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Cook: That Tells Me You Don’t Care About the Result
Friday, 23rd Apr 2021 11:39

Town manager Paul Cook says the mood in the Portman Road dressing room after the 1-0 home victory over Plymouth was no different to the one following the 2-0 loss at Fleetwood, which he says indicates that players “don’t care about the result”.

Cook was asked whether, with the season effectively over from a competitive perspective, he might introduce youngsters over the final four games, as has been discussed by fans since Tuesday’s loss at Northampton.

However, the Blues boss believes it’s currently not the right environment to bring them into and feels they may have got their chance for the wrong reasons at times.

“I don’t think so, that’s the truth,” he said. “One of the things, and I don’t mind saying, I think the young lads have been elevated here too quickly. The reason that they’ve been elevated too quickly is because the first team’s not very good. That’s the truth. You can read into that what you want.

“To play for Ipswich Town first team, it’s an honour, it’s a privilege. And probably young lads now have been stepped up, in my opinion, too quickly.

“Ipswich Town should have young kids breaking into the team. Our academy is now in the quarter-finals of the FA Youth Cup. Ipswich Town’s produced academy players for years and years.

“But blending them in at the right time is the right thing to do. Blending them in at the wrong time is a twofold problem. One, it’s like you’re trying to the fans that it’s right and, two, you might be telling the players they’re ahead of their pathway.

“And it’s something that I feel. I said to you a couple of a weeks ago, we’re in pain at the minute. Enjoy the pain. I have to stand there, I enjoy it. That pain’s what’s drives me on.

“So to say that the younger kids will get a chance, I wouldn’t say they will, but I wouldn’t really rule out that one or two of them won’t as well, by the way. Are you with me?

“At the minute, my sole focus is on winning tomorrow. A winning feeling is something that I feel this club lacks, whatever it is.

“The mood in the dressing room after beating Plymouth was exactly the same atmosphere as it was after losing 2-0 at Fleetwood.

“And I spoke to the players about it - that tells me you don’t care about the result. I know what happens to me when I lose games - I don’t sleep for two nights and I stare at the ceiling and I watch the games back.

“I don’t enjoy the losing because when we win, I only don’t sleep for one night and watch the games back a little bit. The reality is winning’s a lot better than losing, isn’t it?

Is that a mentality which has been instilled over a couple of seasons? “We don’t have to go there, it can also be in recruitment, can’t it? Introduce players who don’t like getting beat.”

Asked whether he’s already identified players like that that you’ll bring in in the summer, Cook smiled, nodded his head and said: “No!”

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ArnieM added 11:42 - Apr 23
Soon to be sacked shower of shyte players in down tools shocker!

I’ve been saying this is the case since the take over was announced and they knew they were not part of the plans . They’re a bloody disgrace to the shirt . I say again , play the U23’s they can do no worse but at least they’re honest and will try to impress .

WonTheCupin78 added 11:50 - Apr 23
Surprised they are playing so poorly. Other team scouts are hardly going to recommend them for signing, are they?

They are playing for their futures in this game. You wouldn't believe it on the evidence of what we see week in, week out.

prozach added 11:55 - Apr 23
I loathe to criticise professional footballers (they are of course talented in their field and far better than posters on a football forum) but this is rather telling.

Cook identified a whole host of problems that we did and perhaps didn't see; not good enough, not fit enough, not technically gifted enough, not good enough in front of goal; attempted to rectify by doing double-sessions, but the players couldn't do it.

I think then, they have effectively 'downed tools' and that possibly explains the chasm/lack of new manager bounce.

There's definitely been an attitude of 'mediocrity is OK' at Portman Road for a number of years now. I think with Cook, O'Leary, Ashton and the new owners at the helm, this attitude will not be allowed to foster ever again (I sincerely hope)

ArnieM added 11:56 - Apr 23
Well it either shows they a dim or arrogant . Either way they’ll be history with this great club . Absolute disgrace the lot of them . They’ve been stealing a living from this Club fit over 3 years now . Too cosy And comfortable for all of them . Well that era is finally over .

Cook will take this Club up be sure of that .


BeattiesBackPocket added 12:01 - Apr 23
Spot on. I was done with most of the players after losing at home to then bottom Swindon town when they all came off laughing and joking that was where I could see apathy and lack of heart throughout our club

Guthrum added 12:15 - Apr 23
The players have just spent a couple of years under a manager who repeatedly said he was the same with victory or defeat, never got too up or too down. Perhaps that approach has simply become deeply embedded in the squad.

Europablue added 12:18 - Apr 23
There is a real problem with how we have integrated our academy players into the team. Rightly or wrongly, when players get their first matches in the first team they feel like they have made it, and if their place in the team wasn't earned, they won't perform. It's a really difficult balance. Just look at a player like Sears he was the new kid on the block at West Ham and since has only had proper success with Colchester.
Us supporters are part of the problem, because there is nothing more we'd love to see than a team full of academy players, but we can't lower the standards just because they were in the academy. Even worse is the case of Andre Dozzel. I really want him to be great because Jason Dozzel was so great for us when I started going to Portman Road. I feel like Andre has the potential to be a decent player for us, especially at this level, but he hasn't been developed well, and now he isn't that young anymore and needs to deliver.

