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Town Allay Concerns After Petition Order Dismissed at High Court
Wednesday, 1st May 2019 12:35

Town have sought to allay concerns after a petition order was dismissed at the High Court this morning.

HMRC began the proceedings against the club, which ultimately could have led to a winding up order, regarding a tax bill of an undisclosed figure, which Town had settled in March.

The club's name was on a list of companies at the Insolvency and Companies Court today relating to a petition order, an early stage in the process.

At this morning's hearing the barrister for HMRC confirmed to Judge Sebastian Prentis that the debt had been paid in full. He asked for the case to be dismissed, which it was.

Town say the issue had already long been resolved and should never have reached the court.

“We only became aware of today’s court hearing via the media yesterday and we are currently investigating with the authorities why it did get to court as it concerns a debt that was paid - and for which we received acknowledgment of payment - in the middle of March,” a club statement reads.

“This morning’s hearing was for a petition order but was immediately dismissed in court as it concerned a debt that was paid six weeks ago.

“We’d like to make it absolutely clear that no winding up petition was served on the club. There will certainly be no further action and we are very disappointed the matter actually reached the court.”

Town were previously subject to a similar situation relating to a debt to HMRC in February 2016.

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chicoazul added 12:51 - May 1

Suffolkboy added 12:51 - May 1
whoops ! Maybe the thought of us sailing a bit close to the wind will resonate amongst ITFC supporters , and insistently concentrate appreciation that funding and running the Club is demanding and ‘costly ‘ !

Steve_M added 13:08 - May 1
Was it a service provider again? Or just the Evans business model?

raycrawfordswig added 13:14 - May 1
HMRC Don’t know their Ar5e from their Elbow.

Garv added 13:16 - May 1
Allay Allay Allay.

tractorboybig added 13:31 - May 1
Marcus evans is a spiv and that's how he runs this once proud club

exeterblue10 added 13:36 - May 1
Garv - genius!

BluePatriot added 13:43 - May 1
HMRC = Disorganisanised and don’t give a toss who they
Smear. I know a lot of good businesses have been treated the same way
Disgraceful civil servants on power trips or scum fans

Ipswichbusiness added 13:54 - May 1
If the hearing was today then the application would have been made weeks ago. If we only settle our debts when threatened with insolvency proceedings, that suggests that our financial position is weak.

ArnieM added 14:09 - May 1
Or that’s whyEvans is a multi millionaire

PositivelyPortman added 15:15 - May 1
I’ve got a spare fiver if that’s any use?

runningout added 15:19 - May 1
No smoke without fire.. Onwards and downwards

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:32 - May 1
raycrawfordswig - Certainly agree with you on that one! I've only relatively recently had the pleasure of dealing with HMRC because of a house sale in the UK. They don't seem to check their records before they send you stuff relating to something you've already sorted months ago!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:33 - May 1
raycrawfordswig - Certainly agree with you on that one!

braveblue added 15:49 - May 1
Not the first time. Remember Milne talking nonsense about it the last time. A sure sign of a badly run company. Evans impact on us just gets worse and worse.

Coastalblue added 16:08 - May 1
Sounds typical of HMRC, I certainly wouldn't assume the Club have done anything out of turn.
I've recently paid and then been refunded an outstanding tax bill dating back four years under threat of fine, for the third time no less.

jas0999 added 18:27 - May 1
Looks like a genuine mistake - but how and why did it get to a stage where court needed to be mentioned in the first place?

blueconscience added 19:31 - May 1
HMRC suspecting the perfect Mr Evans, how dare they!!!!

Edmundo added 19:37 - May 1
As I was told by Derek Bowden years ago, Town is really only a small business. HMRC always seem to chase SMEs, never go after the big boys (e.g. Google) who could fund our NHS with one instalment of correctly paid tax!

NorthLondonBlue2 added 20:26 - May 1
Insolvency etc is not my field of law (although I do appear in the High Court frequently). But it does seem to me to be far more serious than the club's answer.

For a financial dispute to reach the High Court would mean that there had been a prior process in which the club had either refused to pay, or was unable to pay whatever was owed.

You don't go from a dispute to the High Court in 6 weeks. Plus High Court cases are expensive to lodge and argue. Again, you wouldn't seek a court listing lightly.

On the back of relegation, this is very troubling as our income plummets and liabilities continue to accrue.

blues1 added 20:53 - May 1
Do many of those who have posted on this clearly havent read the whole story before doing so. Northlondonblue2? "There must have been a previous process where town had refused to pay"? They paid it in march as story stayes. So this clearly an error by hmrc.

bingboast added 21:26 - May 1
What a pathetic bunch of "fans" are on here regularly, wanting to believe anything black about the club, & if it proves untrue they then revert back to making the presumption of black news, to try to prove themselves right. Do go away.

NorthLondonBlue2 added 21:43 - May 1
@blues1 - I did read the story and stand by my comment. For a debt matter to reach the High Court is a very serious matter. It's not like forgetting to pay the gas bill and getting a reminder. This is extremely serious. The fact that the case was listed in error, because the debt was settled 6 weeks ago does not explain why on earth Town let this matter get as out of hand as it appears to have done.


Felstow1978 added 22:27 - May 1
PositivelyPortman - why not use your fiver to make Marcus an offer for the Club?

blues1 added 00:24 - May 2
Northlondonblue2. If you read the whole story then you must habe misunderstood ot. Its clearly due to an error by hmrc that it reached the high court. Nothing to do with itfc. Which is why the case was cancelled immediately.

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