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McCarthy: Wonderful Finish By Celina But Result Tough on Burton
Saturday, 28th Oct 2017 18:24

Town boss Mick McCarthy hailed sub Bersant Celina’s “wonderful finish” 89th minute freekick winner during the 2-1 victory at Burton but admitted the result was tough on the Brewers, who had deservedly led 1-0.

Asked whether the script written was when Celina stepped up to take the freekick, the Town fans having spent much of the half calling for the on-loan Manchester City winger’s introduction, he said: “I don’t know but I’m glad it turned out that way.”

Moving on to the terrace calls for Celina to be brought on, he added: “I don’t give a s——e about that, by the way. They don’t go on because of that, let me clear that up.

“In fact there’s more chance of him not going on when they start telling me what to do. And yes, I am a belligerent f—, let’s just clear that up.

“He’d every chance of going on when the game gets stretched. I don’t think it’s a game for him, when we’re having to head balls out and fight and scrap but with 10 minutes to play it is, strangely enough.

“I though Wardy did well and Kevin Bru did well and Bersant, it was a wonderful finish and he's celebrated with the fans and thrown his shirt in and they all love him. He’s maybe given the bird to me with the jump but I don’t mind that, that’s what he’s paid for. He goes on, scores the goal, he’s the hero, fabulous.

“Tell you what, there were some other heroes there today that kept a clean sheet to half-time and kept it to the score it was. They enabled him to do that, good luck to him, he was brilliant.”

McCarthy admitted that the Blues needed a result going into the match - “For sure, absolutely” - and conceded that much of the afternoon was tough for his team: “At half-time I was tempted to change it then. Not to put Bersant on, just in case you’re thinking that, but Kevin Bru I’d considered.

“I spoke to TC and he made the point that it was the toughest 45 minutes we’d had, certainly with the conditions, [so we decided] let’s see how we get on, enough time to give them a fair crack of the whip.

“I thought Tristan had a tough time today but he’s been brilliant, he’s 17, and it was hard. We played great last week and we got f— all. We’ve not played well today and won. I’ll give all credit to my players for scrapping it out because we’ve had to.”

He agreed that Burton can feel hard done by: “Absolutely, but it’s not breaking my heart, I have to be honest.”

Quizzed on Celina’s somewhat ambiguous tweet - “Two months until new year. Can’t wait” - which some have taken to mean he’s itching for his spell with Town to end early in January, McCarthy said: “He’s factually correct, isn’t he? He’s a f—-ing brighter lad than I thought he was!

“He’s our player and he might play at Cardiff and he’ll be happy then, won't he? Good luck to him.”

McCarthy confirmed that his loan is for the season - “For 12 months” - and the deal is likely to be along the lines of Tom Lawrence's spell last season which could have been cut short in January but only if agreed by all three parties, the two clubs and the player.

When questioned whether the Kosovo international is frustrated, the Town boss responded: “Ask him.”

Has he said he is to McCarthy, having said he felt his time had come earlier in the season?

“He is [a confident young man], and I’ve also got 18, 19, 20 others that I have to take care of as well.”

The Town boss says he fully understands why fans have taken to him: “I do and I like him when he does that. He’s done great today, hasn’t he? I’m really delighted with him.”

Regarding the derogatory chants aimed in his own direction by the Town support, something which he hoped wouldn’t resurface this season, McCarthy added: “Listen, unless somebody decides otherwise, you’ve got me, boring old big nose, f—-ing fart with 's—-e football' until May. Unless somebody decides different.”

Does it bother him? “It hurts me for the players because it can affect them. It doesn’t affect me, I have to be honest.

“I’d prefer it the other way when we changed the hit parade for six games, but it’s back. I can tolerate it.”

Kevin Bru made his first appearance of the season from the bench and impressed his manager: “He was great, wasn’t he? I said to everybody, in front of all the players, I was delighted with him.

“His attitude has been great. Mind, he hasn’t been ostracised, he’s not been asked to train with the kids, he’s not been pushed out, he’s been training with us and been away and done his international stuff. Really thrilled with him, he deserves a lot of credit for the way he’s played today.”

