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Football Could Return in June - Report
Monday, 6th Apr 2020 11:02

Football could return in June with games played behind closed doors, it’s reported this morning.

According to the Daily Mirror, with the Government anticipating the coronavirus reaching its peak in the next few weeks, a tentative agreement was reached at last Friday’s meeting of the various footballing authorities that Premier League games could restart in June under strictly enforced conditions. The EFL would almost certainly look to follow suit.

The proposals would see the remaining matches of the 2019/20 campaign played behind closed doors with the players kept in a sterile environment with contact with the public limited. An increased number of Premier League games are likely to be screened live on TV with some on terrestrial channels.

However, if the coronavirus situation fails to improved as hoped, then the planned return would be delayed further. Talks will continue to take place as the details regarding the plan are thrashed out and as the circumstances relating to the pandemic develop.

Following Friday’s meeting, Premier League and EFL football was postponed indefinitely having previously been suspended until April 30th.

Given the lengthy hiatus - which by the time of the reported restart would be longer than their usual summer break - players would require a mini-pre-season of a number of weeks to get back up to full fitness.

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hoppy added 11:39 - Apr 6
And how would the players travel to games, particularly away games? Would that be deemed 'essential travel'? Will the players be placed on metal rods with the management and coaching team turning handles at the end of the rods to maintain a good 2 m distance from each other?

runningout added 12:01 - Apr 6
I think football authorities being naive on ALL fronts. This Season should be cancelled in my view and next season start when this killer virus completely under control

fistpumpfury added 12:06 - Apr 6
Ha ha ha, and the ad at the top of the right hand column when I read this? ha ha ha

ITFCsince73 added 12:44 - Apr 6
The quicker they change the rules of football, the quicker it will return.
The 2 important changes need to be....
Only 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender and 1 attacker allowed in the box at corners.
And all spitting and snotting anywhere on the pitch carries a 7 yr jail term.
Of course we can wait for a vaccine, then rules can remain unchanged.

nathitfc89 added 13:18 - Apr 6
its ridiculous, you're still going to have quite alot of people in a fairly small space, all you need is one person too have COVID-19 then the other 21 players plus officials and subs have all been infected. Some things are more important than football, AND THIS IS ONE!!

jabberjackson added 13:40 - Apr 6
I would hope/expect that they won't go ahead with this unless there is a proven antigen/antibody test to ensure the risk of transmission is heavily reduced

Dissboyitfc added 13:40 - Apr 6
This season needs to completed when and if safe to do so. Next season can then start later than it normally would!

Next season can be adjusted if needed, for instance to keep the number of games lower scrap the cups, could have a different format in place, at least everyone will know the lay of the land before a ball is kicked!

Liverpool have to be crowned Champions and Norwich need to get relegated, all promotion and relegation issues need to be resolved!

So as all ready said resolve this one when its safe to do so, whenever that maybe and adjust next season to fit, Simples!

Lets put it this way, of those calling for it to be cancelled, would you want it cancelled if we were top?

Westy added 14:08 - Apr 6
If it's possible to finish the season it must be taken. Playing behind closed doors is better than making it null and void. I posted a few weeks ago that the decision to abandon Step 3 and lower, including the women's league was prematurely made but understand that it has not been finally ratified so could and should be resurrected with, in most cases, only 8 games remaining.

ITFCsince73 added 14:30 - Apr 6
Risk of transmission is heavily reduced, won’t suffice I’m afraid. No good taking away just some of the risk.
Players won’t without fight give up pay for the need of the country.
Can you imagine removing them from their all mod con large residential homes.
To a field of play that carries huge health risks.
The experts have said many answers won’t be known for many months. All the answers football needs before it can suggest restart dates. I’ve heard nothing to suggest football will be back to normal in any form before Autumn. Fan wise March 21.

Durovigutum added 14:35 - Apr 6
Don't cancel a season 3/4 of the way through, with cup finals to play, in favour of repeating the same season from scratch - what happens if that repeat season is canned half way through because this thing flares up again. Finish the present and then work out what next - step two down has been a disgrace.

floridaboy added 14:54 - Apr 6
That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in the past few weeks. Why? How on earth is it going to work. Are the players going to stay in a hotel in separate rooms, is the referee and linesmen going to stay in a hotel in separate rooms. Managers all sitting 6ft apart in the dugout. Press sitting 6 ft apart in the press box.

