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El Mizouni Appalled and Embarrassed By Booing Fans
Wednesday, 16th Dec 2020 11:19

On-loan Town midfielder Idris El Mizouni and his Cambridge United team-mates have hit out at fans who booed as they and their Colchester United counterparts took a knee as an anti-racism gesture ahead of the League Two fixture between the sides at the Abbey Stadium last night, which the home team won 2-1.

Following the match El Mizouni and several Cambridge players sent out an identically-worded tweet slamming those who booed and thanking other supporters who sought to drown them out with applause.

The club subsequently released a statement and head coach Mark Bonner added: "It's embarrassing, unacceptable and we don't stand for that.”

Tunisia international El Mizouni is on loan with the U’s, who are sixth in League Two, for the season but with the Blues having the option to cut his spell short in January.

So far the 20-year-old has made seven starts - three in the league - and seven sub appearances during his second spell at the Abbey Stadium.

Ahead of Town's home game against Portsmouth at Portman Road at the weekend the teams were applauded by fans as they took a knee.

Photo: Matchday Images

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TimmyH added 11:21 - Dec 16
BLM - is a political group, once there was a time when politics and sport were meant to be kept at arms length.

Wacko added 11:32 - Dec 16
No it's not. In the UK it's a slogan that advocates equality.

NthQldITFC added 11:35 - Dec 16
Every good thing tends to get tainted by politics (with a big or a little 'p') over time, that doesn't diminish the core message behind it. The core meaning of this gesture is an anti-racism one and as such should be applauded and respected for as long as there is racism in the world.

LondonBlue73 added 11:35 - Dec 16
TimmyH - please enlighten me - what is your actual point here?

BLM is a politically based group historically, the current action is to show that there should no longer be inequality and especially no place for it based on colour, sexuality or disability.

This whole action and support is as a result of the mistreatment over years that has no place in todays world.

I sincerely hope that you are NOT trying to defend the booing and hide behind it being a political statement.

I look forward to your explanation and clarification.

keighleyblue added 11:36 - Dec 16
TimmyH - I'm embarrassed for you.

Herbivore added 11:40 - Dec 16
TimmyH, maybe you'd feel more comfortable supporting Millwall you div.

Suffolkboy added 11:56 - Dec 16
I feel sorry for EM and his Cambridge compatriots ; cannot condone the booing ,BUT taking the knee has outlived its intended impact !
There should be a thorough going clampdown on any form of disparity ,a wholesome recognition that we human beings are and deserve to be regarded as equal inhabitants and having the right to equal respect !
Like the weekly applause for NHS staff , however , ‘the knee ‘ has outlived its purpose and another ongoing way to effect and demonstrate respect for such causes now ought to be found .
Sadly, too , the BLM movement seems to have become appreciably tainted politically .
IF the anti movement persists it probably indicates a more deep seated malaise in the local communities which needs strongly addressing !
Find a way FA , PFA, EFL and clubs to now effectively show you can and will put your own house in order .and help your communities too !

RobITFC added 12:03 - Dec 16
Taking the knee is not the way to show your support for ant-racism. The BLM are a politcal marxist group so advocating them is wrong. surely linking arms is a better way of showing solidarity ?

mo_itfc added 12:11 - Dec 16
Rob -
Taking the knee *IS* the way to show your support for ant-racism. Forget politics, the players are showing solidarity and compassion...

LWNR2013 added 12:13 - Dec 16
Sorry Mo - my fat finger hit wrong button. Agree

TimmyH added 12:17 - Dec 16
Okay this is a delicate subject...I'm not being being discriminate and I'm certainly not racist but in my opinion (where does that state that in my post) the reason I feel for booing at the kneeling by a percentage of the public at matches is the continued display of kneeling is largely being fuelled by corporations and a certain TV magnet.

Everybody has a right to an opinion and BLM is filing to become a political party and the right to vote in local elections ...maybe ever thought the reason for booing is that football and most live sport is now becoming a 'conveyor' into the consciousness? even the LGBT armbands were being worn across all games the other day, where will it stop?

It's not the discrimination factor it's the ramming down of people's throats, in my opinion.

TimmyH added 12:21 - Dec 16
Londonblue73 - there you have it!

ITFCRich added 12:24 - Dec 16
TimmyH, so what you’re saying is, you want discrimination to end, but you don’t want anyone to be made aware of it? The knee and LGBT armbands shows support for movements made of millions of people around the world working towards equality, it is not political. The knee came from Colin Kaepernick protesting against discrimination and police brutality - nothing political about that.

Monkey_Blue added 12:29 - Dec 16
I’m ashamed we have fans like TimmyH. Ignorant of the issues beyond what suits their comfortable world view.

TimmyH added 12:45 - Dec 16
Suffolkboy's post is the most level headed on here, a number of posters putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 and automatically think your being discriminatory on the reason to the booing.

