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McCarthy: Keane Out for Six Weeks
Wednesday, 27th Feb 2019 18:23

Former Town boss Mick McCarthy, now in charge of the Republic of Ireland, says Blues striker Will Keane will be out for six weeks with the hamstring injury he suffered at Wigan last Saturday and won’t be available for his side's March internationals.

Keane has recently opted to switch international allegiance to Ireland, where his father was born, having played for England at various youth levels.

"That was a straightforward one,” McCarthy told RTE when asked about the progress of Keane's qualification ahead of the March European Championship qualifiers against Gibraltar and Georgia.

“I rang him up, [he said] ‘Yeah, I’d love to’, he’s started the process [of transferring] and he is in that process now, and he’s sadly out injured. He got injured on Saturday and is out for six weeks.

"He was straightforward in going ahead with the process. Look, he is only 26 and is still a young man but has been blighted by injury and is sadly injured again. I’ve seen him play twice for Ipswich, and he played very well.”

Yesterday, current Town boss Paul Lambert said the club should have a better idea of the extend of Keane’s injury before the weekend.

Keane’s absence will be a big blow for the Blues with the former Manchester United youngster having been in impressive form with his penalty at Wigan his third goal for Town.

Photo: TWTD

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bluedickie added 18:26 - Feb 27
FFS !!!

tetchris added 18:26 - Feb 27
Not his place to give injury updates on town players to the media!

therein61 added 18:30 - Feb 27
The arrogant idiot who started the clubs recent decline is still gobbing off you are not here anymore just go and do one!!

RobITFC added 18:34 - Feb 27
Old Big Gob again , doubt Paul Lambert will be happy with him spouting off this news!

Suffolkboy added 18:35 - Feb 27
Not too much thought given to some these comments : must have looked fairly obvious from the nature of PL’s words that he simply didn’t want to give away information too far ahead of the game ( and that’s quite simply what Managers do !) .
Shouldn’t be barbs aimed at MM; WK came clean to him !

osborne added 18:35 - Feb 27
Irish manager gives Irish press update on Irish players availability. How dare he!

BlueBoots added 18:43 - Feb 27
Tuesday: PL tries to smokescreen the extent of WK's injury, saying he's working with the physios and we'll know better by the weekend...
Wednesday: MicMac tells the world that WK is out for 6 weeks, giving one of our relegation rivals a couple of days to prepare their tactics knowing he won't be playing...

Cheers Mick

PositivelyPortman added 18:44 - Feb 27
That’s aided Reading’s tactics in advance of Saturday’s crucial match. Very helpful big nose.

NewEraNewMe added 19:01 - Feb 27
Nice to see big nose still hasn't got any respect for this club or even Paul Lambert, makes me happy to know that mick has basically already been sacked as Ireland Manager anyway due to their under 21 coach taking over from him soon hahahaha

leftie1972 added 19:09 - Feb 27
Freddie and Collin up front then with Judge and Dawkins on the wings?

bongoblue91 added 19:11 - Feb 27
Prophetic comments on here aimed at Mick, the mentality of some of are fans is unreal! Move on, he’s gone!

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:16 - Feb 27
OMG its voodoo

ArnieM added 19:17 - Feb 27
You almost get the feeling that McCarthy deliberately showed Towns hand to Reading by declaring this info on Keane.

He’s an even bigger c**** than I’d originally thought.

Dissboyitfc added 19:23 - Feb 27
McCarthy didnt need to say anything, did he!!!! Probably loved doing so!

herfie added 19:23 - Feb 27
Perhaps he’s getting his Didsy and Keanes mixed up!

Very disappointing news if MM’s right. I’m hoping that PL and ME can find a way to keep Keane on board for next season. If he can stay fit, would be a key member of the team, and play a major part in our rehabilitation. Ultimately, however, everything else being equal, it’ll be about the money.

In the meantime, wish the lad a full and speedy recovery. I think his attitude, as a loan player, has been spot on. Fully committed to ITFC.

Eireannach_gorm added 19:26 - Feb 27
Pathetic digs at an ex manager who did a good job at the club. Sad jibes at his personal appearance show real class from posters. It may have escaped you lot that things have gone a little downhill in his absence. Is Mick supposed to check in with the managers of all Irish players before he comments about them? Its unfortunate that there is no facility to put the news section on ignore.

ITFCsince73 added 19:30 - Feb 27
Agreed to the move requests of our best players before he left the club. As a, be careful what you wish for, up yours good bye.
Bet he couldn’t wait to reveal this news.
With a big smug smile on his face.

Dissboyitfc added 19:31 - Feb 27
leftie what freddie are you suggesting we start up front with?

ITFCsince73 added 19:42 - Feb 27
Eirennach gorm. MM done nothing with our club, except turn it into a poison, depressive place.
The greatest day in the clubs recent history, was when he said he was leaving.
I take great pity on the wonderful Irish football supporters.
Won’t be long until they see it for themselves.
His football philosophy is dated and world football has moved on a hell of a lot since the World Cup 94. He will be found out in no time.

ArnieM added 19:43 - Feb 27
Spot on ^^

Sergio added 20:05 - Feb 27
What a pr1ck!

Sm00411 added 20:13 - Feb 27
The extent of the injury isn't public knowledge and McCarthy is showing a real lack of class revealing this prior to the game against Reading. If Keane's next game was an Ireland game, then fair enough, but that's not the case.

Hopefully Lambert put's a positive spin on this and uses this to fire the players up because our ex-manager clearly wants us to go down.

Saxonblue74 added 20:21 - Feb 27
MM really hasn't helped PL to "show his hand" before the Reading game. Anyone with half a footballl brain knows that a player who pulls up with a hamstring injury in the manner that WK did does not return after a week, Reading would have no doubt about that. More likely still trying to sell tickets for the game so not wanting to "show his hand" too early to fans?! Prospects of a win are diminishing as our strikers one by one join the treatment room. Don't see this as news, rather a confirmation. MM was interviewed as Ireland manager and was unlikely to be aware of Lamberts statement.

ArnieM added 20:23 - Feb 27
McCarthy is showing himself to be exactly what he is. A loud mouthed “ has been” with a big chip on his shoulder.

Cakeman added 20:24 - Feb 27
I am not going to get into the debate of if McCarthy was wrong to comment on our player before the club has done so but does anyone have some spare Anusol?
Right or wrong in his comments this man is just like a Hemorrhoid that will not go away. Just when you think he is gone he rears his head to irritate once again.

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