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O'Neill: Evans Still Very Much Committed to Town
Thursday, 6th Feb 2020 17:26

Owner Marcus Evans remains as committed to the club as ever, according to general manager of football operations Lee O’Neill.

Evans took over at Portman Road in December 2007 with a swift promotion to the Premier League the aim. However, 13 years on the Blues are in League One but with Evans still unwavering in his commitment to the club.

“Yes, very much so,” said O’Neill. “He’s still working very hard behind the scenes and obviously here a lot.

“And still challenging both Paul and myself and other key members of the departments at other parts of the club that are constantly striving to be better.

“You’ll have seen things, whether that’s the training ground or the stadium, he’s trying to address areas of the stadium to improve the matchday experience.

“Again, it’s not all going to be done overnight but if you look at where it was 12 months ago and some of the things that we’re doing now, there is change.

“If we fast-forward another 12 months you’d hope to see some more change and follow-on, so we’re gradually getting the club back to some of the better times that we all want to see.”

Asked why the stadium was allowed to deteriorate in the manner it was, O’Neill said: “It can be a number of reasons why and it’s not for me to comment as to why certain things haven’t happened in the past, it’s not about what we were doing at a particular time, it’s about recognising that it needs to be improved and doing things about it moving forward.

“It’s unfair for me to comment on what’s happened in the past. There can be many reasons why, for me it’s more important that we’re recognising what it is and trying to make it better going forward.”

While the Blues have one of the biggest budgets in League One, Town’s wage bill in the Championship - just under £19 million last season - was around the 18th highest and about a third the size of some of their competitors.

In order to address that imbalance, has owner Evans looked at attracting outside investment? “I think when Marcus did the interview two seasons ago and he was talking about that he said that if an offer ever came in that would look at it from that point of view.

“I think people think there’s someone going to come in with X amount of money and invest into the club here and now, but as far as I’m aware those things haven’t happened, as much as people wish that to happen.

“Marcus puts in a lot of money every year. He puts in what he can do and he works incredibly hard in other businesses to allow him to put the money into this football club.

“Money isn’t the answer to everything, again you can see that at other football clubs. There has been money spent on transfers and players and facilities and stuff like that, but it’s not always the answer. It can help in some situations, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the answer to everything.

“So, from an investment point of view, if there was an investment on the table, I’m sure he would look at things. But at the moment, as far as I’m aware, those things don’t exist so they’re not options that we can even consider.”

Ed Sheeran’s regular appearances at Portman Road have led to suggestions that he might take a financial interest in the club with rumours having circulated that meetings along those lines may have taken place.

However, O’Neill poured cold water on such claims: “No, not as far as I’m aware. Ed’s a good supporter of the club, which is fantastic and if he were to do that it would be brilliant, but I don’t think that’s on the horizon.”

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Campag_Velocet added 17:33 - Feb 6
Evans is as committed to the club as ever.

So still not very?

Bluearmy_81 added 17:37 - Feb 6
What a crock of s h i t e

pennblue added 17:37 - Feb 6
Unfortunately Lee, in football, money IS pretty much everything.

beornioblue added 17:50 - Feb 6
If he did have he would have made the funds available for the targets that Lambert said he wanted in even on loan as backup .... but he didnt so b0llocks

blueconscience added 17:56 - Feb 6
Same old crap reposted. I will believe when I see his “Commitment” take the club in the right direction.

rfretwell added 17:59 - Feb 6
Come on Ed. All that money. Why wouldn't you?

Churchman75 added 18:19 - Feb 6
What a crock of Shiite

Billionaire but he hits in a few quid , anyone who believes he’s good for OUR club is bonkers.

would much rather have McAntony and fry

TheTrueBlue1878 added 18:27 - Feb 6
Same story spun every 6 months.

Same amount invested in the squad every transfer window.

Nothing unfortunately.

