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Chambers: Not Acceptable For This Club
Sunday, 24th Jan 2021 10:41

Frustrated skipper Luke Chambers admits Town’s current position is “not acceptable for this club” and that the Blues, beaten 1-0 at home by Peterborough yesterday, have to start beating the division’s better sides if they are to be promotion contenders this season.

The loss to Posh, the Blues’ fifth home defeat in six, saw them drop to ninth in the table, two points off the play-offs but now 10 from the automatic promotion spots.

Asked what he made of Saturday’s game, settled by Mark McGuinness’s 69th-minute own goal, Chambers said: “It was a tough result to take, I think we played with a bit more intensity this week. The lads were certainly trying to press, certainly trying to implement the game plan.

“But we’re still leaving ourselves a mountain to climb a little bit, we’re missing chances, we’re giving chances away, so it’s a tough one. What do I say? It’s not good enough. Not good enough.”

What are the missing chances at one end and giving opportunities away at the other down to? “When you’re out on the pitch it’s just decision-making, you’ve got to make the right decisions at the right time.

“Listen, the goal, any centre-half playing there that’s happened to them before, so we can’t be starting to point fingers at anyone.

“It’s a tough one for Mark to take, he’s learning the game still, a young player. But those things are going against us at the minute.

“We’ve had chances at the end today, we probably haven’t created loads throughout the season, so when those come along we’ve got to make the difference.”

Town have beaten only two teams currently in the top 10, Accrington and Crewe earlier in the campaign when the Railwaymen were well down the table, while losing eight games against sides at the division's top end. Last season they won only twice against teams who finished among the 10 above them.

“If we want to be promotion contenders ourselves that’s the minimum requirement,” Chambers added when asked whether Town need to get that monkey off their back.

“We gave ourselves a decent enough platform, we got away with the penalty miss but I felt we played a little bit further up the pitch, we were higher as a defensive unit and we were able to get some pressure on them, so they didn’t cause loads of issues.

“But we’ve got to find a way to beat those better teams, the teams that are higher up the league if we want to be challenging at that top end.”

Is there a danger of there being a mental block when up against the top sides? “Whatever you guys talk about really. At the end of the day, it’s another game and another three points. You have to try and beat whatever’s in front of you. We find ourselves still in a good position in the league. We’ve got games in hand, we can still achieve something this season.

“I’m talking here with a lot of frustration but that happens half an hour after the game’s finished. It’s not all doom and gloom, we’ve got players coming back fit, we’ve got a lot more options, I think we’ve got a lot more legs in the team the last couple of weeks, which have shown more in our pressing and our defensive play.

“But we can’t just keep losing out in the fine details in games, that’s what we’re doing at the minute.”

Town are going into a period where games and opportunities to pick up points will quickly with no let-up.

“Every game’s an opportunity at the minute and we have to take it,” the 35-year-old added. “Games are coming thick and fast so there’s no point in dwelling on things, we have to put it right.

“I stand here as a footballer, I’ve been doing it for a long time now and what do you say? It’s not good enough to be beaten 1-0 at home against one of your promotion rivals when it was a game we could have taken something from.

“The games will come thick and fast now, we can whinge about it all the time but Saturday-Tuesday, Saturday-Tuesday is what you are as a footballer. You need to be ready, we need to prepare properly as players and be ready for the challenge on Tuesday again.”

The former Nottingham Forest and Northampton man continued: “It’s frustrating, look where we are. It’s not acceptable for this club, so I’m very frustrated but we have to keep going.

“We’ve got a game Tuesday [at home to Sunderland], like I said before, what do you say? You’ve got to keep spirits high in the dressing room, that’s what I keep trying to do for the boys, I put my arm around Mark at the end there just to say ‘Look, we’ve got another game on Tuesday, it’s not all your fault, you can’t put it on you because there’s a lot more to your life than football’.

“It eats away at the team at the minute, I’m going home Saturday night to see my wife and my kids and that won’t leave my mind, I won’t be a good person to be around for the next couple of days but you have to suck it up.

“There’s another game Tuesday and if selected we need to be ready to play and put in a performance because at the minute, when it counts we’re a bit short.”

Quizzed on whether spirits are keeping up in the dressing room, he said: “You have to, what can you do? We are living in unprecedented times and what are we going to do, let everything consume us, all the negativity, even if you don’t ready all the stuff, you can still feel the stuff that’s going on.

“But the boys have to keep going. As a footballer, you’re lucky that you have another game, but if you don’t perform over a long period of time, you won’t be playing at that level, that’s football.

“You have to be mentally strong and I think we’ve got to bounce back as a group and we’ll look to do that Saturday-Tuesday.

