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Dyer Resigns Golf Club Membership After Alleged Racist Abuse
Friday, 31st Jul 2020 14:46

Former Blues midfielder and academy coach Kieron Dyer has resigned his membership of a Suffolk golf course having allegedly been the subject of racist abuse.

After Dyer, 41, had played a round at Hintlesham Golf Club on Friday 24th July and had left the premises, another member was heard making the alleged comments in the bar by the ex-England man’s playing partner and others present.

Dyer, a long-time member of the club who on the Tuesday of the same week had filmed an interview with Soccer AM’s Tubes while playing a four-hole round at the course where he previously staged his son's christening, was shocked to be told of the comments.

“It was brought to my attention by a playing partner that a fellow member verbally abused me in the bar area at Hintlesham Golf Club last Friday - that abuse was of a racial nature, and included the words ‘monkey’ and ‘banana’,” Dyer said in a statement.

“And while I did not hear it myself, as I had left the golf club to go home, I was left shocked when told.

“My playing partner was in attendance and heard the comments. He was also left upset by the incident informing me of what was said. Others were in attendance and have confirmed they also heard the racial abuse.

“I immediately handed in my resignation via email, and have since left Hintlesham Golf Club. I have spoken to the owners and told them of my decision.

“I have been a member at Hintlesham for a few years and have always found it a nice club with plenty of good people.

“But for me this is a deeply upsetting incident. I was appalled to be told of what had been said and it is clear to me there is still a long way to go in the battle against racism.

“I just hope the matter is dealt with appropriately by the club. There is no place for this type of racism in our society.”

TWTD contacted Hintlesham Golf Club for comment but they declined.

Photo: TWTD

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MaySixth added 14:50 - Jul 31
A racist gold club member.

Who would have guessed.

bugblatter added 15:01 - Jul 31
It’s not Kieron who should have to leave — publicly shame the racist and boot them out… hopefully this is what will happen.

trueblues78 added 15:02 - Jul 31

BlueandTruesince82 added 15:32 - Jul 31
I would hope the club bans the member in question. Clearly a bit jealous of KDs success

Coco added 15:46 - Jul 31
Some people are such scum! Imagine having these thoughts and then imagine feeling comfortable saying them out loud. Good on you KD.

runningout added 16:21 - Jul 31
too many clueless idiots about, who don’t engage brain before opening mouth.

Bluearmy_81 added 16:36 - Jul 31
F%ck the racists KD, you'll always be a legend.

Suffolkboy added 17:27 - Jul 31
Personally hope news of this incident will reach a wider media coverage ; and that both Hintlesham GC and the Member / visitor responsible will be both identified and punished for totally unacceptable comments and behaviour !
There seems no doubt the individual IS identifiable ( certainly should be because of Covid Regulations alone ) .
Feel very sorry and indignant for KD ,who took the correct decision .

HegansDog added 17:38 - Jul 31
Really proud to see that TWTD members have their politics sorted. The Golf Club will be judged by its reactions to racism.

Lathers added 17:41 - Jul 31
Dyer shouldn’t have to resign because of some idiot. I guess this story will being Lonely Blue back out on to the forum.

TimmyH added 18:10 - Jul 31
@Maysixth, a racist golf club member - who would have guessed? not a golf snob are you by any chance? many ex footballers play golf you do know that?

Yes there are a small percentage of racist people around and they don't have to belong to a golf club...in all walks of life, in my experience largely from the elder generation but not exclusively so. Kieron should ignore him altogether, I'd be proud to have him as a member!

Edmundo added 18:29 - Jul 31
The member in question should be going, not Kieron. And the police should be informed. Come on, Hintlesham GC, do the right thing!

Terry_Nutkins added 18:52 - Jul 31
Look forward to an update on this confirming the golf club have banned whoever it was!

happybeingblue added 19:13 - Jul 31
With a prime minister supposedly in charge of the uk who has a long record of making racist and offensive comments about women ethnic minorities gay people is it any wonder that scumbags like this think its ok to spout their hatred!

KiwiBlue2 added 00:34 - Aug 1
The racist needs to be publicly identified regardless of whether he had been drinking at the time, his membership cancelled and Kieron offered a public apology and at least 3 years free membership.
The clown responsible needs to be taught a sharp lesson and the golf club management should not be allowed to dive for cover. A disgraceful performance in this day and age!!!!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:08 - Aug 1
Isn’t this a legal matter, surely? There seem to be plenty of witnesses.

therein61 added 06:43 - Aug 1
This Bigot should be banned from all golf clubs and publicly shamed.

TractorRoyNo1 added 08:13 - Aug 1
Posh golf club members, Tory, UKIP Brexit, Sexist, Racist well no sh!t Sherlock

CobboldCrusty added 09:33 - Aug 1
I feel for Kieron, hard to imagine how awful it must feel that you felt you had to quit. I hope Hintlesham do the right thing and come out in support for him. Good to see the support on here.

floridaboy added 10:36 - Aug 1
Why resign? Surely not to go to the press for a few headlines!

If it was a club he loved playing at then surely the simple answer would be to go to the club, put in a complaint and see that the person responsible for the comments is thrown out.

Then he can carry on playing golf. Seriously dont understand why he immediately resigned!!!

leftie1972 added 11:22 - Aug 1
Reported to the Police?

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 12:02 - Aug 1
floridaboy: I don't really get the resignation either. Kieron seems to be suffering twofold in that case. Unless, of course, he's come round to my attitude to golf - that it's about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Marinersnose added 12:32 - Aug 1
If this happened in the Golf Club with plenty of witnesses and CCTV to corroborate then the Police will deal first and foremost. Once the Police have done their bit then the Golf Club can do theirs. Media name and shame and that person will not be allowed to join another Golf Club.

braveblue added 12:33 - Aug 1
Dreadful. The person who said it should be booted out of the club.

Amazed at the small minded people on here who think golf club members are ‘posh’ and racist. Utter garbage. I don’t know a single club where this sort of language would be allowed.

MurcianITCC added 15:50 - Aug 1
First the person who said these things should be charged with the offence. Next his membership should be revoked.
But at this moment Hintlesham Golf should be commenting and distancing themselves, to not comment only appears they condone the abuse...

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