Dolphinblue added 18:38 - Feb 6
Evans is a great saviour to this club! Keep up the great work Evans, Lambert, Chambers COYB

cat added 18:40 - Feb 6
We’ll prove it then and show some intent at least

BeattiesBackPocket added 18:42 - Feb 6
‘Towns wage bill was the 18th highest in the championship’ lol this is hilarious and sums the whole spin of the club up! Most people would say 18th lowest so o guess we must have finished 24th highest in the league as well 🤷‍♂️

muhrensleftfoot added 18:56 - Feb 6
He may be a great businessman in the world of hospitality, events etc whatever it is that he does, but he is hopeless at running a football club. A slow but steady year on year decline since he took over, yet teams with far less resources do so much better. Poorly run, badly managed and the 5 year contract to a 2nd rate manager doesn't bode well for the future.

eddiespearitt03 added 19:01 - Feb 6
So it is O,Neil,s turn to repeat what has been rolled out over and over again by his predecessors Clegg and Milne. What is not mentioned is making the changes to enable this club to progress. We,ll make the easier decision and keep much of what has gone before. Of course we,ll expect the fans as usual to buy into this, they usually do. Changing the flavour of a meat pie and the occasional lick of paint around the stadium does not constitute progress. Competing in a cup competition would go some way to make a supporter feel better about the state of this club. Yet somehow we exit cup competitions early, why is that ? Losing against teams like Exeter could be a measure of where we really are. Losing to Rotherham & Peterborough is just not a blip. Keeping everything the same is not all tickety boo. It keeps this club stuck.

ThaiBlue added 19:02 - Feb 6
Dont give a monkeys to be honest nothing will ever change.

Saxonblue74 added 19:03 - Feb 6
A dose of truth and reality for the dreamers among us. A summing up of where we are as a club and what we need to do simply to survive. Overheads at football clubs are now enormous. Remember the days of proper "dugouts" rather than rows and rows of designer seating? There used to be a manager and a few subs, now there are dozens of hangers on draining resources of cash strapped clubs. What exactly do they all do?

Saxonblue74 added 19:06 - Feb 6
Eddiespearitt, cup runs unfortunately bring in so little revenue these days (relative to league success) that few clubs take it seriously. Clearly we are one of those clubs.

blueconscience added 19:25 - Feb 6

I presume what you said was sarcasm. But none the less it made me laugh out very loud. Thank you :)

blueboy1981 added 19:25 - Feb 6
Get the Stadium spruced up then - you know, just like you promised, instead of handing out (as yet anyway) undeserved contracts .......!!!
At this moment the money would have been better spent on paint - let’s all hope that changes real soon.

PositivelyPortman added 19:26 - Feb 6
What a waste of space this bloke is.

Just comes out and says what Evans can’t be f***ed to say himself.

blueboy1981 added 19:35 - Feb 6
Sometimes I think other than the appreciation claptrap he needs to realise that we are not all mugs, and we are playing in front of double the crowds that many, if not most League 1 Clubs - therefore increased gate receipts two fold on Clubs like we have, and continue to get beaten by - or swamped should I say, if the last two results are considered.
21k is an incredible gate in League 1 (3rd Div’ remember) - most fellow Clubs in this League would give anything to have that.

itfchorry added 19:37 - Feb 6
Already writing his programme notes ahead of
us failing to get promoted-

Had a huge opportunity to back the Club with a couple
of signings in January-

All the other teams looking for a top 6 finish did.

blueboy1981 added 19:42 - Feb 6
This Club has become a master of spin - maybe a prerequisite of a job, and long term contract award .... !!
Or am I being facetious ..... ?

ITFCsince73 added 19:51 - Feb 6
Dolphin the 3 you mention are part of the Evans machine.
2 are clueless. 1 had success in Germany playing for a big club, in the champions league.
All 3 have yet to show they will make a success in there roles at ITFC.
1 has had 10 plus years. The other fast approaching 10 years. The 3rd has just been rewarded with 5 years.
5 years....for thus far, nothing.

dirtydingusmagee added 19:58 - Feb 6
Dolphin is Evan's Y fronts.

blueboy1981 added 20:01 - Feb 6
Ed Sheeran ? - forget him people as a potential investor of the Club.
To be honest, as a mega, mega rich Supporter and having such adulation, following, and support from people in Suffolk, it wouldn’t be too much to expect in my opinion.
However, I am not aware of him too date having put a single penny into the Club - not even sure he pays admittance to watch such.
Therefore, before we knock Evans too much - we have super rich £millionaires ( Supporters ) on our doorstep with short arms, and deep pockets.
Reality check for all, I’d say.

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