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McCarthy: A Big Win
Tuesday, 28th Nov 2017 23:02

Boss Mick McCarthy hailed the Blues’ 1-0 victory at Derby County as a “big win” and a “very pleasing performance” as both he and the club continued their remarkable records at Pride Park.

Town are unbeaten in 10 on Rams’ turf stretching back 11 years almost to the day, winning their last three 1-0, while McCarthy has never been defeated at Pride Park, his last loss on Derby territory having come with Millwall at the Baseball Ground back in March 1995.

“It was a big win,” the Blues boss. “I thought it was a really, good, disciplined, fighting, well-organised, stoic performance.

“I thought we were a threat in the first half, they’ve had how many passes and all the ball but it’s what you’re allowed to do with it, not what you do with it and I thought we nullified them for the most part and when they did get through we’ve had some really good last ditch tackles and Bart made a great save.

“It was a brilliant save. If there’s been a better keeper in the league for the last two seasons I haven’t seen him, certainly at keeping the ball out of his net, at stopping shots he’d fantastic.

“It was a very pleasing performance, it almost makes up for Sheffield Wednesday.”

Regarding the clean sheet, he added: “I said to the lads coming off, ‘What’s all that? A clean sheet?’ to the defenders. It wasn’t only the defenders, of course. They all worked very, very hard to ensure it didn’t go in the net.”

McCarthy was pleased to see one of Martyn Waghorn’s excellent set pieces lead to Callum Connolly’s goal, his first for the club: “We spoke about a bit of movement in the box and it’s nice when it works.”

The Town boss admitted he knew he had a good record at Derby even if he wasn’t aware of the specifics.

“I knew I’d got a pretty good one,” he added. “They should have employed me here a long time ago because my record here is better than it is at Portman Road! If it goes back that far, I should have been.

“I knew I had a good record here, we almost won promotion here, we ended up being six points clear with two games to go when I was at Wolves.

“How the hell we beat them that day was beyond me. I know how we beat them today, but that was just one of those performances.

“I wasn’t completely unaware but I don’t keep those kind of records, but I knew I’d had a decent run here.”

Quizzed on why he put on Flynn Downes and Tristan Nydam in the second half rather than the more experienced Teddy Bishop, McCarthy responded: “I’m smiling because you said Teddy Bishop and all his experience. I think he’s 21 and he hasn’t played for two years, but I get what you’re saying.

“I was talking to TC and I was thinking Bish might give us something going forward, you can control the game.

“But it wasn’t that, it was a day for scurrying around and making tackles and Tristan and certainly Flynn are pretty good at that. That was what was required and that’s why they went on instead of Bish.”

Asked whether he felt it was a deserved win, he said: “It’s interesting, if it was a team in the Champions League which had gone away and played and scored and sat in and been disciplined, people would be waxing lyrical about it.

“We’ve done it and I guess it’s ‘Boring Mick’, it’s not quite as good as if somebody else did that.”

Does he believe defending is an underrated aspect of the game? “Winning’s never underrated, is it? However it’s achieved. It wasn’t lucky. We might have given the ball away at the end a couple of times and it could have gone another way.

“But you could say we were unlucky against Sheffield Wednesday, so maybe we got a little turn for the better tonight.

“It was a good performance by us and nobody can knock that. We frustrated the hell out of them, to be fair.”

Did he feel his team might have had a penalty when Waghorn was brought down in the second half? “They might have done as well. You know, my auntie and all that. But they weren’t [penalties].

“I think the referee - and they might disagree - was strong because you can give one when the home crowd is up and then we look at it afterwards and we all go, ‘It’s never a penalty’ and we’ve lost the game and it doesn’t matter then. So fair play to him, he stayed strong.”

The Blues are now three points off the top six, does McCarthy believe his side can get back into the play-off places? “If we can play like that, not like that every week, but if we can keep clean sheets, we’ve always got a threat in terms of goals.

“So maybe. But last Wednesday I’m chewing and Saturday having played particularly well in the first half and then lost 2-0, it doesn’t look like we’ve got any chance of being in the top six, so I’m not suddenly going to start waxing lyrical about us. We’ll just keep trying to pick up points and seeing where we end up.”

McCarthy says he’s hopeful Joe Garner will be fit to face his old club Nottingham Forest at the weekend having missed out tonight.

“He’s got a sore foot and we’ll see tomorrow,” the Blues boss continued. “We’re hopeful for Saturday.”

Town will be without both skipper Luke Chambers, a former Forest skipper, and Flynn Downes as they picked up their fifth bookings of the season.

Derby boss Gary Rowett felt his team might have got something from the match but that Town defended resolutely having taken the lead.

