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Banners Close to Production
Tuesday, 24th Sep 2013 14:11

Work has been continuing on the banners TWTD Message Boarders have been designing with the cash raised enough for two to go into production but with further donations welcome.

In discussions on the forum, posters favoured designs featuring players of the past covering various eras — the individuals pictured those preferred by the largest number of posters — and the club’s most successful managers.

The design displaying the FA and UEFA Cups and League Championship trophy which won the recent vote was ruled out as it emerged that a very similar banner has already been produced by another fan.

Board regular DanTheMan has put together a few slightly differing alternatives for each idea to be put to the vote.

Vote for your favourite manager banner here from these alternatives.


Vote for your favourite player banner here from these alternatives.


The two banners — which depending on the cash raised will be 14ft x 8ft or larger - will cost in the region of £500 with the funds crowd sourced and all donations gratefully received. For more details and to make a donation, click here. The total has now reached the initial target of £500 but donations are still wanted as the more cash raised, the bigger the banners or potentially a third banner will be produced.

Textbackup, who instigated the banner plan, told TWTD how the idea came about: “It was purely to show that we're proud of our history and want to see the good times return in the near future.

“The ideas for the banners came from lots of people on the Message Board with DanTheMan knocking them into shape.”

The club has already agreed that the banners can be hung in the Sir Alf Ramsey Stand.

Photo: Action Images

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DanTheMan added 14:22 - Sep 24
Just to get this in early, and in case people miss this part of the story, the one which was almost unanimously voted on was very similar to a banner which we already have.

Which is why we are re-voting. We're not doing it because we didn't like the outcome, merely trying to get a good range of banners!

I hope you like the new designs I've done and we're not too far away from our target :)

Kev_b22 added 15:53 - Sep 24
Am i being thick or are the 2 players A and B the same?

TR11BLU added 15:58 - Sep 24
Look at the background Kev b22

ITFC_IN_HULL added 15:59 - Sep 24
Kev - Option A has the crest in the background.

DoobDude added 16:14 - Sep 24
All the manager banners have George Burley on them. This makes them all laughable and embarrassing.

Davin44 added 17:21 - Sep 24
doobdude - why is that? he took us to 5th in the premiership and we had 2 years in europe thanks to george. he brought the good times and atmosphere back for a couple of great seasons.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:51 - Sep 24
I wouldn't vote for any banner that DIDN'T have George Burley on it!

RonFearonsHair added 19:09 - Sep 24
Where exactly is the 'very similar banner that has already been produced by another fan'? I've looked for it over the last 2 games and can't see it.

tractorboyz82 added 19:32 - Sep 24
Both player banners are ok but can't have a player banner without Matty holland on it take Marcus off it and put Matty on it.

DanTheMan added 19:50 - Sep 24

It's not up yet, someone had it at their house I believe and kindly donated it.

RonFearonsHair added 20:03 - Sep 24
That explains it. Cheers.

MathieandMarshall added 22:10 - Sep 24
The existing banner is at the back of the upper sir Alf Ramsey stand, right in the centre at the top . Spotted it from lower SBR stand last week

TimmyH added 23:25 - Sep 24
Not one player from the last 10 years on it...says it all!
I'd go for A

cyprustractorboy added 06:31 - Sep 25
JUSTmake them large as possible love the pride of Anglia we always will be better then those budgies

Superfrans added 09:29 - Sep 25
This is all great work. One small point to throw in - the size of these is absolutely critical. The banner at the back of the SAR stand is great, but it is very hard to spot from the other end of the ground - yet is looks as if it is probably pretty big - 10 seats across, or something similar.

For these banners to have any kind of impact they need to be at least twice as wide, perhaps even 3 or four times as wide. This will of course depend on where they are going to be sited - if the club is offering a space similar to the existing one, these will get lost in any case.

Has anyone tried mocking up an image of one of the banners, in the position it will take in the ground - presumably the club have confirmed this already. I would suggest getting it mocked up on a pic of the stand in question, just to make sure the size/dimensions work.

All that being said, this is great work by Textbackup, TWTD etc. big respect.

SouperJim added 09:33 - Sep 25
It's a shame that the "very similar banner" is fairly small, I've spotted it from the lower sir bobby but if I didn't know what it was I wouldn't be able to tell. Hopefully enough cash will be raised so these banners can be much larger.

SouperJim added 09:35 - Sep 25
What no Matt Holland?

MaybeNextYear added 14:51 - Sep 25
You do realise away supprters will look at those funny banners and think my god these yokels think they are better than Premier League Norwich , then probably take the p out of you for 90 mins :-)

petermorris added 15:19 - Sep 25
Why is MM on a banner with SBR SAR and JB? What has MM won? Am I missing something?

JewellintheTown added 15:33 - Sep 25
@petermorris - Who's JB? Is that Georges identical twin brother, John?

petermorris added 20:29 - Sep 25
Good point Jewellinthe... Head was full of stuff about JL - surely a candidate to go on the banner.

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