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Chopra Quits Twitter After Posting Cash Photo
Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013 18:16

Striker Michael Chopra closed his Twitter account earlier today, shortly after posting a photo of large sum of cash in a bag. A spokesman from Town said the club welcome players using Twitter, but admitted that the 29-year-old, who has had well-documented gambling and financial issues and was lent £250,000 by the club in December 2011, can sometimes go “over the top” while engaged in banter with supporters.

Chopra, who has continued an ongoing dialogue with his detractors both from Town and his other previous clubs for some while, posted the photo along with a message at lunchtime, removing his Twitter account soon afterwards.

A Town spokesperson said: "Michael enjoys the banter of Twitter but sometimes that banter can be a little bit over the top.

"As a club we welcome the use of Twitter. In an era when fans don't get close to players it's a good communication tool, but players should think before they tweet."

Commenting on the photo, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas tweeted: “Michael Chopra you’re a clown!”

Keeper Arran Lee-Barrett later sent up the one-time England U21 striker with a further tweet and photo:

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essexboy added 21:36 - Feb 6
Total and utter waste of space.GET LOST plonker

Arthur added 22:06 - Feb 6
A lot of anti Chopra stuff on here tonight ... I stopped following a few days ago ... bloke is just a bit dim ... there is a talent there somewhere and hopefully there are a lot more goals in him yet.

On the bright side at least Lee Martin gets a break for a wee while.

tractorfact added 22:20 - Feb 6
Oh michael what cracks me up is u think u still have a future at the club lol let me guess ur transfer fee ? 250k and that bag, waster. Get rid ur not fit to wear the shirt mate

Fatcatevans added 22:25 - Feb 6
Brain dead and full of egotistical bs. Only another 26 goals to reach your self proclaimed easy target of 30 for the season! This after we sent him to California to be 'in the best shape of my life' What a sad indictment for a man who has thrown our compassion back in our faces.

BuckieBlue added 22:40 - Feb 6
I think the club have been impressively supportive of Chops- loan , rehab last season, USA summer trip, I don't think many clubs would have been so, but eventually his example set to the younger players becomes an issue. MM has given the impression over the years he doesn't 'suffer fools gladly,' = Chops for the chop?

Umros added 22:45 - Feb 6
Dead Wood - part of the summer clearout. Will be a broken man after retirement having wasted all his dosh on booze and gambling. I'd rather work for my average wage cheers.

HARRY10 added 22:54 - Feb 6
Perhaps it's the money we saved from giving Clegg the heave ho

A club that can't afford a CEO but can afford this cretin

says it all about how far we have fallen

Lightningboy added 22:57 - Feb 6
Unfortunately this is what happens when you give footballers with very tiny brains large amounts of money.

It'll continue to happen until FIFA/football in general get's a grip of itself money-wise..the game is going down the toilet...sad.

kerryblue added 23:08 - Feb 6
What is it with geordie footballers?How long will it be before we see photos of Chopra pissing on his pot plants like Gazza last weekend ,I know chopra never had the talent of Gazza but his life is on the rocks and he doesnt want to help himself so why should we.He is a waister ,it didnt take his ex long to hit the road and now Town should do the same.

MickMillsTash added 23:14 - Feb 6
Does that mean he sent this at 12.24- I know nothing about Twitter, if so would he still be at the training ground?

Can't he just play snooker, play station or golf in his spare time rather than perfecting being a prat

Tractastic added 23:15 - Feb 6
There goes his last chance salon at ITFC ?
Unfortunately now likely to be worth a lot less than in that bag for a transfer fee?
What a shame for such a talent.

Keaneish added 23:18 - Feb 6
No way you'd make the bench on my watch after that given how much support you've had!
If I were the club, is make you pay back that 250k to the club and put you with the kids. Of I could, I'd even give you some community service...

That's our money in that bag you 'clown'!!!

Lennyboy added 23:20 - Feb 6
I too am losing patience with Chops, but only with his footballing ability. This picture is probably not his. I just searched online for a bag full of pound notes and got this image as well as many others. However, he's being a real prick for doing something like that on what is undoubtedly his twitter acct.

hampstead_blue added 23:54 - Feb 6
What a complete spanner.

It go's to show that if you give a chimp a paintbrush you will get an incoherent mess.
I can't wait until we let this pleb go.

johnnyTGrotten added 00:24 - Feb 7
Michael Who??? I didn't know he played for us?? ;)

HARRY10 added 00:39 - Feb 7
I await the folk who will tell us it's all an 'illness'. he needs our support etc

Like fixing horse races is now an 'illness'

bennyitfc added 01:22 - Feb 7
Maybe he has a problem...maybe he should have our support...but for the whole time he's communicated with us on Twitter, his messages have always screamed a sense of stupidity, being almost moronic at times. His grammar and use of English has always been appalling, and for someone who promised 20 goals for ITFC this season, he has undeniably under-performed....and this latest show of arrogance and misjudgement has only dented his declining reputation further. It was one of those situations where you see the tweet posted at the time, only later realising after the response of the general public quite how stupid he has been. It's showed a complete lack of respect for everyone who has stuck by him despite his common, almost stereotypical attitude for a modern day footballer. I'm 21, so am not claiming to be a veteran of the game, but I have never experienced a greater contrast of love-hate than I have done since he scored the winner against Watford away (when I f****** loved him) to now when he's posted this photo. Get him out, there's absolutely no excuse for what he's done. He shouldn't be the one laughing anyway, that sack of money would be 10 times as big if he wasn't an obsessive gambler. Sort your life out Chops and leave our club out of it, I's love to hear Mick's words on this. I hope he goes absolutely mental.

Tractor_Boy_in_HK added 02:34 - Feb 7
The man has actually become a clown. Sad, but true. So much promise, so much unfulfilled potential. This man will hit rock bottom a few years after he's out of football and will have no one to blame but himself. If only he took his job seriously. I could go one, but what's the point.

itfc_nik added 03:08 - Feb 7
F*ck me, footballers really are stupid, guess it wasnt his turn with the brain cell this week, get this guy out soon as we can, he's becoming a cancer at the club.

blues1 added 06:07 - Feb 7
sorry, but i cannot brlieve peop;e on here are getting so worked up over this. lets face it as stuart brett say, thats prob a pic hes googled because clearly its not his own money. not even hed be stupid enought to keep his money sitting around in a bag. while it is not a well advised thing to have done(but then footballers arent renowned for their brains), its hardly the crime of the century neither. but then i guess those of you hammering him over this have never done anything stupid in your lives. so next time you pull a prank on someone or have a joke at their expense, remember your comments on here 1st. and dont get me wrong, im not condoning chops for this, he shouldnt have done it. but get it into perspective guys.

Dissboyitfc added 07:32 - Feb 7
Blues1.... yes we have all made ,mistakes, but chopra is making mistake after mistake and this after his horse fixing allegations, HE NEEDS TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE, his behavior is wrong, no defence for him.....COYB

leroygibbs added 07:34 - Feb 7
what an absolute w***r, sack him now!!!!!!

WickedBlue added 07:49 - Feb 7
Who Cares? Only the brain dead use twitter.

RegencyBlue added 08:10 - Feb 7
Completely out of patience with this clown now.

Get rid ASAP.

walberswick added 08:22 - Feb 7
He's all gob. I'm going to score 25-30 goals, troubles behind me, i'm a proud father, i'm innocent........

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