“I think that’s what’s going to happen sometimes," he reflected. "I think in the first five minutes, it was a little bit of a poor start from us in some ways, we’ve just got to start a little bit brighter, certainly defensively, and I felt we gave them one or two opportunities, particularly down their right, to put balls into the box or to get out down that side.

“We could have cleared our lines a couple of times for the goal and it ended up going out for a corner.

“You have to say it was a fantastic delivery, when a ball is whipped in that quickly it only needs a glance, the pace is already on the ball. I think that’s one of Waghorn’s strengths.

“And I think we’ve got to do our jobs defensively much better, but Connolly I think it was got across the front and should be marked. I don’t know who was marking him but he should be marked.

“I’m all for goal-line technology but I think tonight I would have preferred it without because I’m not sure that would have been given because it was so quick and you couldn’t tell where it was, it didn’t look like it had gone over.

“But the right thing happened in the end because of it so it probably shows it’s a good thing although it’s worked against us today.

“And what you saw then was a side basically sitting in and defending for 85 minutes. And they can, they’re 1-0 up away from home and they did that quite well.

“We had chances, we had opportunities. The goalkeeper’s made a couple of very, very good saves, one in particular from Tom Huddlestone which got a deflection and he’s diving and he actually had to change the course of his dive. It was a fantastic save.

“Whereas on Saturday all our finishes went in and all our finishes were great quality, sometimes you get an evening where you have chances and the finishing isn’t quite as good.

“But I couldn’t fault our effort, I couldn’t fault our determination to keep going. I think it was just one of those games where it was a case of ‘Can Ipswich see it out?’.

"At the end the keeper’s taking an age and that’s what you do away from home, that’s how you win games sometimes, it hasn’t got to be pretty all the time."

Rowett felt his team had two decent claims for spot-kicks in the second half: “I thought we had two very good penalty shouts. I didn’t think Tom’s was a penalty in the first half but we had two others, George Thorne’s for me was a definite penalty. I’m not complaining about it, just as an observation.

“Also I thought Matej Vydra got pushed towards the end when he ends up diving in and just doesn’t quite get on the end of it, I thought Jordan Spence just gave him a nudge.

“That’s the way it goes sometimes, we’ve been given some recently. I’m certainly not using that as an excuse or complaining.

“Disappointed we couldn’t find that little bit of quality you need on nights like this. Of course, you get the equaliser and then you go and put them under an awful lot of pressure, but it just wasn’t to be.”

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Mark added 23:18 - Nov 28
Fantastic win! Great to get 3 points against one of the league's big spenders, especially away from home. Ipswich seem to be at our best when we have injuries this season, and good to see the likes of Nydam and Downes appearing again.

Now 5 points ahead of Norwich with a goal difference 9 better than the big-spending parachute-money canaries, who would have thought that?!

Forest home Saturday and promotional tickets are available to season ticket holders, so let's sell some seats and get Portman Road rocking. COYB!

PortmanTerrorist added 23:19 - Nov 28
players coming back, sensible formation and performances improving.

Can we take this forward into Saturday and play on the front foot? Over to you Mick..... now is your chance to show some belief in your team and let them off the leash so we can properly put Forest away with a positive performance from start to finish.


heavyweight added 23:21 - Nov 28
Great win, although a little nerve racking.

You always get a balanced view from Mick, must be because he has a chip on both shoulders.

Will be very interesting to see how we get on without Chambers on Saturday.

TractorBeezer added 23:22 - Nov 28
Excellent result. Well done Mick!

bigolconnor added 23:40 - Nov 28
against that squad, how have we won that?! well done everyone but particularly Bart (as usual),Ward and Waghorn. What a signing!

Miles added 23:44 - Nov 28
Fantastic win. Clean sheet should give the team a bit of confidence as well.

Also quite refreshing to hear an opposition manager give a balanced interview even after defeat. Very rarely happens but it makes a pleasant read!

Bad_Boy_Mark added 23:45 - Nov 28
Brilliant result and nice to beat a quality team like Derby!

Our boys must have defended extremely well to shut out all of their attacking talents, including the evergreen Nugent and Tom Lawrence amongst others.

Well done Mick, TC and the entire squad! Enjoy tonight!


Seasider added 23:57 - Nov 28
Credit where it is due,and in this case it must go to Mick McCarthy.A typical backs to the wall performance,by all accounts.

A well set up team who worked their socks off with very good performances from Ward,Waghorn and Bart according to the commentary.

This should give the players and fans a lift for Saturday.

ipswich134 added 01:27 - Nov 29
A win is all that matters to me!

muccletonjoe added 04:35 - Nov 29
Certainly true to say if we had lost then this post would be full tw@ts having a go at the manager or players or both. Yet when we win - silence , pity they dont keep their mouths shut all the time instead of just singing when we're losing. Fantastic performance and result , on to Forrest saturday.Skuse and Connolly forming a very good partnership at the heart of midfield and now we have huws back and Adeyemi on saturday we can look forward to a few more no shows on here.