Timefliesbyintheblue added 12:32 - Apr 23
I remember managers who (MM was one) say that you must not get too high when you win, nor too low when you lose. I am on Cooks side at the moment, but saying that he will not criticise the players, then doing just that is rather concerning.
Our players collectively are not good enough, we know that, but no wonder the performances of late have been worse than before, working under those conditions; and no this is me defending the players as a group, just saying the working conditions have been made worse. Only time will tell if this will work - let's hope so.

Timefliesbyintheblue added 12:34 - Apr 23
'not me'

istanblue added 12:40 - Apr 23
Richie Wellens: Players don't care

David McGoldrick: No pressure to win

It's been going on for YEARS at ITFC. Marcus Evans has a lot to answer for.

Europablue added 12:49 - Apr 23
Guthrum, there is some wisdom in not getting carried away with a few wins or losses, but you are right it shouldn't be to the extent that you're not bothered. The right balance is you are not going to be especially happy when you lose, but not so disheartened that you spiral downward.

Chrisd added 12:50 - Apr 23
Can't get a lot more damning than those comments. It's very Mourinho like, but to me PC wouldn't make these types of comments if a lot of them were staying. I'm very intrigued about the summer, it would be nice to have a squad of players that have pride in the shirt and want the club to do well.

spanishblue added 12:51 - Apr 23
Shane supple what a loss he was

atty added 12:52 - Apr 23
Perhaps they were never going to perform for any Manager that they didn’t want. This statement is beyond shocking. I can’t believe it’s all players, just the ones who have influence and their cronies. The rest just keep quiet. It’s like Bobby and Baxter all over again but less open, Drastic, ruthless action required. O’Leary and Ashton need to back Cook.

Churchman added 13:09 - Apr 23
The rot has to be cut out of the club and fast. If it means paying up contracts, do it. Too many players have commented on the culture at the club for there not to be something in it. Clear the decks, put structure in place, help the manager get the players he wants to form a team then Cook can be properly judged. It’ll be up to him.

Sixto6 added 13:19 - Apr 23
Many of the players know they won’t be here next year and are not going to do anything that might get them injured and therefore unable to get a deal elsewhere in the summer !

AlanG296 added 13:21 - Apr 23
Disagree with this thing about not getting too high etc. Players should enjoy success, be it scoring a goal, saving a pen, making a great tackle, winning a game, promotion, etc, and want more of it, and hate the opposite. If they don't then they are just going out on the pitch to do a job for the 90minutes or less. Anything else breeds mediocrity which was endemic in the club under Evans.

IpswichT62OldBoy added 13:43 - Apr 23
We have the fans have seen it for years and in particular the last two seasons where it's obvious to anyone that on any given match day no more than 3 players will put in a proper shift.
That grinds down anyone who comes in to the team.
Bye bye those who need not be named, we ALL know who you are.

itsonlyme added 14:01 - Apr 23
You have to feel sorry for Paul Cook. He obviously is horrified by the performances but has to bite his tongue for a while longer. I know there has been no new manager ‘ bounce’ and some supporters are beginning to question whether he is the right man but I think we all have to be patient and see what happens in the next 3 months, with transfers and preseason and then if things don’t go to plan once the season is under way then probably it will be time to dismiss him, but I think he will turn it around and the good times are on the horizon.

Europablue added 14:03 - Apr 23
I don't even think we need to change the entire team. A lot of those players will probably just follow any example they see and they just need a few players to come in who have that desire and have leadership qualilties.

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:48 - Apr 23
This spot on.... I think a lot of the most successful people in life are so not because they love winning but because they hate losing.

Losing should hurt, every time....even if you've not lost all season and scorched all before you, it should still hurt.

Too many players (and not just at this club) care more aboutbt the lifestyle than the game. Theyve got the best earphones, the car, the Twitter bio in which they describe themselves as "baller" so it's all good. Results? Last thing on too many minds. Why worry you'll have 50k likes coz you're flossing on tiktok later so it doesn't matter.

At this level heart matters as just as much as skill, perhaps even more and too many just don't have it.

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:50 - Apr 23
*beats earphones

Juggsy added 15:40 - Apr 23
Just history repeating itself isn't it? Transfer nightmare aside, Hurst came in and identified the soft belly of the squad then tried to rectify it and got nothing back from them apart from squeals of bullying and moans from the squad.

RobsonWark added 17:13 - Apr 23
I'm not surprised to hear this from PC “The mood in the dressing room after beating Plymouth was exactly the same atmosphere as it was after losing 2-0 at Fleetwood."

We've all seen the players coming of the pitch laughing or smiling when they've lost a game.

Get rid of them all and get WINNERS in the team - like John Walk and Terry Butcher!! John Walk gave his all up, down and all over the pitch - 36 goals in one season from midfield!! And Terry Butcher was known for kicking in a door after coming off the pitch after a loss.

BeattiesBackPocket added 17:13 - Apr 23
‘Europablue added 14:03 - Apr 23
I don't even think we need to change the entire team. A lot of those players will probably just follow any example they see and they just need a few players to come in who have that desire and have leadership qualilties’

The team is nowhere near good enough and been declining for years now. They have been given chances galore and most are out of contract in the summer so you would at least expect some fight and passion and heart from those players but no unfortunately not we need a big clear out I don’t want same players here who can’t even beat poor league one sides now then moan again next year when they do the same again. It’s two years these players have been in this league and been poor both seasons

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