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Town and Canaries United Against Social Media Abuse
Tuesday, 6th Feb 2018 14:45

Town and Norwich City have jointly issued a warning that “totally unacceptable comment and actions on all social media platforms” ahead of the East Anglian derby at Carrow Road a week on Sunday could lead to fans facing stadium bans.

Incidents in the run-up to the Portman Road game between the sides earlier in the season led to the stance.

“Town banned two individuals from attending the derby at Portman Road in October after comments and images about former Norwich striker Justin Fashanu, while the memory of Sir Bobby Robson was also targeted,” the club said in a statement on its official website.

Town MD Ian Milne said: “Online social media has many advantages but regrettably there is the darker side and a minority use social media to post content that is threatening, obscene and hateful.

“This can provoke or encourage violence and abuse, and is often intended to cause offence to others, although content like this is condemned by the vast majority of users.

“Ipswich Town Football Club and Norwich City Football Club have come together to take action against those who post offensive remarks or pictures and those fans face a stadium ban.  

“We have dealt with offenders in the past and will continue to do so. They have no place in football and we will have no hesitation in making the police aware of comments if we consider it appropriate.”

Milne’s Norwich City counterpart, Steve Stone, said: “The East Anglian derby is one of the great rivalries in English football and one to be enjoyed and celebrated in the right spirit by everybody connected with both clubs. We’re all looking forward to the latest instalment when we host Ipswich later this month.

“Unfortunately, however, when we last met at Portman Road in October there was some material posted on social media, by a tiny minority of fans of both clubs, which has no place in modern football or society in general.

“We are therefore determined to unite with Ipswich Town in dealing with this sort of material and we will issue stadium bans where we deem it appropriate. Of course in some cases, posts of this nature may fall into the realms of criminal offence and could also lead to police action.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Parkes, of Suffolk Constabulary, added: “The club has taken a really strong moral stance on this issue which has to be applauded.

“Suffolk police monitor social media in the build up to significant games. Whilst we investigate any crimes identified, my main concern is to ensure that where postings are aimed at provoking violence we notify the club straight away so that they can consider banning the offender.”

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BlueandTruesince82 added 15:20 - Feb 6
Does this mean we cant call the sister shaggeres sister shaggers anymore?

Would family orientated fans be more PC?

britbiker added 15:29 - Feb 6
I have no particular problem with most of your post but you need to keep up with the times. You cannot use "sister' anymore. Everything must now be gender neutral.

Karlosfandangal added 15:42 - Feb 6
Be interesting if town ban a few fans for the abuse in the stadium.
I have a very good friend who’s a Norwich supporter and we have some very good hearted banter and we talk about the game afterwards.

Never understand the hatred between Liverpool and Man U

Karlosfandangal added 15:42 - Feb 6
Be interesting if town ban a few fans for the abuse in the stadium.
I have a very good friend who’s a Norwich supporter and we have some very good hearted banter and we talk about the game afterwards.

Never understand the hatred between Liverpool and Man U

BlueandTruesince82 added 15:45 - Feb 6
Sibling Shaggers then

Seasider added 15:48 - Feb 6
TWTD posters beware !!!

TimmyH added 15:59 - Feb 6
The referee's a self pleasurer the referee's a self pleasurer!...that sort of thing okay?

Westy added 16:07 - Feb 6
Insult Naaaaarwich. Wouldn't dream of it.

Taricco_Fan added 16:22 - Feb 6
I want us to beat Norwich as much as the next Town fan, but the personal exchanges between supporters is all rather pathetic.

It's only a game.

Currie10 added 16:29 - Feb 6
I don't see any likelyhood of either club following through with this.

Little difference in that Norwich can afford to do this as they fill the ground every week.

We operate around 50% .........

nineteenseventyeight added 16:30 - Feb 6
My old man said 'be a Norwich fan',
I said 'Please go away that's a silly idea'

12th_Man added 17:09 - Feb 6
Glad I haven't payed £40 to not give them abuse

prebbs007 added 18:10 - Feb 6
Really ? They will be banning women from walking in front of darts players soon ! Oh wait 🤪

Seriously Milne ( is this really all you do ? Oh yes you actually produce nothing for our club ) there will be banter and hatred and some of it will be abusive and not very nice, that’s coz we hate them and they hate us. Why don’t you pop off and get a proper job coz ur a waste of space for ITFC.

If any of the sc£mmer fans want to abuse the dinosaur I for one will be happy neither club is going up or down unfortunately and being told they have to act like they are in church is not going to stop fans of both clubs.

Huge number of ITFC fans are on a self imposed ban anyway until McMuck has bu££ered off.


LWNR2013 added 18:22 - Feb 6

BlueBadger added 18:45 - Feb 6
for the hard of thinking here I'll make it simple: it basically means 'no Fashanu song, no racism, no threats of violence and(on the Budgie side) no 'Bobby Robson is dead' songs'.

There, you can all stop getting upset now, because anyone who actively wants to do those things is a pr1ck who DESERVES getting upset by this.

lightingblue added 19:18 - Feb 6
BlueBadger I totally agree. I’d like to think that both sets of supporters know how to behave, but enjoy the correct rivalry banter that goes along with our derby. In all due respect I have been to a West Ham v Millwall match. Now that was tasty. (Had to almost hide under the chair). In many ways this is a friendlier match that other derbies

Miles added 19:33 - Feb 6
Completely agree with the stance on this. Love the banter and rivalry between the clubs and I bloody hate Norwich but there's a line and it's more enjoyable for all if it doesn't end in vile abuse and violence. We will beat them anyway so there is no need to stoop to that level when we can boast victory!!

runningout added 19:37 - Feb 6
I’m afraid we have had, and have our share of complete numpties that are so called ITFC fans acting like low life on and off social media

dukey44 added 20:09 - Feb 6
Wow I live amongst Sunderland and Newcastle supporters now they have hatred as they work then punch hell out of each other during derby games but then on a Monday all go back to work together? What we say about the birdies is child’s play? What a stupid comment from the clubs. We hate them and they hate us nothing going to change that?

cat added 20:24 - Feb 6
Bring back the Budgie hunting round the city centre on New Year’s Day, back in the 80’s style!.(lol) If you don’t want to get involved fair play to you, but reading some of the rather lame comments above, if I was a budgie I’d be laughing my beak off. Dog eat dog on derby day as they say.
BLUE ARMY - ‘Simply lovleh’

davidsc1971 added 20:33 - Feb 6
Well they can't ban too many, they'll be no-one left

Radlett_blue added 23:01 - Feb 6
A good start would be not describing Norwich as "scum", which is all too common on here.

Woodbridgian added 00:11 - Feb 7
Completely agree withy the Clubs stand on this point. There is no place for such actions offenders should be banned. However maybe Mr Milne should apply the same standards of Political Correctness to Mr McCarthy and ban him from the Stadium for countless uses of foul and abusive language often directed at the fans!

jutever added 00:19 - Feb 7
Does Buggy Plucking count....? It's our turn for a big win 0-3 Happy days...COYB's

BlueBlood90 added 09:06 - Feb 7
Well, a stadium ban sounds quite appealing right now.

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