PragmaticBlue added 07:03 - Nov 29
Mucetonjpe - spot on!

PragmaticBlue added 07:04 - Nov 29
Muccletonjoe even!

Europablue added 07:27 - Nov 29
I wasn't expecting anything from that match, so it's a wonderful surprise

Europablue added 07:37 - Nov 29
Mark, I'd rather be in the playoff spots an have Norwich 5 points ahead of us, but we can take our small victories wherever we can. :)
I'm proud that we run our club as close to breaking even as possible, but other clubs need to be punished for their reckless spending (not talking about Norwich in this case)

howdonblue added 07:38 - Nov 29
Great result!

“We’ve done it and I guess it’s ‘Boring Mick’, it’s not quite as good as if somebody else did that.”

Then Mcarthy has to have a pop afterwards!

Mcarthy out
Evans out
Klug in

dusseldorf_blue added 07:40 - Nov 29
Also fair play Rowett for his comments

Swn98 added 07:42 - Nov 29
Well done MM TC and the players let's hope we can keep the squad fit and let's believe that perhaps this could be our season.

Dissboyitfc added 08:00 - Nov 29
Muccleton..its a fans website and people are entitled to share their opinions! Its human nature to complain, especially when you care and love something and you are passionate about that something!

I can assure you of this, no town fan will be unhappy with this result!

I will never be happy with MM as our manager. We have been in the second tier for too long and thanks to mm we didnt slip into the third tier but he will never take us up! My honest opinion and i am entitled to express it!

People talk about lack of investment and true it is required, but i take this view, with all the big money signings out there and the silly money changing hands and instant success wanted by the bigger clubs there is more talent available not being given the chance. With good scouting and coaching amazing things can happen, it was once the Ipswich way and it could be again!

blue75 added 08:01 - Nov 29
Fair comments from both managers makes a nice change from usual blame everyone else culture. Can’t fault 3 points away from home no matter how they’re gained. Let’s hope for another 3 Saturday and a attacking performance!!

blue75 added 08:05 - Nov 29
Well said Dissboyitfc!!!

howdonblue added 08:33 - Nov 29
Well said diss boy

Pip50 added 08:38 - Nov 29

Whilst a great result doesn’t take away we have dropped 5 points in the last 2 games from sloppy defending. This mini run is the MM way, draw lose win enough to keep us mid table, never threatening much, losing mostly the games we expect. The lack of consistency, investment and general top management inadequacy is a running theme. This is way something needs to change hopefully taking a risk with a new Manager in the spring.


martin587 added 09:04 - Nov 29
It was a very well deserved win against a very strong Derby team.We took our chance well and defended the best I have seen for a long time,and Bart was once again exceptional.We have a group of very good players at the club and they should not be underestimated.
Full credit to everybody last night.Got home at 02.30 but very happy.Looking forward to Saturday and seeing Murphy.🤔
Just hope Garner is fit.

TractorClarke added 09:37 - Nov 29
I agree with dissboyitfc, no Town fan will be unhappy with this result, however there have been so many false dawns under Mick as well as the constant pop at the fans who are entitled to be unhappy at the negative tactics we play more often than not.

We have some really good attacking players, some lack confidence like Sears but it is good to have that quality up front, the issue is that quite often it is restricted, Celina is one example, why did he not play against Villa? Could say resting him for this game however i dont buy it.

I do think after this season it is time for Mick to go, Brenner in the radio summed it up quite well last night after asking the question about was it an option to sign Lawrence for 5 mil. Apparently it was never an option and that he would look to buy a few players for 5 mil. Thats a fair point but Brenner also said, and i think most agree, that it shows lack of ambition, 5 mill in this day and age is not a lot and he would have improved us no doubt.

Marcus Evans is not blameless as he holds the wallet so quite frankly i am as annoyed with him as anyone else, and its because of all of this holding back as to partly why we are the longest serving team in this league.

In conclusion i am always happy with a good performance and a win, i am happy with the players we have for the most part, i think on paper we are a side that could easily be up there but with the right manager and i dont think Mick is that manager, too negative for this type of team. We have also gone stale, we are not moving forward, i dont think we are going backwards either we are just bobbing around not making any progress and certainly not showing the ambition of other teams.

I appreciate we dont have money to throw around but we could show alittle more considering the fees we have had for players over the last few years and the fact people pay so much for tickets at this club, thats also disgusting but a different opinion for another day.

TractorClarke added 09:39 - Nov 29
Starting Celina against Villa i meant just to clear it up

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