB NOW - before we lose all credibility.

h32 added 19:59 - Feb 6
...... treating the Club and Supporters with utter contempt - just don't want to even think about the guy anymore.

alfromcol added 20:13 - Feb 6
You only have to look at Twitter messages to realise that it is not only professional footballers that only have half a brain, many on there have even less

I can't see how Chops can survive this at ITFC, although given a fair wind he could do well again.

Obviously told by the club to stop posting on Twitter

IamSpartacus added 20:17 - Feb 6
To be honest, if he was even half decent as a player most of us would just smile at this. Because Chopra has proven to be a general waste of space patience has run out for me.

I don't buy this guff about Chopra being a natural goalscorer. Look at his record, he has only ever scored more than 20 goals total in a season twice. Twice in 11 full seasons. Add in the fact he has scored 1 goal in 2.6 games as an average, and all we have is an average goalscorer at the Champ standard.

Yeah, he likes to make a play on the fact that he is better than fans, but his attitude clearly stinks and he will be out of work in the next few years... then what? That's right, it looks like he will be just another waster. The only reason he earns so much is because average players are over paid, not because he is actually worth the cash.

His contract runs out in June 2014. If we could sell him for ANY money in the summer it would be sweet relief for him to be gone. Bad rubbish best forgotten.


jas0999 added 20:32 - Feb 6
Idiotic. This clown never learns. Let's get rid ... oh hang on, who would want him? Cardiff were laughing when PJ ... despite knowing Chopras issues ... signed him for £1M. Thank goodness PJ has gone, now lets get rid of Chopra.

BYRNE_16 added 20:32 - Feb 6
what a complete and utter bell-end!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth added 20:43 - Feb 6
What is going on in society where everything has to be aired and shared with all in sundry.This has obviously hit a nerve with some people especially how the club has been seen to bail him out of his financial problems.Certain individuals should grow up and think of those less fortunate than themselves and embrace their privileged position and not show off with such stupid images.

bluearmy78 added 20:54 - Feb 6
I'm sorry but the man is senseless, I can't see him playing for us beyond this season!!

Taricco_Fan added 20:55 - Feb 6
Proof if proof were needed that the man has no class nor humility.

SXBlue added 21:05 - Feb 6
Breaking news:

Police were called to the home of Ipswich Town striker Michael Chopra this evening following reports of an intruder at his property. Chopra, 27, was in the middle of receiving his delivery from Tesco at the time of the incident.
Inspector Peter Lod said that it was believed the burglar was after a carrier bag containing a large amount of cash as 3 bags containing boxes of Tesco Value tissues were taken at the same time.
The victim was unable to comment and was last seen wiping away tears with a pair of goalkeeper's gloves which were dropped by the suspect during his getaway.

itfcjc added 21:13 - Feb 6
If you're so loaded pay your legal fees you greedy bastard
Get rid

essexboy added 21:35 - Feb 6
Get ri of the tosser

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