Does the performance put the Mauritius international, who was told he could move on in the summer, back in his thoughts? “Quite clearly he’s never been out of my thoughts as he’s played today.

“Circumstances dictate certain things. Emyr Huws is injured, Tom Adeyemi’s injured, Teddy Bishop’s injured, Luke Hyam’s injured.

“I’ve got two teenagers [Tristan Nydam and Flynn Downes] who have been doing great but it gets tough for them in the Championship and I thought it was a day to have him on the bench and contribute if necessary, which he’s done. I thought he was good.”

Martyn Waghorn took his total to seven for the season since joining from Rangers with the equaliser.

“Let’s hope that continues, he’s been excellent, everybody’s pleased with him,” McCarthy said.

“He did great with the goal because he was unhappy with their goal because we had a throw-in and it ended up as a corner. And between him and the thrower we lost it and it ends up as a corner and it ends up in our net.

“He wasn’t best pleased, so he made up for that. Good luck to Bersant, he gets the headlines today, it’s wonderful.”

Burton boss Nigel Clough admitted it hurt to lose the game: “That’s going to sting for a while, an awful long while. It was very, very harsh to lose that game today on the balance of the play and balance of the effort that went in, chances created and everything else.

“We scored a goal, we haven’t done that in five and a half games, so that was a bonus, but we should have scored more than one today.

“It wasn’t just chances, it was situations leading to chances. We had great situations in the first half today and didn’t make chances out of them.

“But then we got the goal and there is an element of it not dropping for us in the penalty area without a doubt. And you look at their first goal, the cross has gone in, it’s been half-cleared and it’s just dropped straight in Waghorn’s path. We’d like one to drop for us like that.”

Photo: Action Images

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jas0999 added 18:28 - Oct 28
MM really doesn’t like Celina does he?! Bitter that he of all people scored the winner no doubt.

Yet, after this I find myself liking MM even less. No need for these type of interviews. We beat the three bottom clubs in last ten. Lost the other seven. Still not good enough in my opinion, and having this guy represent the club in this way is a disgrace.

Sooner Mick leaves the better for everyone. Including him.

blueboy1981 added 18:29 - Oct 28
This man's contempt of Club, Supporters, and even Owner is indefensible.

Where else in Football would any Manager have the audacity to say such things ?

He's probably quite disgusted that Celina scored the Winner - and rubbed his nose in it.

kozmik added 18:29 - Oct 28
I would say he just saved your job Mick, but unfortunately we have another 6 months of this dross!

martin587 added 18:30 - Oct 28
I'm gobsmacked with your comments MM.

Pip50 added 18:34 - Oct 28
I’m pretty bright too Mick only 7 months to May and you will be gone. Thank fcuk.

MoscowBlueMule added 18:34 - Oct 28
Im going for the most -'s ever here!

Over a quarter of the season gone and 1 point of the play offs is a decient return, regardless how it has come about. While we have an owner who isn't going to invest millions in players, (let's not forget the millions he pumps in to keep the club afloat) we are lucky to have MM. He's working wonders on this budget.


MrJase77 added 18:34 - Oct 28
This idiot is unbelievable. How dare he represent our club with drivel like that coming from his mouth.
The contempt he has for our club, us the fans, and clearly Celina ( a talented footballer). Disgraceful.

Taricco_Fan added 18:35 - Oct 28
McCarthy's stock will continue to fall with our supporters after these disgraceful comments.
He has no passion or respect for this club, its culture and its supporters. He's simply riding-out his contract hoping Evans brings his tenure to a premature conclusion.

What a time to be a Town fan.

irish_tractor added 18:35 - Oct 28
Win the game in hand and we're 5th. a rough spell hopefully behind us.

DurhamTownFan added 18:35 - Oct 28
Does he TRY to get sacked when things take a downward turn? Can't understand why else he is soooo disrespectful to the fans and club sometimes.

Luckily, our club will be around for much longer than MM, regardless of when he does go (sooner the better)

braveblue added 18:37 - Oct 28
The man is a total disgrace. Evans should sack him tomorrow.

EssexTractor added 18:37 - Oct 28
Yes 0.0 at h.t Mick but maybe playing him from the start against Burton, we might have won 4.3 with exciting football for those superb travelling supporters!

