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Block D Seats Most Expensive in Football League
Thursday, 12th Sep 2013 10:06

Seats in Block D of the Cobbold Stand have again been named as the most expensive in the Football League in a BBC survey released this morning. A season ticket in that section costs £1,061, while a matchday ticket is £63.50.

The BBC carries out the survey annually with the Block D seats, which are aimed at the corporate market, also having come out top in previous seasons.

The survey, which has contained errors regarding prices and hasn't always compared like for like tickets in previous seasons, states that Huddersfield and Derby are the clubs with the lowest-priced adult matchday tickets at £10 with Town’s at £23.50, the seventh most-expensive cheapest seat in the division.

Blackpool have the Championship’s lowest-priced season ticket at £195 with the Blues’ cheapest at £390 with only Brighton (£455) and Leeds (£398) offering a higher-priced equivalent.

Regarding programmes, pies and tea, at £3 Town’s programme is the same as most others in the division. Tea, at £2, is about average for the Championship, while only Brighton and Middlesbrough (both £3.80) have pies priced higher than the Blues’ offering at £3.20.

Commenting on the survey, a Town spokesman said: "We recognise that we are more expensive in some areas of ticketing than a number of Championship clubs but in other areas we are very comparable with our league rivals.

"We have frozen season ticket prices for the third successive year and the seventh time in 11 years and we also offered the supporters a 12-month interest free direct debit facility to spread the cost.

"Our supporters under the age of 11 could again purchase a season ticket for just £10, which we believe it one of the best offers in the country. This information was requested but not mentioned in the survey.

"Figures can be angled one way or another in any survey but the bulk of our season ticket holders will pay an average of £14.70 per game to watch Ipswich Town in action at Portman Road this season.

"We have answered all questions honestly for the survey down to the fact that our D Block matchday ticket and season ticket come out considerably higher than the rest of the Championship.

"This has been the case for a number of years and, while the D Block ticket qualifies as a ‘standard’ ticket, it has the benefits of premium seating on the halfway line, padded seats, a complimentary matchday programme and access to exclusive bar facilities. There are 220 tickets in this area and 217 have been sold for the season, leaving just three available for matchdays.

"While it has been reported that our cheapest day out is more expensive than Manchester City, it’s worth noting that 12 clubs in the Championship are reported to be more expensive than Manchester City."

In this summer's TWTD Questionnaire, 83% of respondents thought that last year's matchday prices were either "A complete rip-off" (18.5%) or "Expensive" (64.5%), this year's prices not having been announced when the survey was carried out.

As for this year's season ticket prices, our survey found that 60.8% believed they were either "A complete rip-off" (6%) or "Expensive" (54.8%).

Overall, average ticket prices across the top four divisions have dropped by up to 2.4%, the BBC survey claims.

Full details of ticket prices here with more on Championship prices here and in football overall here.

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Keaneish added 10:18 - Sep 12
...and you want to fill the stadium more do you Ian, Jon and Marcus?
Seems the solution is pretty straight forward to me!!!!

MaySixth added 10:21 - Sep 12
Surely should be "KIDS FOR A QUID - IPSWICH v BARNSLEY NOV 1st"

On Sky, half term, makes sense, do it.

Moscow_Blue added 10:23 - Sep 12
Might be the most expensive but what a view!

Robbie12345 added 10:25 - Sep 12
How embarrassing.. Do something about it maybe?!?

MattinLondon added 10:28 - Sep 12
Just imagine if we ever get promoted how expensive ticketing will be.


Notts_tractor added 10:29 - Sep 12
Moscow - a view of what? A nice green pitch and mediocre football being played on it.

Dowson added 10:37 - Sep 12
Why on earth would you pay £1000 to sit on some cusioned seats?. It's football !

shefkuqi32 added 10:43 - Sep 12
'Block D Seats Most Expensive in Football' I saw at first. Probably not far off it, I'd be surprised if more then 7-8 Premiership clubs charge more then that.
Buck the trend ipswich, get the prices low and people in.

Michael11 added 10:45 - Sep 12
I find this absolutely disgusting. Our most expensive season ticket is £111 more than Manchester United's most expensive? Sort it out Evans. Maybe if you lower the prices, we'll be able to get more fans into the ground.

Just bought my ticket for Wigan (recently relegated premier league team) away for £15 a ticket.

cornishnick added 10:47 - Sep 12
It doesn't really matter about the top price, you have to cater for all tastes and demands. The most alarming fact is that our cheapest season ticket is the 3rd most expensive, when the product served in the pitch has been mid table mediocrity (at best) for years now.

oldbluestu added 10:53 - Sep 12
Good. i'm glad we're at the top of the league for something

apm_77 added 10:55 - Sep 12
Clearly those in Block D don't object to the pricing if all but 3 seats are taken by Season Ticket holders!

