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Lambert: Football Will Change for the Better
Friday, 8th May 2020 21:32

Town boss Paul Lambert expects football to change for the better after the coronavirus crisis, particularly outside the Premier League.

“When life has finally returned to normal, I think football will change for the better,” Lambert told The Guardian as part of an article canvassing opinion on the future of the game post-Covid-19 from a variety of angles.

“We should see the reversal of a power balance that has swung the wrong way for too long, switching it back in favour of the clubs.

“I would certainly expect that to happen in the divisions below the Premier League, where the financial implications of Covid-19 are hitting particularly hard.

“Players and agents will have to lower their expectations, and we will see fewer instances of football clubs being held to ransom over deals and contracts.”

The Scot believes young players will be introduced at first-team level earlier with Town having an impressive group of academy players set to come through in the seasons to come.

“Recruitment will change and that may well see more youth players becoming involved,” he added.

“At Ipswich we have a really talented group from U15s and U16s upwards. I know that if we can’t go out and spend a certain amount, we can bring these guys in and develop them.

“The supporters can relate to that. Mass gatherings look like the very last port of call but I think a positive knock-on effect will ultimately be that fans and players are brought closer together, and the atmosphere in most stadiums could improve.”

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TractorRoyNo1 added 22:11 - May 8
Hope you're right mister, but will you be here to see it through?

itfchorry added 22:13 - May 8
Is Joe Royle coming back ?

SE1blue added 22:15 - May 8
I think this will only widen the financial gap between the Premier League and everyone else.

The Premier League will most likely seek to distance themselves and create an elite European league with minimal opportunity or hope of lower league clubs ever getting into it. Sure, there'll be even less money in the lower leagues but that gap was widening out of control before this happened.

I really can't see this being for the better.

chorltonskylineblue added 22:21 - May 8
Says the manager that the EADT speculates is on more than half a million a year:

Bert added 22:29 - May 8
For as long as the greedy Premier League follows the money, the EFL will continue to be fed on scraps. It is a scandal that clubs will go to the wall when the rich clubs and Sky feed their players greed and decline to share their riches for the sake of football. It stinks.

BlueBadger added 23:29 - May 8
Is this his way of saying he's getting the sack?

Saxonblue74 added 23:50 - May 8
Agree entirely. A dose of reality for football, and more importantly, footballers.

Bluearmy_81 added 03:48 - May 9
Has to get the sack after this season. How can he not after failing to get us back up?! What a shambles, this won't end well...

rabbit added 08:40 - May 9
It is difficult to disagree with you bluearmy_81, it is reported that PL is earning the largest salary in level 3 by some distance, although of course this is hearsay, we don't really know. What is a fact is he did have the largest squad and the best funded team at this level and so I think from that perspective alone we had hoped for better.
A very difficult decision this one because it leaves ITFC in the same position as when MM left in that they will be trying to find a better option from a lower, untested level and it didn't go well last time, with certain a section of the support being very unhappy that such a low level replacement was procured.
As they say time will tell and as is usual and quite normal, the real supporters will once again get behind their team.

Northstandveteran added 09:22 - May 9
Apologies for the down vote itfchorry.

Shaky hangover fingers.

r2d2 added 09:27 - May 9
Agree with Bluearmy81, he has to go been an utter shambles. Also thanks for telling every other manager in that newspaper piece Lambert about us having really good youngsters to call on. Should mean any that really are good will be gone if the big clubs come sniffing.

MickMillsTash added 09:31 - May 9
Can't see the world of football changing unless there is regulation- clubs will still run at a loss- maybe not as big as before and players/ managers will still cry off to the papers saying 'I don't know if I will be here, its up to the owner' when it comes to contract negotiations.

Having seen the future will Lambert renegotiate his contract to reflect the new financial landscape and his performance?

When haven't we had a good crop of youngsters coming through ?

raycrawfordswig added 10:21 - May 9
Talking to the Guardian it’s worse than I thought ,we are fecked.

Pecker added 10:24 - May 9
Glad to see he is still talking sh1t. People have short memories. After this is all over, we shall return to exactly the same as before. Lambert out NOW.

Ebantiass added 12:09 - May 9
Why are you leaving then Paul? :-)

DurhamTownFan added 12:09 - May 9
I can’t help thinking that if this situation happens according to what all of these opinions on the Guardian suggest, it will just be another way for the owner to justify a continued lack of spending and gradual long-term decline.

I agree that Lambert should go, but he won’t. Tempers have subsided since we last played and the owner hasn’t got the balls.

Edmundo added 12:19 - May 9
Well this is a positive, uplifting read.... right up till the comments from most above.
I for one will be so happy if this happens. PL was asked for his positive comment, and gave it.
Jeez, 7 weeks in and the negatives are still bashingtheir keyboards. Makes me despair for our Club and supporters... then I realize that most people don't read the comments on here, and just read the article.

JDAndCoke added 13:42 - May 9
Edmundo - If I could give you more than one 'up vote' I would. At last, someone who speaks with sense and some rationality! Lambert has simply been asked for his opinion on football returning. He's given a fairly reasonable and generic answer which most others would give yet still constant negativity. I sometimes wonder whether people on here actually read the article and instead see the name 'Lambert' and head straight to the comment section to hammer him.

Also why do people get so hung up on his wages. We don't know what he earns, purely speculation from a media source yet people take this as gospel. Also what relevance has Lambert's wages got to the article anyway. Remember it was ME that gave him the contract. In life if you're offered a new contract by your employer on good money, you accept it.

budgieplucker added 13:49 - May 9
The truth is football has become very stale, greed has just been contagious in the game just like this awful virus. The big clubs pay lip service to having their supporters interest at heart, the reality is it’s like big companies who will always value their shareholders over their employees.

The reality is though the EPL is a global product and attracts vast amount of investment from outside of the country and in significantly more amounts than generated through their local fan base that is likely to turn up at the turnstiles. So if not here in the UK providing some boost to the economy then it would move elsewhere. I do thought think it might not be a bad idea of having a European Super League as a franchise run operation and loose a handful of big clubs to that and then restructure our domestic league with lower leagues in regional structure, wages caps at certain levels and tighter rules on under 23 players, where academies can keep players on capped rolling contracts for up to the age of 23. Qualification to The Europa Cup could still be available to the domestic league and European League Clubs (that has moved out of the EPL) under their licence could be forced to enter domestic cup competitions and field a % of players that had appeared in their last x number of first team matches.

Pecker added 15:15 - May 9
The bloke is an clueless idiot and the sooner he is out of our football club the better.

Bloots added 19:46 - May 9
Lambert out!

runningout added 20:03 - May 9
I’m not one to totally blame manager. Although Paul Lambert needs to take a long look at himself. Players are not blameless

nineteenseventyeight added 22:34 - May 9
Football will only survive if the wage greed drops and players earn capped wages that are realistic. It may reduce football arrogance too and hopefully make it accessible to lower income families.

BlueBadger added 21:33 - May 10
Blimey, people on here REALLY don't like you pointing out that PR Paul is an incompetent chancer, do they?

Razor added 10:12 - May 11
What he actually says is actually very much true.

Has he offered to take a drop in wages or a deferral----not sure?

Certainly he has failed big time this season but this club always seems to reward failure so that will be it.

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