“All I can do here is talk about the game and how it went and how the situation is, a lot of frustration but I think we were a lot better on the front foot today, stopped them playing a lot more than we have against teams who seemed to have a lot more of the game than they should do, especially at home.

“I felt that was a positive we could definitely build on, as a said earlier, we had quite a few chances and we have to really score those.”

Is he concerned by the recent home form? “It had been good up until the last few weeks. We had a good start at home, that’s two [defeats] in a row.

“There are no fans here obviously but it’s still our patch. I don’t think we let them come here and cause us massive issues today, so that’s a positive but it’s very hard to talk immediately after a game when you’ve lost 1-0 in a game from which you think you probably should have got a bit more out of.”

Chambers says the returns of the likes of Teddy Bishop, Gwion Edwards and Flynn Downes after injury is another positive, as well as new recruits Josh Harrop, currently out having tested positive for Covid-19, and Luke Thomas, who made his debut as a sub against Posh.

“Exactly, they’ve been a miss but we’ve still had a big enough squad to really have a go at things,” he said. “I think we were lacking in a striker today. Obviously it was a big ask for Aaron [Drinan] who hasn’t played lots of minutes over recent weeks, it’s a tough gig for him up there on his own.

“We need the players back, we need them staying fit, it’s no good people just coming back for one game, it’s a tough ask. It’s going to be even more intense now, so we can’t wrap anyone up in cotton wool, you’ve got to be ready.

“It’s as simple as that, you’ve got to put your body on the line for this football club or there’s no point in you even being here.”

Striker trio James Norwood, Kayden Jackson and Oli Hawkins were all missing, the former two due to minor niggles and the ex-Portsmouth man as he has to undergo a knee operation.

Chambers says those players create a hole but he says that can’t keep being an excuse: “We’re missing some players, but what are we going to do, talk about that forever?

“What can you do about it? You can’t do anything about it, you’ve got to get on with it, there’s games. We’re not stopping games, we’ve got to play so it doesn’t really matter who is available we have to put the shirt on and produce, simple as that, everyone.

“We have to do that on Tuesday night, regardless of whether it’s on the TV, down the park, at the training ground, it’s here, it’s our home, there’s no fans, there’s no pressure, just go out there and try and play. That’s all it is, a bit of freedom of thought and just going out there and having to give your all.

“I think the lads do give their all in every game, you can’t question their commitment, you can’t question their endeavour, they’re trying their nuts off, it’s just not working out for us at the minute.”

Personally, he says he’s ready to play Saturday-Tuesday having operated in his less-favoured right-back role all season so far.

“Nothing changes for me, I’ll be available for my team-mates, for the club,” he said. “If I’m picked I’ll be ready to play, trying to do my bit.

“I’m a member of the team, I’m trying to motivate the boys and keep everyone going but at the end of the day we have to put in a team performance, one to 11, and the boys off the bench, we can make a lot of subs as well, so it’s definitely going to be a squad game over the next few weeks. But I’m ready to play as and when.”

Regarding new signings Harrop and Thomas, he said: “It just sums our luck at the minute, Josh getting diagnosed with Covid. They’ve looked sharp, they’re Championship level players, so they’re adding quality to the squad. It’s just a shame we couldn’t see Josh out here today because he made a real impact in his first session.

“He’s probably not played as much as he’d like to but Preston had a really good season last year and they’re up at the top end of the table, so to get a player of that quality, it’s going to make a big difference. However, we’re going to miss him for a few games now. We can’t keep looking at what’s not available, you’ve got to look at what is available.”

Looking ahead to Sunderland’s visit on Tuesday, Chambers is looking forward to it and to putting Saturday’s frustrations behind him.

“Yes, again, we’ve got to be ready to go,” he said. “What can you do? You can’t sit and sulk about it. There’s no one more frustrated about the situation than me, and the players themselves, so we have to stand up and be counted.

“What more do you say? These games are coming thick and fast and you can’t keep letting opportunities pass you by.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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WonTheCupin78 added 10:47 - Jan 24
Never looked like winning that game.

itfcjoe added 10:49 - Jan 24
Nice to hear someone saying it as it is after reading the managers comments.

Wonder if he’ll be dropped like Woolfie

spanishblue added 10:52 - Jan 24
One disaster after another 2 bright spots they huffed and puffed harder than usual, the new kid had a good few minutes trapdoor is beckoning, it’s just ruining my weekend,our 2 fullbacks have run out of steam along with Dozzer and Nsiala god help them if they play a decent side

Ipswichbusiness added 10:53 - Jan 24
Their goal was scored as a result of a cross from their left, our right.

