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Town Announce 2017/18 Season Ticket Prices
Friday, 17th Mar 2017 06:30

Town’s season ticket prices for 2017/18 focus on persuading young fans back to Portman Road but adult season ticket holders face a price rise of 1.5 per cent - unless the total of seats sold hits the club’s 12,750 target which would see all season ticket holders receive a five per cent refund.

The Blues have introduced a new under-23s price band which will see a seat in the lower tier of the Sir Bobby Robson or Sir Alf Ramsey Stands cost £230 if bought prior to the early bird deadline of midday on Monday 17th April.

The concession previously available to under-16s will now be available to under-19s, who will be able to buy a lower tier ticket before the early bird date for £125.

The £10 season ticket for under-11s has been scrapped, in part due to abuse with some fans buying tickets “just so they could have a seat in the Family Enclosure or have an empty seat next to them”, but there is a £50 season ticket available to those aged under 12.

Town have launched a new reward scheme as part of that ticket which will see young fans receive £2 in TeamCard points for every match they attend. If they're at all 23 Championship home games, they will get points worth £46.

An adult lower tier season ticket bought prior to the early bird deadline will cost £423 compared with £417 this season, an increase of 1.5 per cent.

However, the Blues will give all season ticket holders a refund of five per cent if the total of season ticket sales - including concessions - reaches 12,750 by Friday 4th August.

Town have increased the age at which fans are entitled to a senior citizens concession from 60 to 65 in line with other clubs.

Those currently paying a senior concessions price for a season ticket but will be 64 or younger on Thursday 10th August will have to switch to an adult ticket but their seat will be subsidised by 50 per cent for the season ahead. The 800 supporters affected by this change will be contacted directly by Town.

Town will be continuing the interest-free 12-month Direct Debit payment scheme, while they have scrapped admin fees for purchasing season tickets at Planet Blue or by post.

The Silver and Gold membership schemes have been revamped and a new Ultimate membership scheme has been introduced.

Town are yet to announce their matchday prices but we understand they’re set to be largely frozen for the most part but as with season tickets with reductions for younger supporters.

We also understand the £2.50 additional charge on tickets purchased on matchdays will be dumped.

If Town are relegated to League One, we understand season ticket prices will remain at the levels above but matchday pricing would be reduced.

Season ticket packs will be posted from Thursday 23rd March before they go on sale from Monday 27th March.

You can see full details of Town’s season ticket pricing for 2017/18 and the new membership schemes on the club site here.

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BanksterDebtSlave added 06:31 - Mar 17

powinswitch added 06:35 - Mar 17
The dire football this season, already sees significant numbers of season ticket holders either cancelling or not going. Now a ticket marketing ploy that matches McCarthy's football. Abject. Those who think there will be crowds of 10,000 are overestimating in my opinion. Unless there are real changes we will continue our slide from a once great club. Those were the days. Never to be forgotten, and it seems never to be repeated.

truckertractorboy added 06:37 - Mar 17
So basically its a 1.5 % increase to watch that $hit all over again cause i think there is going to b a massive decline in season ticket sales . Me being 2 of them

Marcus added 06:42 - Mar 17
The offer is fair, however there's the factor of the customers not being happy and more is needed to convince them to renew or sign up as new season ticket holders. This means changes on and off the pitch in both attitude and personnel as appropriate. McCarthy has done well taking up where he did but this season seems to have been a step backwards. He needs to show he can do better next year or he should step aside in the summer. A little birdy tells me a replacement has already been lined up, someone may just been COOKing up a rumour...

hype313 added 06:43 - Mar 17
I fear for the club, I really do. The masses/loyal supporters have had enough. You can only fleece your loyal fans for do long. People are starting to wake up and realise Evans has been a disaster for this club.

Tufty added 06:46 - Mar 17
Just about to hit 60 so full price for another 5 years now so this is Milnes exciting new scheme NOT
Not a happy supporter
This just benefits the club not the supporters at all
No chance of selling 12750


TractorWood added 06:46 - Mar 17
- No idea who is going to be in charge at the start of next season
- Assuming the 5 point plan will be in place for transfers so the normal conveyor belt of average to dross players will be coming in
- The 60-65 bracket (of which we have lots) have been forsaken, this could be a massive drop. Must be really hard to take for our core, generational supporters
- The slight loophole around the £10 junior tickets has been closed. We are in no position to make robust moves like this.
- Season tickets which are up there with mist expensive in the league and more expensive than some Prem grounds have increased 1.5%.
- Club haven't remotely recognised that the ground is empty at the moment with thousands of STHs already not turning up and have included a 5% refund ceiling that is completely unachievable.

The club have completely neglected to recognise how fragile our fan base is. Club need to amend this as soon as possible or face a seismic resistance.

Self destruct button has been well and truly activated.

The_Snake added 06:57 - Mar 17
I despair. Honestly thought that they'd try and incentivise the 21-60 bracket which is clearly dropping away. Another kick in the balls which can't take much more kicking.

osborne added 07:00 - Mar 17
B@stards. I've been looking forward to my over 60s concession for years. This would have been my first year. Not easily p!ssed off by events at the club, but am by this!

HadleighBlue added 07:06 - Mar 17
The club is clueless in every single area. The new ST prices will only drive thousands of, in some cases, long standing ST holders away without anything to attract a single new ST to be sold.

I have been a very keen and loyal ST holder for 50 years but now feel that enough is enough.

The club once used to belong to the supporters but we are now treated with a certain amount of contempt - and mugs !!!

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 07:06 - Mar 17
Wow, sales have dropped, fans are teetering on the edge and you reward them with a 1.5% increase? Yeah, that makes perfect business sense. It's like eating at a restaurant that sucks. The food is bland, the service is terrible, but not only do you keep going back, you let them raise their prices and you keep eating there while all the time complaining online.

