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Lambert: Fans Will Accept Clubs Utilising Squads If Season Resumes
Friday, 3rd Apr 2020 11:39

Town boss Paul Lambert believes fans will accept clubs utilising the full extent of their squads, including academy youngsters, when football returns with games likely to be coming thick and fast if and when the 2019/20 campaign is completed. He also suggests that the leagues may have to increase the number of substitutes, perhaps even allowing clubs to swap entire XIs at half-time.

Lambert, speaking on talkSPORT Breakfast with Alan Brazil (9am-9.30am - 8mins 43secs), Lambert was asked about the Blues’ situation, 10th in League One, seven points off the play-offs with eight to play, going into the unexpected break. Can Town get back on a roll and get back in the running?

“We started great, we were top of the league at the end of January, were doing really well, but we got three or four injuries, long-term ones that really hurt us,” Lambert said.

“This break might bring them back, hopefully it does bring them back whenever the season does resume, or if it does. If it does resume, it’s like a restart button, this break.

“My only concern with the whole thing if we’re told to play, if you have to do a mini-pre-season. When you have a pre-season you have to play maybe four or five warm-up games to get ready and you make substitutions.

“So you have to play maybe two teams in two halves and the league’s going to have to say, OK, you can have 11 substitutions because you’re putting everybody at risk again.”

Quizzed on whether Premier League players these days are capable of playing two or three times a week, something which may be required if the season resumes, he reflected: “I think most footballers now, the way the modern day game is, how fit they are, they can turnover the games, they can get three games in.

“And if you have to use even the younger players, the academy kids, I think fans will accept it a lot more now just because of the situation that’s happened.

“I think it will change everybody’s perception on the world of sport, this virus, especially on the football side. If teams have to do that, have to play so many games within a week or over a couple of months, then I don’t think anybody will have any issues with younger players playing and having a turnover in your squad, I really don’t.”

Top flight players and the PFA have come under increasing scrutiny for their high wages at a time when others in football - off-field staff, lower division clubs - are struggling but Lambert believes players themselves are willing to help out locally off their own bats.

“I think that’s what will happen in time,” he continued. “I think lads will do that, they’ll probably get together and say ‘Listen, we need to try and help’ in time.

“The criticism they take is pretty severe at certain times but most of the guys are good at heart really and I think they will definitely get together and say ‘OK, how can we help’, even if it’s just a little bit.

“Especially a club like ourselves, we’re based in the Suffolk area and you just hope that everybody clubs together and tries to help their local community really.”

Lambert himself, who says he and his wife are spending time watching the likes of Tiger King on NetFlix while on lockdown at his new Ipswich home, said last week that he and his staff are willing to take a wage deferral during the current crisis.

Photo: TWTD

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ITFCsince73 added 12:49 - Apr 3
He hasn't spoke rubbish for weeks. Now puts it all into 1 interview.
Did he see the possibility of the above happening in a dream....

JDAndCoke added 13:10 - Apr 3
73 - Out of interest, what part of this interview is rubbish? I think Lambert is pretty much echoing the thoughts of most around the world of football in the current climate. Having seen numerous comments from yourself on articles over the last few weeks, can I suggest you take a break from TWTD altogether for a while? It seems you simply want to post negativity about anything and everything relating to Town. Enough negativity and crisis in the world at the moment and myself and I'm sure many other users come to TWTD as an escapism from the news that surrounds us on a daily basis, something to look forward to and be positive about when all of this is over.

Try not to take the above the wrong way, just something to consider.

TheTrueBlue1878 added 13:11 - Apr 3
We did it before and it didn't work, so expect no difference when Lamberts Lucky Dip selection returns in the coming months.

ITFCsince73 added 13:33 - Apr 3
JD. Any part thar suggests you can put more than 2 people together in a full on contact sport this side of October.

ITFCsince73 added 13:35 - Apr 3
If you know or suggest different JD. please share.

Terry_Nutkins added 13:41 - Apr 3
73 he's answering question about IF the season resumes. he even says IF it does resume. calling Lambert out for having the audacity to answer a question on if it resumes really is taking your negative comments to the next level.

As it stands it is more likely than not that there WILL be football before Oct (not guaranteed). So even if that is your argument it's hardly 'rubbish'. It will likely be behind closed doors. Remember China the originator who are weeks ahead of us have lifted many restrictions now they are well past peak.

Les57 added 13:41 - Apr 3
Our season is over, it does not matter what we do. Hopefully we can get the games of this season played so the teams that do deserve something get it. I.E. Liverpool get to win the premier league and Norwich get relegated. At least that way we have something to cheer about.

Oh and by the way, I do agree that Lambert is sincere in his thoughts. It is just that some people will have a dig no matter what he does or say. Just like they moan about certain players no matter what they do on the pitch.

ITFCsince73 added 13:44 - Apr 3
This platform is for opinion JD. Some you agree with. Some you don't. (Suggest don't read).
I'm not the sort to stick fingers in ears and hum.
Prefer to give my honest b******t.

Bluearmy_81 added 14:02 - Apr 3
If the season doesn't conclude evans won't be able to sack him with a much reduced payoff for failing to finish in the top 6 so we'll be stuck with both of them for next season. Cue league 2.

MickMillsTash added 14:06 - Apr 3
Injuries have cost us but despite the league position we were not that good before KVY was out and Norwood could only play 70 minutes once a week.


cat added 14:38 - Apr 3
Respect has to continue to go to manager, players and staff for their off field achievements and to ‘73' for saying it as it is (lol) If we achieved half as much on the pitch as we have off it, we'd be in a much better position right now.
Agree that the season has to be completed for the leagues in whatever format that may be, yes we are in a world of pain right now, but life will go on once we've wadded through the brown stuff.

JDAndCoke added 14:39 - Apr 3
73 - In relation to your first reply, could you highlight the part that Lambert suggests football will begin before October as I must have missed it? Clearly nobody knows how or when football will resume but having a pop at Lambert for this interview is crazy.

Regarding your other comment. Correct and football is all about opinion, that's part of the reason we all love it. Football is also about escapism though, getting away from the real world for 90 minutes whilst a game is on, having a 5 minute break out of work time to read the latest transfer news or in our current situation, having not a lot else to do whilst in isolation and trying to forget about some of the world's problems for a few minutes. I just feel your constant negative spin on every post is unnecessary, especially when there's no games/transfer news to even have an opinion on currently.

ITFCsince73 added 15:55 - Apr 3
JD. Come on, not every, especially footballers are getting bad press.
And most of it justified.
And i say again, I'm sure you have your posters who you never agree with.
Just don't read it.

Dissboyitfc added 16:06 - Apr 3
Some people live to moan whilst others moan to live. And if the only thing people post is negative, their opinions carry very little clout! Not everything is Negative coming out of Ipswich at the Moment, a lot of it is, but not all of it, just wish people would be a little more balanced in their opinions!

I think its an honest opinion on his assessment of what could be done to get the season over the line.

must just say this though, he says players are fit enough to play 3 games in week, how come ours were wrapped in cotton because they wouldnt be able to cope with 3 games a week!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 21:46 - Apr 3
Excellent posts JD
73 everyone is finding you tedious.

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