Please tell me Mr Chambers, who was supposed to prevent crosses like that? You?

norfolkbluey added 10:54 - Jan 24
Let's just hope the manager's tactics are decent and and basic mistakes are eradicated. Try to imagine that the club has won its last ten home games and you as a captain lead from the moment you get on the pitch. Good luck against a beatable team. COYB

Les57 added 10:56 - Jan 24
We were no better or worse than Peterborough. Unfortunately we are both poor sides in a very poor league. If we had a little bit of better guidance and tactics we would have more than enough to win this league. That will not change with PL in charge.

As for Chambo, well he is not getting any younger, and expecting him and Ward to bomb up and down the flanks is ridiculous. He has been a tremendous captain and servant to the club over the years. The bad thing is he is being maligned now for trying to do something he is not able to do .

Essexnblue added 11:01 - Jan 24
One thing about Chambers is he is honest and he bleeds blue.
Personally it was probably his worst individual performance yesterday although Dembele will give a lot younger full backs the run around.
I also think that in time he would be an outstanding candidate as a future ITFC coach or manager as he knows this club and what is expected.

ArnieM added 11:01 - Jan 24
I think this might be a pivotal moment. When the Club captain comes out snd say this , in complete opposition to the managers view , that suggests tone the writing is firmly on the wall for the manager . No player is going to hang himself out to dry is he. The naivety of youth (Woolfie) was
“Punished”( dropped) for saying similar only a couple of weeks ago . Now the Club captain is standing up and saying it . What’s Lambert going to do with his captain now ? I’d say the players are restless and the pressure must surely be building on Lambert .

pistolpete added 11:05 - Jan 24
So we have the manager saying how great we were today & he couldn’t ask any more from the team...

...and the captain saying this wasn’t good enough...

...and the owner saying he can see green shoots of recovery.

& Lambert accuses the media of stoking all the negativity from the fans - as if we aren’t clever enough to see how absolutely dreadful we are at the moment.

Lambert really does live in his own little universe where all is rosy & there is nothing to worry about.

ChrisFelix added 11:06 - Jan 24
Les57, sorry but Chambers a tremendous captain. If you compare him with Nelson, Baxter, Mills, Butcher Holland & Magilton im afraid you are eay

ChrisFelix added 11:08 - Jan 24
Les57, sorry but Chambers a tremendous captain. If you compare him with Nelson, Baxter, Mills, Butcher Holland & Magilton im afraid you are way off the mark. Chambers has enthusiasm but very little else.

gazzer1999 added 11:11 - Jan 24
I am glad that Chambers has come out and spoken about the game, he has been rather quiet of late giving more credence to the comment that Ward is the now captain and got the ear of Lambert. I think he has the club at heart and genuinely feels the frustration like the fans. He has done a great job over the years for this club and hopefully be remembered for that, you do not always have to be the best player at a club to be a good captain, I am sure Mick Mills would agree with that statement, When Chambo's time comes it will leave a big hole with no current player likely big enough character to take on the role. (Downes will likely be sold in the summer)
By the law of Lambert for him speaking out it will be his turn to be dropped and probably play Edwards at right back.
I am not one who likes to see people lose their jobs, but at the moment with Lambert its same old same old, "we are useless with 2 up top" god knows what we are like with 1. Time for Mr Klug to steady the ship again I think.

Len_Brennan added 11:12 - Jan 24
Janoi Donacien was 'player of the match in the report I read of Wigan v Fleetwood. Playing Chambers out of position for months (again) has not helped him; particularly with Wilson out, Toto losing form & confidence and 2 young lads who have struggled when playing together against the better sides in the league.
To be fair to Chambers, he did start off with a couple of decent performances at right back; but at 35 the ability to get forward on the attack & then back into position if/when it breaks down, for 90+ minutes, often twice a week, is severely hampered, even if he were a natural in that position. Same goes for Ward.
The longer we go into the season, the tougher it gets.
He may have been a good experienced partner alongside Woolfenden or even McGuinness; his leadership & mentoring qualities are not in question, had Lambert given Donacien a run of games at right back. Hopefully KVY can come back soon & have the sort of impact he did when he first joined; but that is far from certain after so long out.
Poor management.

Carberry added 11:12 - Jan 24
That's his application for the manager's job.

CrockerITFC added 11:19 - Jan 24

RegencyBlue added 11:19 - Jan 24
I initially read that as ‘Chambers not acceptable for this club’ which is certainly an argument!

I have no doubt about his efforts but he is past his sell by date, another ball in from our right yesterday led to their goal. Our full backs have a combined age of more than 70 ffs which shows where one of our many problems are.