A price hike at this point is suicide.

Umros added 07:14 - Mar 17
Oh dear. My loyalty is being serverely tested this time. I have two under 10's and do. It abuse the system. The only good offer (£10) ticket has been drained from the club, its like a sponge sapping up to saturation. A five fold cash increase in return for a carrot of £2 credit to either spend in the fleecing shop or I guess buy next seasons?. Trouble is it's not really on for me to take a 5 year only on a school night so thats around 5 matches lost. Adults? Well on first viewing looks like a bit of a 'renew or else' threat, which I don't like. Although the increase is marginal the product is s&@t so shouldn't really go up at all. I feel sorry for those between 60 and 54......a crass move, ok in line with others but let's be bloody different. Serious thought now required, maybe a handful of matches a season is enough on a pay and go basis......... very sad after 20 years as ST holder. 🤔

Umros added 07:19 - Mar 17
Sorry opening line is they do go and do not abuse the system

BlueArrow added 07:21 - Mar 17
Well thanks a bunch just had half a season at the 60's concession rate now back to full price. "To bring in line with other clubs". Strange how Cardiff are only charging me £18 for this Saturday then. Wouldn't mind so much if the money was used to invest in the team. Gonna be a long time before I'm back at PR

runaround added 07:23 - Mar 17
Shows once again that the club cares little for the fans & is out of touch with how many are feeling. To increase prices with the current product being so awful is ridiculous and the amount of money it will make the club is likely to be dwarfed by what they lose in terms of people not renewing. The 5% reduction if we sell 12750 is just a throw away as they know we're unlikely to sell that many by August, it's an empty promise.
This will not convince waverers to renew, in fact more likely to do the opposite. I gave up my ticket in January & nothing said in this will convince me to come back.
A clueless football club focused on saving money & doing everything on the cheap whilst fleecing fans. Sad what is happening to our club

TomGarneys added 07:25 - Mar 17
Well, that's two season tickets less for the club next season!

nbsiyag added 07:25 - Mar 17
Hmmm. As a 61 year old, I now have to seriously reconsider renewing.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 07:28 - Mar 17
More corporate financial tinkering that largely misses the mark. What is really needed is to restore a sense of vision and belonging to the club among the supporters, something the corporate brain does not understand. The various "incentives" for the younger supporters are unlikely to have much effect if that sense of excitement and belonging is absent. Adding 1.5% to the already fairly outrageous prices for adults as some kind of threat ("if not enough of you buy, this will happen") is tawdry. Asking the 60-65 group who have had concessions to now start paying full prices is mean and probably counter-productive. About the only positive move is that the surcharge for tickets bought on the day is being removed (why was it there in the first place?). The corporates will say you can't run a "business" on sentiment and they need to look at the economic realities. I would counter that by saying that without brand loyalty an enterprise is doomed to failure. Furthermore, as all real fans know, supporting your club is not governed by the same rules and instincts as shopping at Primark.

Alfiesboys added 07:28 - Mar 17
So the 60 to 65 Year old season ticket holders will have to pay £200 more and if we get nearly 13000 season tickets sold... I WILL GET 5% BACK...... WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLICKS....
We have a clueless manager and clueless management temperature above him.....what a fantastic way of kicking your supporters......

martin587 added 07:37 - Mar 17
This really is becoming a joke.Before anything else the owner should be making a stand to explain the reasons for us the supporters having to watch dire football this season.
And before the club starts sending out season ticket renewal forms he should be telling us just what his plans are for next season regarding funding and the position of MM.
But I doubt that will happen and we will be given the usual rubbish from the CEO as to the reasons why.!! But don't hold your breath folks.

Swn98 added 07:40 - Mar 17
How to fck off your supporters without kicking a ball priceless Milne.

tractorboybig added 07:45 - Mar 17
There must be 12750 people to pay and watch this crap each week, yes there must be.

phillo added 07:47 - Mar 17
I genuinely think this could be a tipping point. From the number of comments on various forums/social media platforms there appears to be a swell of "I'm not renewing's". If that carries through surely the board HAVE to look again at the "value" they are offering.
We are one of - if not the - highest costing teams to watch in the division .... and currently the product is sh*t.
No normal business would then put prices up !
The fixing of the ST price at this level means it is very difficult to do any significant "offers" throughout the season to attract casual/match day fans as you can't pi*s off those delusional or rich enough to buy a ST !!!
In addition - and despite a much heralded review of ticket prices we were told - no thought is given to any significant attempts to attract new customers (e.g. Family pricing on ST's, BOGOF etc.)
Whilst I hope ST sales are so low they are forced to act I do genuinely fear for my club now as that low level of income plus our high debt may force us into a bad situation again ..... but I cannot see any other way of signifying protest but by hitting them where it hurts & not putting money in their pockets.
Out of interest don't the ITFC Supporters Club have a representative(s) on the board - what are they saying doing ? how much are they genuinely carrying the feelings of fans ? how effective do they appear to be ?

tiredandbored added 07:51 - Mar 17
Three season tickets in our family.
Number 1 already not renewing 100% definite
Number 2 may possibly been persuaded to renew by his dad.
Number 3, dad, approaching 60, could have been persuaded to renew.
So after reading the ticket announcement.......
Goodbye ITFC, a very sad day for me

Michael11 added 08:01 - Mar 17
Wow. This was a perfect opportunity to win some fans over and offer cheap/reduced season tickets to bring more fans in (like Huddersfield did). How have they come to the conclusion that the dross we've grown used to is worthy of paying more to see? Incredibly poor from ME. We'll be lucky to get 10,000.

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