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Ticket Promotion for Reading's Visit to Portman Road
Tuesday, 5th Feb 2019 10:40

Town have announced a ticket promotion for the home game against fellow strugglers Reading on Saturday 2nd March (KO 3pm).

Tickets for the match have gone on sale today with adult prices in all areas of Portman Road set at £12, while senior citizens aged 65-plus and under-23s will be charged £8, and under-19s £3.

The Royals are currently 22nd, four points from safety and seven points above the bottom-of-the-table Blues.

There is also a similar promotion at the Derby County game on Wednesday 13th February (KO 7.45pm).

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BlueBlood90 added 10:45 - Feb 5
Hopefully these will be the sort of prices we see permanently next season. If we can put a decent team together competing at the top end of the table in league one and cheap tickets then I'm sure we'd be getting 20,000+ crowds most weeks again.

TractorCam added 10:50 - Feb 5
More excellent work Town, keep the support coming as we desperately need it whilst there's still a chance of survival, no matter how small that is.

Phil, please delete comments from any season ticket holders below moaning about personal gain.

Regards, season ticket holder Tractorcam.

warkyisgod added 10:53 - Feb 5
i'm expecting lots of down arrows but WTF as much as i like seeing a full crowd at Portman Road what about the season ticket holder, there is absolutely no reason especially this season to buy a season ticket i could have picked all the cheap games and saved myself a nice tidy sum and then gone on holiday to drown my sorrows with money i could have saved.

ruds added 10:54 - Feb 5
Can we have a list of games that WONT be a special offer game? LOL

GOOD work behind the scenes will only be appreciated if even better work is done ON the pitch otherwise come April you’ll be getting only loyal Ted and Ruth coming to games!!

warkyisgod added 11:06 - Feb 5
whilst i do agree with you Tractorcam it is great to have the support and perhaps with these cheaper games the town can get some young fans in through the door and keep them coming i do feel sorry for the families who have paid money for season tickets and are basically thought so little of, i buy a season ticket every year and i can't see me not doing it no matter what league we are in but perhaps a little sweetener for us who do make the financial commitment is to perhaps put cup games in there for free lets face it that wouldn't cost the club much as we never progress past the first game but would hopefully appease the grumpy bu**ers like me.

TractorCam added 11:14 - Feb 5
warkyisgod, right now it's just important to get fans through the gate, the team needs all the support it can get. That's more important than any personal gain.

For all we know Evans might do something for season ticket holders at the end of the season, but that shouldn't be important to you.

warkyisgod added 11:25 - Feb 5
Tractorcam i totally agree with you on the getting fans through the gate and and who knows about the future what might be there for season ticket holders next season but it is only my opinion that as a ST holder we have been given the rough end for some time with the cost of a tickets being so high compared to a lot of clubs and lets face it the football on offer for a few years now hasn't been the greatest yet the price goes up with exception of last year when ME dropped the prices. i really do agree that the club needs as much support as possible but for me and a lot of people we have to budget to have a ST which is why its important to me, but again you have your opinion and i have mine.

Northstandveteran added 11:34 - Feb 5
Free cup games for season ticket holders?

I'm sure Marcus will pay for 2 of those every year.

Two away games, cost to Marcus, £0.


I for one am so very glad that we decided to take cup runs seriously this season.

A very refreshing change from the McCarthy days.

blues1 added 11:37 - Feb 5
TractorCam. Why do you think giving something tobseason ticket holders is about their personal gain? As a season ticket holder i dont have a massive problem with these promotions. But why should some1 whos been to very few games get in for £12 while its still costing me around £17-18. This is advertised as a £12 promotion for all seats in the ground. Clearly isnt though is it. And im not saying it need to be a cheaper ticket for us St holders. How about just a voucher for a free pie orca pint. Just something given back to those of us who commit ourselves to a whole season rather than the odd game here and there.

Northstander_Blue added 11:52 - Feb 5
Another kick in the teeth for us season ticket holders, come on ITFC I don’t mind reducing prices but maybe make it a level playing field give us a small offer free programme or tea & pie it’s not a lot to ask just think about next season

SouperJim added 12:10 - Feb 5
Really don't get the "race to the bottom" mentality of some season ticket holders on this. I paid for my season ticket at the start of the season knowing full well that anything could happen. I am a FAN, not just a CUSTOMER, I support my club and was happy to pay the price stated at the start of the season to watch 23 games of football. Let everybody in for free from here on in for all I care, actually I'd prefer it so long as most of them are prepared to sing and contribute to the atmosphere, I'll have lost nothing.

So many fans have been complaining about our ticket prices for years, the club run promotions to get more fans in for a cheaper price and now people complain about that. We really are turning into a bunch of whinging moaning impossible to please merchants. Get behind the team you miserable shower.

itfc58 added 12:16 - Feb 5
As a supporter of the club since the early 70's and a season ticket holder for many years, i have absolutely no issues at all with these promotional prices in fact as far as i'm concerned do for all the remaining home games this year. OK as a paid season ticket holder maybe it appears unfair on us, but if it brings the crowds back, improves the atmosphere and helps our team, who gives a flying one? bring it on.
The only thing i ask is that i hope us season ticket holders are remembered next season whatever league we are in and not just with a £10 shop credit. COYB

carsey added 12:37 - Feb 5
If this encourages a decent crowd then fine by me I just hope the club remember those of us who forked out before the season even started and have done for many years. a decent price drop would be a nice surprise when those begging letters appear in the next couple of months.

rollercoastertown added 12:38 - Feb 5
I reckon we will win this one 4-0

terry_butchers_twin added 12:44 - Feb 5
Perhaps the club could donate £10 per season ticket holder who attends to th the Kevin Beattie statue fund....

madmouse1959 added 12:47 - Feb 5

ChestnutSe added 12:51 - Feb 5
As a season ticket holder I can’t even buy a ticket at the moment. Apparently I need a silver card. WTF

ChestnutSe added 12:51 - Feb 5
Why’s that fair?

MarinersMane added 12:52 - Feb 5
Have to agree with most comments on here, I am all for having a bigger attendance and therefore better atmosphere to encourage the team, but the season tickets holders are just being ignored and dumped on. They have invested up front and in good faith and getting no reward for it! ME don’t forget to reward your most committed supporters too! It doesn’t have to be the earth, a free pie and pint on these promotional days would be suffice.

Mark added 13:04 - Feb 5
Good. As a season ticket holder I want to see as many people in the stadium as possible. I want ITFC to reconnect with fans. We are going down, but let's not just stick together but encourage lots of new fans to back Lambert's 2019/20 promotion push.

JimInGreensboro added 13:18 - Feb 5
First time I’ve seen “promotion” mentioned in years.

OwainG1992 added 13:23 - Feb 5
You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time...............

runningout added 13:43 - Feb 5
We aren’t down yet. Close but NOT. Get decent and attractive prices sorted NOW for remainder of this and next season WHATEVER league we’re in. Surely you don’t need to be intelligent to work that out

Warkys_Tash added 13:43 - Feb 5
'Craig' from 'Radio Suffolk' won't like it. He was even moaning about the lack of chocolate bars by the end of the call.. I know it was a hugely frustration result on Sat bt chocolate bars??

'Craig', if you are on here.. show yourself :-)

inghamspur added 14:24 - Feb 5
Erm, just to confirm, we are going down.

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