It’s not good enough but nothing will change until Evans sells up!

Bert added 11:22 - Jan 24
Actually hearing Chambers say this on You Tube makes me think he is as frustrated as fans. He was really downcast. He is not playing well and he knows it and he clearly feels that the fans deserve more. As others have said, at 35 we can’t expect him to bomb up and down the wing so why oh why are we not recruiting in that position which of course is not his position. Honest block and good club captain but time to rest him and put Kenlock in or a surplus midfielder.

Suffolkboy added 11:23 - Jan 24
We definitely could do with the Gods being on our side now and again ! LC is clinically correct in his assessments : we do need to be freer of thought ,and deed ,and show willingness to make and take decisions and chances .
Yesterday’s highlights well evidence indecision ,lack of coordination and essential uncertainty which together are costing us in both the last and first third of the field .
It’s difficult to apportion blame for the goal against LC alone ; what was happening in the wide open mid field which enabled P’Bro to receive in comfort and then move forward unchallenged — do our lot have no corporate responsibility to work and cover for each other — or do they constantly hope the so- called system and formation will provide the answers ?
LC mentions AD being ‘alone ‘ ,and of course relatively inexperienced : why is he alone ? Is it not the Manager’s job to be flexible and positive with formations and systems in order to best maximise our opportunities and make the most of our squad ?
The frustrations obviously mount , all around we see evidence of concerns yet PL , ( and no doubt we’re all sympathetic for his C 19 suffering ) frequently appears to believe the best approach is to either dismiss opinions or maintain an oblivious outlook !
Why he ever saw fit , in a pique?, to ban a journalist and still can’t find a path to reconciliation probably indicates inherent weaknesses in behavioural character and a definite lack of strength morally .
Often , when backed into a corner, we see it bring the very best out of our colleagues ; it’s not happening for and with PL — and boy does oi need to !!
Step up L O’N and ME ; support and clear deadlines for better results and mentality adjustment required poste haste !

DifferentGravy added 11:39 - Jan 24
Lez57 - Sorry, Chambers was dreadful yesterday....has been for the last 6/7 games(bar last week) and has been poor the last few seasons. Watch the game and see how many passes he played to the opposition....thats a footballing basic. I agree he isnt going to be bombing up and down the pitch.....in which case we should either amend tactics or personnel. Not putting the blame on him for our current decline, thats Lamberts fault and perhaps Chambers is as fed up as the rest of us with the tactics.

It was a decent interview, he is obviously passionate about the club and frustrated by the situation. I have no problem with Chambers off the pitch. Seems a good guy


soopercooper added 11:43 - Jan 24
I don’t often post on this forum however this is the lowest the club has been in their recent history. The rot starts from the top, look at Norwich smaller club less heritage however its run from the top like Ipswich used to be with a passionate chairman/woman who run it like a family business which spreads throughout the club not like our faceless Chelsea supporting owner who has made some embarrassing appointments! Should have never sacked Jim magilton and what happens they appoint a hot head like Keane who felt uncomfortable wearing blue! Says it all, moron. Get an investor in Ed? And appoint Kuqi and pablo or Matty Holland somebody who loves the club and is passionate, not the succession of journeymen managers that has achieved the square root of F*@k all! The current crop of players are pretty average and that’s being kind. The manager confounds belief,we are crying out for a striker and he buys two midfielders when we have an abundance at the club? He’s days are numbered mark my words but it worries me who the owner will appoint next in this nightmare which just doesn’t end! BA keep up the pressure this can’t carry on. Ipswich till I die..

bluesince76 added 11:45 - Jan 24
We are where we are because of Evans no funding for decent players but was able to give a poor manager a 5 year contract EVANS OUT SELL.

MickMillsTash added 11:47 - Jan 24
No mention of the manager - normally the ''we're working really hard, all behind the manger line gets trotted out''
Lambert OUT

RobsonWark added 11:51 - Jan 24
itfcjoe added 10:49 - Jan 24
"Nice to hear someone saying it as it is after reading the managers comments.
Wonder if he’ll be dropped like Woolfie"

We can only hope and pray that he is dropped!!

Churchman added 11:56 - Jan 24
Heard it all before. Chambers turn this time round to mumble the usual excuses before having a good laugh.

RobsonWark added 11:56 - Jan 24
Chambers says
“It’s a tough one for Mark to take, he’s learning the game still, a young player
I put my arm around Mark at the end there just to say ‘Look, we’ve got another game on Tuesday, it’s not all your fault"

Correct it way YOUR bloody fault yet AGAIN!!

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