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Norwich Chief Quizzes Fans on Town Friendly
Norwich Chief Quizzes Fans on Town Friendly
Friday, 31st May 2013 15:28

Norwich City chief executive David McNally has sounded out Canaries supporters on whether they would like a pre-season friendly against Town if the profits were to go to their academy and a local charity. On Tuesday, TWTD revealed that the clubs were in advanced talks regarding a friendly at Carrow Road.

So far the feedback to McNally's tweet has been overwhelmingly against a revival of the pre-season games which used to take place regularly in years gone by.

The proposed fixture looks likely to take place on Sunday 28th July, a week before the start of the Championship and three weeks prior to the first Premier League game of the 2013/14 season.

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King_of_Portman_Rd added 15:33 - May 31
If this does go ahead... (which I see no reason why it should) then why would the profits go to the NCFC academy? Why not all to charity?...

Plus the costs of policing/stewarding (even if there wasn't a single incident of trouble) would mean it wouldn't make much profit and would completely de value what is a fierce rivalry.. just makes very little sense as all the signs point against it making sense

Michael11 added 15:34 - May 31
I'm against the idea. If we lose to them a week before the season starts then we all go into the new campaign in a bad mood when this could be our best hope of a good season for a long time. The only good thing would be seeing Luke Chambers put Van Wolfswinkel into row Z on his debut!!

RaymondovicBlue added 16:01 - May 31
Have to agree that this is not a good idea ... I'm all for trying to put rivalry onto a good "friendly" footing (wanting another local team to lose is not the same as the silly hatred some foster), but this is not the right time for such a game for all the reasons given... and perhaps a few more besides !!

Hoppersblue10 added 16:10 - May 31
Maybe if it gets the green light we should not attend.?

I can see no benefit to our club in this fixture going ahead. Other friendlies are available..!

ChrisMakin2012 added 16:25 - May 31
I'm not being funny but what are we going to learn from playing a premiership team? Could get hammered and that would be embarrassing. Rather play Norwich when we're in the same league.

jaspercon added 16:36 - May 31
For some reason this just doesn't sit right with me. I think a game like this has to mean something (for league points or cup progression) a friendly just doesn't feel right. I don't think I would go. Those evening derby games played under the flood lights had such a passionate atmosphere and mean't so much to the supporters. There is just something about a Sunday afternoon friendly that kind of takes the meaning away a bit. Norwich v Ipswich should always be a special, passionate fixture where there is something for the players to play for. I can't really put my finger on why I feel like this, maybe it's just me!

Mr_Evans added 16:40 - May 31
I'm on the fence; yes we do have a fierce rivalry between Norwich but in reality it is a 'banterous local derby' rather than the hatred between teams such as Millwal/West Ham, Barca/Madrid etc..
I think maybe if Norwich were to consider an East Anglian event, maybe us, Norwich, Colchester & Peterborough play eachother in a group type event? Maybe include good local teams such as Lowesfoft and Leiston too? Just an idea.

RetroBlue added 16:44 - May 31
Im not going to "fund" ncfc academy or their club, sorry but there it is.

Fatboy added 16:45 - May 31
This just doesn't make sense to me.

The winning-is-everything mentality of a derby game is not what is needed in pre-season, where we should be blooding new players and experimenting with different partnerships etc.

alexharban added 16:46 - May 31
'banterous local derby' rather than the hatred between teams such as Millwal/West Ham, Barca/Madrid etc. - i beg to differ

jas0999 added 16:53 - May 31
Completely against this. There is no such thing as a 'friendly' between these two clubs and you can just see there being an injury to at least one or two players (on either side) which rules them out of the start of the season. Crowd trouble could also be a concern. I cant see there is anything to gain from this and very much everything to lose.

Would much rather see a nice Summer evening game against Cambridge or Histon (a great evening out a few year back). Then again, both teams are nearer to home for me - so perhaps a little bias!!

JWM added 17:01 - May 31
I completely agree with Retroblue.

There is no way that I will be spending my hard earned on anything that will benefit Norwich! This idea is just an absolute joke and has probably been dreamed up by some chinless wonder in a PR department who knows nothing about the rivalry and history between the two clubs.

scooterblue added 17:08 - May 31
couldn't the club's arrange a "veteran's" match with team's of old player's rather than both's first teams. remember going to one at portman road in 1998 and we won 8-0. that would be a better idea and it would probably stop most of the numpty element from going.

meekreech added 17:11 - May 31
Why should we be asked to fund a rival academy ( of lower standard than ours ) with our players in a game which will never be a " FREINDLY " so close to the start of our season ? Keep things sensible and forget this !

CavendishBlue added 17:13 - May 31
I don't think the club will agree to this fixture if ALL the proceeds go to their academy/other charity.It would surely be shared.

'Friendly' is just a term used to pre-season warm-ups.This would be ours (and their)last and as such both teams will be in prime condition and not taking it as a strole in the park.

Finally why is everybody so worried about losing?Pessimists!!!!

SE1blue added 17:14 - May 31
I just don't see how you can have a 'friendly' between Norwich and Ipswich. Matches between the two teams need to be thrown up by a need to win. This is just another thing that stinks about 21st century football and the money it attracts.

I don't agree with the nob-waving that goes on between rival fans and the resulting stupidity of morning/lunchtime kick-offs because of the hatred between the two teams, but engineering a 'friendly' is just pathetic.

tractorfact added 17:15 - May 31
Totally agree with others here
there is no way im giving money over to the norwich academy
and with police etc costs I dont think its worth it
mind you , prob wont need any stewards as there wont be a town fan at the game :-)


northstandblonde added 17:19 - May 31
If both side agree to split the gate receipts between both academy sides or agree to play at PR next close season and WE kept the gate receipts for our academy and local charity.

rosseden added 17:21 - May 31
''I'm on the fence; yes we do have a fierce rivalry between Norwich but in reality it is a 'banterous local derby' rather than the hatred between teams such as Millwal/West Ham,''

i think you might want to read this...... it may change your view.....

whosroundisitanyway added 17:27 - May 31
Couldn't agree more as I indicated when this was first posted. Anyone who thinks that any fixture with Norwich will pass without incident has either never been to a derby game or went with their balaclava on back to front! Not worth the agg, the policing costs or the fallout for a "friendly". Lets wait till it really matters.

whosroundisitanyway added 17:35 - May 31

suffolkpunchdrunk added 17:41 - May 31
Build the anticipation and stoke the rivalry for when we get drawn against them in the FA cup.

CornardBlue added 17:58 - May 31
I agree with other comments, I would never give that scum club a penny of my money. I have never been to scum road and never will, this game should never be in our great clubs thoughts.
I would have thought an away pre-season with Wolves would suit MM better.

Bergholtblue added 18:03 - May 31
A match against a Premier League club a week before the season starts would be a good warm up for the start of the season, but not his one! There is simply too much at stake.

Mind you should we win 5-0 then it would have been a brilliant idea to play it.

Mr_Evans added 18:05 - May 31
I'm an avid football fan but, I hate erratic fanatical Islamic murderers that butcher British soldiers. I do not 'hate' someone because they support a rival football team. Get to grip, live in the real world.

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