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McCarthy: Fans a Massive Part When We're Winning But Can Also Be a Massive Part of Us Getting Beat
Monday, 3rd Apr 2017 14:45

Town boss Mick McCarthy says the fans play a “massive part” when a team is winning but can also “be a massive part of us getting beat as well”. Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s vital Championship game at home to Wigan, the Blues manager says a negative atmosphere can help the opposition.

Saturday’s 1-1 home draw with Birmingham was played in a fractious atmosphere with fans booing after the visitors took the lead, then aiming chants at McCarthy, owner Marcus Evans and MD Ian Milne.

Prior to that match McCarthy had said he and his players needed the backing of their fans as they look to secure their Championship status and he says they need it again against the second-bottom Latics with the Blues six points off the drop zone with seven games left to play.

“It’s their team, it’s their club,” McCarthy said. “Any negativity is detrimental to the team. And if it’s detrimental to the team and we don’t play well, we don’t get the result we want, they’ve been part of it.

“I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. They are part of it. Forget us. Generically, when a team’s winning, a club’s winning we’re all winning together, it’s fantastic and ‘Aren’t we great?’ and we, we always tell the fans we’ve got the best fans in the world and ‘Aren’t they brilliant’ and all this and all that. We all win together.

“But when we’re playing badly and we’re losing, we are shit. Maybe we were, I said we were and, by the way, I’m the first to come and admit to it. I never come and try and dress it up and say ‘We played well today’, anybody that’s ever said that about me, forget it because it doesn’t happen.

“I get grief of people who say ‘You were a bit brutal with your team on Saturday, that was a bit harsh, saying you’d played badly’. Well, we did.

“And on a Monday I might come in and think that we weren’t as bad as we thought we were.

“But they are part of it. They are part of it when we’re winning, they’re a massive part. They can be a massive part of us getting beat as well.”

With fans having called for McCarthy’s sacking and expressed their frustration with owner Evans and next year’s season ticket prices, there appears to be a divide between fans and the club.

“There can’t be,” McCarthy added. “They’re a massive part. I know it’s up to us, we’ve got to set the tone, definitely, I get that, it’s our responsibility and I would never pass it on, but then there is a time when you need a dig out, a leg up and maybe that’s tomorrow.”

Does the negative atmosphere impact upon the players? “Of course it does and it affects the opposition positively. That’s what it does.

“I’ve played enough - ‘Happy days, this mob are getting pelters!’. It’s great. And it’s amazing, you see the confidence rise and you can see the other side fall.”

Speaking recently McCarthy said he hoped performances in the final weeks would help mend his relationship with fans. With only seven matches left, does he believe that can still happen? “Win tomorrow they’ll think a lot better about me, won’t they?”

Pressed further, he says he’s not looking any further than Tuesday’s game: “Win tomorrow.”

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BigAlsMate added 14:53 - Apr 3
Right, so he means we, the fans, are the reason for the mess we are in!! Genius!

The_Snake added 14:54 - Apr 3
Setting the team up to win would be a good start....

kizaitfc added 14:54 - Apr 3
No Mick a win tomorrow is a must, it will not change my opinion on your, or the clubs current state of affairs.

If we cant beat Wigan you need to get your coat!

This man really is deluded 'I don't dress things up' you have done this countless times Mick and that's why we are where we are.

BlueHarwich added 14:55 - Apr 3
Hahahaha, now blaming the fans for not getting results! This idiot would of been sacked along time ago at any other club in the country! We are a laughing stock!

battyblue added 14:55 - Apr 3
You can do a flying one McCarthy its all down to you don't blame the supporters now you have been picking the team and instilling the dire tactics so all brought on by you.....Do one.

iaintaylorx added 14:56 - Apr 3
IS HE SERIOUS?! WOW! This shows how he has no respect whatsoever with the fans. No Mick, the reason we lose is because of a horrendous team selection, atrocious football but mainly a manager who doesn't have a clue what he is doing. What an absolute idiot!!

If you were a fan and has to witness the mess this club is in, I'm sure that you would voice your opinion's and frustrations! Get out of our club!!!

runningout added 15:01 - Apr 3
the headline smells of weak professionalism from our team..

bugblatter added 15:02 - Apr 3
FFS. There are a bunch of "fans" in the North Stand lower who are continually berating our own team, with, for example, ironic (read moronic) songs about Douglas being "on fire". When it's not that it's songs about a woman in her mid-70s being a whore. Their one redeeming feature is that they do get the singing going, but most of it is negative / anti-Norwich tediousness.