ScottCandage added 18:39 - Oct 28
I've been a supporter of Mick for a long time. However, if he is not making the moves he knows will make the team better just because the crowd is asking for that move, he is acting against the best interest of the team.

Mick, it's time to go.

Mark added 18:40 - Oct 28
So often an away win is marred by reading the manager's comments having a pop at the fans. Credit to anyone who travelled up to Burton today, all of those people deserve respect as they are the lifeblood of the club. Anyone wanting Celina to come on was proved absolutely right. I wish the lad had been given more game time this season.

A massive result today, especially with Norwich winning and I do feel very happy about it, but I can't help feeling McCarthy's time here is over.

Mark added 18:40 - Oct 28
I meant Norwich losing of course.

SenatorBlue added 18:40 - Oct 28
...and this guy is literally the only communication ITFC has with its wider fan-base, due to the invisible two....disgraceful. Great times at this once respected club.

parkinshair added 18:42 - Oct 28
Sorry but by not playing Celina he is cutting off his sizeable nose despite his face. Part of being a manager is to pick the side and make the necessary changes for the good of the team. How exactly does Sears who has none nothing this season get the nod over Celina who has looked lively when coming on previously? He doesn't like him personally maybe but he should be mature enough to do what is best for the side. He hasn't got to take him out to dinner afterwards does he?

SamWhiteUK added 18:44 - Oct 28
I got as far as " I don’t think it’s a game for him, when we’re having to head balls out and fight and scrap" and gave up.

Why oh why, are we not setting up to take the game to a team like Burton, who hadn't scored in 5 previous games? Why are we going in expecting to scrap? Not being funny, but while we aren't the best squad, players like Celina and McGoldrick should be able to play a team like this off the park in the right setup.

Carberry added 18:46 - Oct 28
This just has to stop. Where is Milne or Evans to tell this oaf that it is unacceptable to drag the club's name through the mire with his outrageous language. He doesn't have the class to be sat in the same chair as Ramsey or Robson. It is an utter disgrace the contempt he shows us. It's now beyond a joke.

itfchorry added 18:46 - Oct 28
Please leave - You are embarrassing our
Club and What we stand for -

McCarthy OUT - ASAP

blueboy1981 added 18:52 - Oct 28
One thing is for sure McCarthy - there will never be a statue of you outside Portman Road.

It's a disgrace to have you anywhere near the two that are there - both fine people.

pinewoodblueboy added 19:00 - Oct 28
I,m a belligerent old f##### as well Mick and won,t be coming back anytime soon to watch your shoite football.

geminimustang added 19:01 - Oct 28
MM signs Celina who has shown himself to be an impact player as a substitute.The games he's started show he cannot shine for a full 90 mins.That how MM used him today and it worked so let's slag MM off!Not for the first time have the contributors to this site lost me.Bru has trained well,is part of the squad,played marvellously on International Duty and came on and played exceptionally well.Let's slag MM off for that one too.We won so let's slag off MM for that as well.The weather's a bit gusty and wet but i guess slagging MM for that would be pushing it even for the trolls on here.One point off the play-off's,please God give me the strength to put up with so called ITFC fans who continually find their glass is half-empty.Enjoy the win,congratulate MM,TC and the team and all the supporters who turned up to support the team.Rant over.The negative arrow is on the right.

blue75 added 19:02 - Oct 28
Why would you do it McCarthy Celina’s a quality player he tracks back isn’t selfish I don’t know what you problem with him is but as we’re stuck with you for now you’d better sort your head out and play him!!! No one can defend McCarthy for not playing Celina even his most diehard fans!!! Glad to hear there’s been vocal disapprovement at the game towards McCarthy let’s make sure he knows how we feel every game!! It’s time for change!!! McCarthy Out!!

Tony88 added 19:04 - Oct 28
The comments made by MM have cheered me up tonight after what was a poor display. I think he is practising for when he can only get a job as an after dinner speaker.
He knows his time is up but will not resign as he is waiting for his contract to be paid up.
Evans must be looking for a replacment and the sooner the better.

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