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Skuse Should Have Played in the Premier League
Thursday, 12th Sep 2019 17:40

Town boss Paul Lambert believes midfielder Cole Skuse should have played in the Premier League ahead of the 33-year-old’s 250th appearance for the Blues away against the MK Dons on Tuesday.

Skuse joined Town in the summer of 2013 after leaving hometown club Bristol City and has been an almost ever-present in the middle of midfield since then.

“I think he’s done really well,” Lambert said. “As I said before, I wish I had Cole maybe when he was 25 or 26. He’s getting to that age where it does catch you at certain times but he’s started brilliantly.

“I say I wish I’d had him at 25 or 26 because I think he has so much to offer with his passing ability, which is second to none.

“I’ve just got him probably at the wrong age, even though he’s still playing really well for us.”

Lambert believes Skuse should have played at a higher level with former Reading boss Steve Coppell once having shown interest in taking him into the top flight when the Royals were in the Premier League.

“He should have done with his passing level, in my opinion,” Lambert said. “For one reason or another he didn’t, I don’t know why.

“I had some really good players that have worked under me with the same passing ability as Cole and those lads have played in the Premier League. So I don’t see why he shouldn’t have been that level of player.”

Skuse is contracted to the Blues until the end of the season with the club having an option for a further season and the midfielder has said he would be keen to sign another deal and that tentative talks have taken place.

Lambert says he’s not sure where things might be on that front: “I’m 100 per cent sure of his situation with everything. It’s not something I sit and look at, who’s got a long time left or anything like that. The important thing is that this football club has to get back out of the division, that’s the main aspect of it.

“Everything else will fall into place once they club is having success, everything will fall into place.”

Photo: TWTD

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Radlett_blue added 17:51 - Sep 12
He hasn’t played in the Premier League because he’s an average holding midfielder who’s as slow as a boat.

TractorCam added 17:52 - Sep 12
Had a brilliant start to the season, an excellent partnership with Downes. Long may it continue!

nodge_blue added 17:55 - Sep 12
Theres alot of boats that are fast

afrodids added 18:01 - Sep 12
Found his level in league one! Never a PL player, very average championship player at best!

Mullet added 18:03 - Sep 12
Champions League winning defensive midfielder says Skuse should have played in the Premier League, TWTDers beg to differ. Interesting.

Terry_Nutkins added 18:05 - Sep 12
Yet another manager who knows an awful lot about football and has seen him week in and week out and managed shed loads of players who thinks Cole could have played in Prem. But here come the know better comments "average", "slow" etc. Bot silly isn't it.

Girthyguy added 18:16 - Sep 12
Micks negative football to blame I'm afraid. Mick the destroyer strikes again.

afcfee added 18:18 - Sep 12
He's been great this season but it's noticeable the change of pace and he has a lot more time on the ball to spread the play, which he has done brilliantly. But if we do go back up we definitely need to improve that area as he can't last for ever, but big fan this season anyway this time last year I was saying will go down if he keeps playing, now I'd say we'll go up if he stays fit!

WhoisJimmyJuan added 18:38 - Sep 12
I don't get the lack of respect displayed all too often by a minority on here to some of our most reliable and trusted players. If I'm honest, im not sure Skuse would have made a quality Premier league player but I am grateful for everything he has done for our club.

Linkboy13 added 18:50 - Sep 12
Always been a great admirer of Skusey fine man and professional. Don't think he's ever been premier league quality though, cant remember any premier clubs being interested. One of Lambert's throw away comments i think.

dirtydingusmagee added 19:00 - Sep 12
often knocked on here and dosnt always deserve it, ,he is doing a good job now and its now that matters.,

hampstead_blue added 19:06 - Sep 12
There is always a reason why players don't get picked up by the big teams.
Didzy was pace (according to my old colleague who is a Prem scout) and I'd imagine CS is something similar.

dirtydingusmagee added 19:08 - Sep 12
often knocked on here and dosnt always deserve it, ,he is doing a good job now and its now that matters.,

BerlinBlue added 19:31 - Sep 12
Mullet: my thoughts exactly!

TimmyH added 20:35 - Sep 12
Never I'm afraid...have to disagree with Paul on this one.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 20:51 - Sep 12
Mullet - you beat me to it .
Totally agree

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 21:24 - Sep 12
He will be in two years. I figure we'll wrap up this league nicely for the next 8 months, then meet Norwich next season, and leave them in the Championship when we do back to back promotions to the prem league.

Simple as that :)

Tellitasitis added 21:40 - Sep 12
Said it before and say it again good player should get a new deal keeps the midfield ticking over, yeah does not score goals or make runs into the box but highly unrated in my book.
Looking forward to Saturday hopefully keep the good start going but got sit and listen to certain Saddos sat in churchman lower row G around seats 80 to 90 having their delusional opinions......can't wait

BlueMachines added 21:56 - Sep 12
Good man management here. Nice confidence builder.

For those claiming the Town fans are wrong to disagree with PL. I’m not sure we, or Bristol City before us have had to fight off Premier League bidders. Is that due to those TWTDers that never had anything positive to say and moan at every opportunity or is it because no Prem League club thought him worth a punt? ITFC certainly haven’t denied him any opportunity.

aloanagain added 22:01 - Sep 12
Skuse has always been a good reliable player. I think some people wait for one mistake and criticise him for everything. Watch a player throughout a match and pick up on things they do off the ball, you'll find that they are better than you think. I doubted Berra when he came here but after watching him throughout a game I realised how good his positional play was. Support the team.

ITFCsince73 added 22:31 - Sep 12
He’s started the season great. He is a massive part of what we’re trying to achieve this season.
I wouldn’t expect Lambo to come out with anything different to what he’s said.
Weather he’s right or not is a different matter.
Skuse has been at our club for a good number of years.
We haven’t to my knowledge ever had to fight anyone who wanted the services of Skuse.
Not even a cheeky bid made.
That tells me if he had the quality to play premier league or not.
If he had the quality to play at that level, you could bet your bottom dollar it would have happened. Lambo talks the club up at every occasion, like he does with all our players.
Not really much to do with, well he’s won the Champions league so he must be right.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 22:45 - Sep 12
ITFC firstly it's whether not weather and secondly I'll go with Lambert's opinion over yours thanks .

ITFCsince73 added 08:15 - Sep 13
That’s you all over Bobble, unfortunately.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 08:16 - Sep 13
What ? Being correct ?

Linkboy13 added 10:08 - Sep 13
Sometimes managers say what the fans want to hear,think its called public relations and Paul Lambert's very good at it. He's doing a great job at the moment let's just leave it at that.

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