No shaking of hands, no kissing when a goal is scored and more importantly no tackling which is deemed at contact!

Gutless premier league afraid they are going to have to pay back - £780million apparently - to the TV for games not being played.

Kill the season now!!

Michael101 added 15:16 - Apr 6
What if a ref/lino refuse a match? Will they be struck off the panal.

ThaiBlue added 19:23 - Apr 6
Think they are hoping rather than doing,who can put a time on when anything will happen especialy football.

jonwillpott added 19:26 - Apr 6
None of the comments above have made any reference to medics & ambulance services required...players get injured even behind closed doors!! Surely we cannot be asking our 'hard-pressed' medical personnel to be taking this on too and also the possibility of extra hospital beds being needed too??? Absolutely diabolical idea imo!! I would EVEN support the season being cancelled IF ITFC was's just bad luck on the ones that are but we are in a completely different time right now.

whosroundisitanyway added 19:40 - Apr 6
For Gods sake give it up!!!
Football doesn't matter at the moment. Lets all just stay alive and worry about it when we all come out the other end.

Daleyitfc added 20:27 - Apr 6
Can't believe the hysterical reactions on here to the idea of resuming football in 2 months time : this is Covid-19, not Ebola for goodness sake ; hardly anyone has it now, of those most have symptoms so mild they don't even realise they have it, and the suggestion is to wait another 8 weeks or so and then manage what is going on. Even if all the players catch it, I wouldn't expect any of them to have any serious complications. The reaction on here is just another example of the paranoia that seems to have gripped most people, with logic going out of the window.

ITFCsince73 added 21:11 - Apr 6
Pm Boris said he had mild in ICU. I’m now paranoid and all logic gone.

whosroundisitanyway added 10:17 - Apr 7
I'll leave it to a member of our NHS frontline staff to respond to your post as I couldn't do it within the constraints of this site.

Razor added 10:32 - Apr 7
If this at least stops spitting and clearing your nose on the pitch this will be a good thing and much welcomed.

If players just have to do this should be a sewn in hanky to their sleeve or shirt so they keep all theri detritus to themsrlves and not spread it around.

Northstandveteran added 15:03 - Apr 7
I've always thought that since I was a kid Razor.

If I see a teen in the street do it I always say ' nice ' with a look of disgust on my face.


essextractorboy93 added 15:59 - Apr 7
Hope this goes ahead. Only right the season is completed when it is reasonable to do so. We are all speculating but other countries such as Spain are planning to finish their seasons in the summer. In a way not finishing the season is more complicated from a financial and legal point of view. What happens to all the extra money Premier League teams receive? 3 clubs would unfairly receive another year of those payments and 3 in the Championship wouldnt, which is an amount of money which can seriously change the future of a football club.

Of course we must only return to sport when it is same to do so but it is only fair to complete the season. There should be no rush though, complete the season and then readjust the next couple of seasons to return to the normal calendar.

essextractorboy93 added 16:00 - Apr 7

HUTCHITFC added 09:33 - Apr 8
I'm feeling really frustrated bordering angry at the moment more towards the clubs whose players are on ridiculous wages not your lower league players. Both me and my wife are emergency worker still having to go to work, still getting paid the same, still worrying if we are going to catch this disease and pass it onto our children yet these select few footballers are posting these videos on social media doing stupid tricks showing off from their mansions with sprawling gardens and top range gym equipment whilst still earning a bucket load of cash. Why is this fair. If they want to continue getting paid so much money then sorry you have to take a risk like all others who continue to work. You don't see nurses, hospital cleaning staff, police officers etc getting paid any extra danger money do you. It's all doing my head in the talk about football players I am quickly falling out of love with the game on how it's been handled during this crisis.

JewellintheTown added 13:58 - Apr 8
Stick 'em all in gel cooled full hazmat suits with 6x15 min matches with 5 mins drink break between each.
Subs can all spray hoses on them from the sidelines. Unlimited subs rotation & hairbands.
They use a 4ft giant inflatable beach ball.
Will be like "it's a knockout" & more entertaining than the dross we've had served up recently.

ITFCsince73 added 17:50 - Apr 8
Respect #Hutch

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