You never know, if the fans concentrated on supporting the team on the pitch, and spent less time moaning then things might start going our way again…

BlueArrow added 15:02 - Apr 3
Well if he's now going to blame the fans and as I'm too old for the U23's if I could be bothered to go tomorrow, I'd take me boots then he could really have a pop

Bluetone added 15:03 - Apr 3
Why oh why is McCarthy still here? Dino you pick the team, you brought in the players and yes we do have some decent players among the youngsters but no you pick your favourite "proper blokes" If you want to bring our club together it is easy just leave our club will be OK and we will start rebuilding and playing proper entertaining football The catalyst is you no longer being here

raycrawfordswig added 15:03 - Apr 3
Bigger fool than I thought blaming the fans for your incompetance.

martin587 added 15:04 - Apr 3
MM!how can you blame the supporters for the teams poor performance week in week out.I've been to nearly all the away matches this season and we are still poor,and on average there are only 8-9 hundred Town supporters who travel.
It's your team selection,and boring tactics are the faults here.So don't blame the supporters.We have been very tolerant watching this rubbish.

Bluebell added 15:08 - Apr 3

The fans in the North Stand were the best I have heard for the first half on Saturday. Perhaps if Mick had been playing for a win and we had not let Birmingham score, we would have been as supportive in the second half.

We really must get behind the team tomorrow as it is a game we have to win. With Fulham, Newcastle and Sheffield Wednesday still to play, there are not many other games where we can get points.


Wickets added 15:08 - Apr 3
He seems to forget the team he picks makes a huge impression on how the fans feel, if we attack us fans will support. Easy.

goat_man added 15:09 - Apr 3
Why don't you have a look at your team selections Mick and then decide who is the cause of the negativity at the club.

camblue added 15:09 - Apr 3
Negative team selection can also help the opposition.

hogster1970 added 15:10 - Apr 3
god this bloke realy grabs my goat, so it us supporters fault we are in this mess, well thats a new one on me,
football is like a game of battle ships, you dont win buy just battening down the hatches and hope the shells dont sink you, you win buy firing your guns for a direct hit, atm we cant even find the shells in the arsenal let alone load the guns and fire it.

eg we need steel and determination in midfield with some skill of that killer pass to the front, unforchantly we aint had that in a long time. we cant keep blaming the forwards as the have fed scraps all season so no wonder they are off form.

for me and depending on how he lines us up i think big dave as our anchor man huw and ward with didsy at the top of the diamond.

if he ops for a back 5 then spence chambers berra / taylor or smith with jonas and kenlock , same middle 3 but didsy and sears up front should do it.

because if our battleship is going to sink well atleast go down with all guns blazing and not give up and just skuttle the ship because that is what mick is doing atm

Andy32Cracknell added 15:11 - Apr 3
Mick, you are by far the biggest bell end i have ever known. Please leave our club NOW.

cooper442 added 15:23 - Apr 3
Why is this man still at the club ?

TR11BLU added 15:24 - Apr 3
“Win tomorrow they'll think a lot better about me, won't they?”

No Dino, that ship sailed some 18 months ago, just a pity you werent on it.

Do one Dino.

StowTractorBoy added 15:24 - Apr 3
Whatever the opinions of us supporters for heaven sake lets just get behind the team and help them get the points we need to survive in the Championship. Lambasting the Manager with offensive chants just does not help at all. It may on the day get rid of frustrations but how does that help the players who no one can deny give there all despite their deficiencies. It will be catastrophic in football terms for our Club if we get relegated so we need to just forget our grievances and back the players on the pitch whoever they are.

Dolly2.0 added 15:26 - Apr 3
Can you idiots please actually read what he's saying. He's not blaming the fans for our performances for starters.

If you honestly think booing players doesn't have a detrimental effect on the team then there's no hope for you.


callmeted added 15:31 - Apr 3
Before I am berated I firmly believe that MM has to go. I obviously don't know as much as some on here about our financial standing if ME were to "get out of our club" but, yes the club is a mess. If it wasn't flat then the atmosphere disintegrated when the team was announced. However, I don't think the chanting on Saturday, particularly at that part of the game ,was helpful to anyone but Birmingham. Whether you are for or against , I trust we all want to see ITFC win, the chanting , some of which wasn't particularly inventive, doesn't spur a team who badly need our support on. To go down to 'div 3' will set us back years with or without any of the protagonists still at the helm so lets get behind ITFC (Our team) tomorrow night, get over that line then vent the anger and frustration. Hopefully at that point the clear out may begin.

evansblue added 15:36 - Apr 3
Surely it's not hard to turn up, sing your hearts out for the lads and save any negative stuff for the final whistle. What part of that is so hard to adhere to for the good of the club, our club.
Come on North stand you are better than what I heard on Saturday when we went one nil down. Come on you blues!!!

martin587 added 15:39 - Apr 3
At the end of the day if the team plays badly then it's the managers fault.He picks the team,employs the tactics and should give the team the confidence they need,but there is none and it shows.
So are we saying the players are rubbish and MM is right,or the players are good and MM is rubbish.
I feel some supporters just cannot get there heads round it and are just happy to accept the dire football served up each week.
I totally disagree with booing players,but something has to give sooner or later.We just cannot put up with this dire football at our great club.CAN WE.!!

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