The broader point is that tickets are clearly too expensive if more than half the ground is empty. The grading system doesn't help either; who in their right mind would have paid £39.50 for the Leeds game to sit in the Upper tiers? If ticket cost less people are not only more likely to buy one but once in the ground will probably buy drinks, food and merchandise. The club can only be losing money as things stand and as one person said earlier, imagine what would happen if we ever got promoted?

SE4Blue added 10:56 - Sep 12
So essentially those sitting in Block D are paying £671 for a cushion. Better be a damn good cushion!

MattinLondon added 11:05 - Sep 12
If we ever get promoted I think tickets in the lower tier of the North Stand will be £50

Which is a joke

BtreeBlueBlood added 11:05 - Sep 12
But you do get to sit next to the away fans! The atmosphere should be better.

trulyblue added 11:06 - Sep 12
Me and my son have season tickets and it costs us an average of £17.39 per league game for both of us to attend !.... Cracking value for money, but then we know how supporters like a good moan !

Hoppersblue10 added 11:17 - Sep 12
Just been on the ticket web site, over 90% of tickets in that area have already been sold for the next 3 home games, so clearly someone is paying those prices.!

Taricco_Fan added 11:29 - Sep 12
Cue the usual comments about ticket prices being fine, it's the quality of football (or lack of it) that is affecting attendances.

While there is some truth to that, I don't think there is any doubt that current ticket prices are keeping matchday fans away. Matchday tickets are simply too expensive across the board at Portman Road.

If your work and home life allows you to have a season ticket and benefit from the savings, good for you. For many of us that's not an option.

essextractorboy93 added 11:30 - Sep 12
These figures are absolutely disgraceful. We have been a mediocre championship side for years. Remember the good old days with Burley and then Royle when we got 26000+ every home game.

As for them going on about freezing season ticket prices, that doesn't excuse anything. The prices were high before and just staying the same. Just outrageous for football supporters up and down this country to be treated in ways like this. Supporters are the only part of a club that will always be there. Managers, players and owners come and go but supporters never let the club down.

tomg added 11:34 - Sep 12
At most events the tickets that sell quickest are the top and bottom ends, the magic is shifting the middle priced which are normally the majority. Perhaps some of those middle priced ones could be priced to join the bottom end ones. But as Evans has never lowered the prices of anything in the 4 years he has had the club it doesn't look likely to happen

Marcus added 11:36 - Sep 12
Block D is really a budget executive box and caters to a certain audience. However I'm more concerned that people are being priced out of the cheaper seats. The amount of people who would like to attend regularly who have said to me they changed to picking games is not inconsequential.

Saying that the padded seats are rather comfy although my only experience of them is from sneaking in to block D during reserve games.

tuxcedo added 11:55 - Sep 12
Most people in Block D have been there for years, actual cost taking advantage of the early order discount is £859, still expensive but I would imagine only a handful of people pay full price.

AbujaBlue added 12:14 - Sep 12
If people are paying for these particular seats then what is the issue?

All this anger and ire here should not be directed at the price of Block D seats, they all sell out and it is clearly a good business model. The issue should be over prices in the REST of the stadium where seats are not full.

The only thing that really annoys me in this article is the ridiculous way in which the club defends their main ticket prices. All this blabber about what great value ITFC season tickets are, but not one mention of the horrendous match day ticket prices. They have the cheek to mention the '£14.70' per game while casually charging £38 for drab matches against drab opponents like Leeds.

On the positive side, the pies are decent...

JustSpivvyChops added 12:20 - Sep 12
The hilarious part of this is that the seats in D are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat on and I stopped using this block because they gave me a bad back!! I use Y section now which are infinitely better.

Last season I paid £44'ish for a D ticket on the few occasions I used them before moving stand to more comfortable seating, so the hike to £63.50 is a total fookin joke.

I would also like to add that the Cobbold boxes are without doubt the worst corporate boxes I have ever used at any venue, for any event............absolutely appalling! No access to outside seating, totally cut off from the crowd atmosphere and the sound that is meant to be piped into the boxes doesn't work!!!

ITFC GET A FOOKIN GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARCUS EVANS OUT....................NOW

JustSpivvyChops added 12:22 - Sep 12
AbujaBlue, people don't pay for them, the block is usually half empty other than for "big draw" games.........

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