IPSWICHMOUSE added 12:52 - Dec 16
Some people will NEVER get the message the ' TAKING OF THE KNEE ' was intended for....same for the LGBGT ARMBANDS & RAINBOW LACES..This is the whole reason we still have these debates today unfortunately. I grew up amongst people of all colours & my now partner is a beautiful woman of colour ..As a white person i have seen & felt racism first hand , not to myself , but others around me & believe me it is a very ugly thing....Until white people educate themselves in Black history & can hold a decent conversation on the subject ...they need to keep their white privelige notions to themselves....END OF RANT....PS....& before anyone asks...No i am not able to do that either..

LondonBlue73 added 12:58 - Dec 16
TimmyH and indeed Rob - thank you for explaining your comments.

We live in a society with freedom of speech so as such people have to accept others expression of views. Fortunately though I can only try and educate and point out with facts and comments from those taking the action.

The taking of a knee, has been left to the discretion of individuals and teams and many, many players including Millwalls black players have all stated that it is to highlight a cause and stand in solidarity with those being treated differently.

Individuals are making the choice to support colleagues and or a cause. For those taking these actions they state very clearly their reasons so why is that not a good enough reason in your eyes?

F1, rugby, American Football, Cricket and many others have all left it to the teams and individuals.

Is the rainbow laces and armbands a political statement? Or is it perceived as a show of support?
What is the difference, indeed the cancer red ribbon - is that political? or is it raising an awareness.

To be blunt racism is an illness in our society and people need to take action, the real political issue here is that it should not need highlighting as it should not be happening.

I generally avoid assumptions but guess those that condone or defend booing are while privileged, having never fallen victim of discrimination. I fall in to that group but hope I have a balanced view.

Nobbysnuts added 12:59 - Dec 16
Everyone is entitled to there opinion and it should be respected. The blm are a thuggish movement who want to defund the police. Has everyone forgot the riots in the summer when police officers where attacked with bricks and bottles by these thugs...people have short memories...I for one would never support these thugs and thats my right and footballers should not be forced to do so either.

johnjmyers added 13:01 - Dec 16
Perhaps fans just wanna get on with the game...?
Yes it takes 5 seconds to kneel but... maybe people feel that they are being imposed upon to think a certian way.
Forcing people to change; changes nothing (banning etc.)
Educating people to change; changes everything.

IpswichT62OldBoy added 13:18 - Dec 16
It is important to tolerate the opinions of others, even if we don't respect them.

Nobbysnuts added 13:24 - Dec 16
If I got on one knee with my fist in the air supporting white people i would probably be arrested....hypocrite's enough is enough. Everyone has their right to believe in what they want and not have the blm forced on them. It wasn't that long ago Anthony Joshua was at the riots telling everyone not to shop in business's owned by white people and now he's doing a Google advert...another f#cking hypocrite

Jugsy added 13:49 - Dec 16
Timmy H, Rob ITFC, Nobbysnuts - take a look at this illustration in the Guardian and see if this helps break it down. These footballers are clearly not promoting a group's political agenda, other than seeking equality for all. Don't get confused by how BLM is being used in other causes. The essence of what they are doing is bringing awareness of the issues and showing solidarity. It's a very positive message to promote change.

matthewwylds added 13:50 - Dec 16
This should never happen at a football match taking the knee BLM is an Racist group what Millwall did the next game Was how it should be done Clapping 👏🏻Not Taking the knee no one that comes on TWTD is Racist and I’ve never seen it at Portman Road some of you lot on here Watch too much of the BBC And believe all you hear get Your facts right before you start having a pop

stevieiriswattii added 13:55 - Dec 16
I’m amazed that people on here are deciding, on behalf of the players, why they are kneeling. How about you actually listen to their opinion, rather than projecting your own ill-informed opinions on them.

Europablue added 14:40 - Dec 16
Totally agree RobITFC, I suppose people are not aware of the symbolism attached to taking a knee. It is connected to demonstrating subservience, and as such is really not appropriate at all. Linking arms would be a much better symbol, but we used to just shake hands to demonstrate that we are all playing by the same rules and respecting each other.
I don't know why people assume that people disagreeing with a symbol and a political movement makes people racist. Unfortunately, the modern world has become a place where people automatically assume the worst in people. I know that most people who support the taking of the knee are doing so because they support equality, not because they want to compel people to comply to a Marxist symbol borne out of unsubstantiated claims of racial discrimination. It was also just imported from America with no consideration for whether it is appropriate. The other problem is like others have said, it is similar to the NHS clapping, if it had a purpose it has passed and now has changed the matchday experience without consulting with the fans.
I support the people who are booing taking of a knee, and I support the people who are criticizing people who boo. Freedom of speech is the way that all people including minorities get a voice. Just be aware that those people booing are not doing it because they are racist and don't shout down someone just for having a different opinion to you.

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