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Five Subs in League Matches Next Season
Friday, 10th Jun 2022 14:31

EFL clubs will be able to use five substitutes in league matches during 2022/23, one of a number of changes approved for the new season at today’s EFL AGM.

Last season sides were able to field three of their seven subs, but while the number on the bench will remain the same, five can come on during the campaign ahead.

“For League matches during the 2021/22 season, clubs were able to field three substitutes from seven nominated,” an EFL statement reads.

“For all league fixtures going forward, clubs will be allowed to name up to seven substitutes on their team sheet with no more than five being able to take part in the match.

“Each club is only permitted a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the fixture and a club may make more than the one substitution at each of its three opportunities.

“Clubs may make substitutions at half-time and any substitutions made during this break will not count towards the maximum of three opportunities.”

In addition, the EFL will be allowing clubs to use their away or third strips at home when there is a clash which would make it difficult for colour blind supporters to tell the two teams apart.

“A home club will now be able to wear its 'away' or third kit where a clash may occur that would make it difficult for people who are colour blind to differentiate between the kits worn by both teams.

“The amendment also allows clubs to further 'mix and match' elements of their registered kits in order to avoid kit clashes.

“The EFL will also play a more active role in helping clubs identify where a potential 'colour blind kit clash' may occur to give them adequate notice so that all necessary arrangements can be made in advance.”

The EFL has also made an amendment to its Owners’ and Directors’ Test: “The EFL has added an additional disqualifying condition in its Owners and Directors’ Test for those that have been convicted of a hate crime, which is defined as an offence that is considered to be aggravated in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Sentencing Act 2020.”

Additionally, the EFL now requires clubs to include a mandatory article within their articles of association stating that the directors of the club may refuse to register the transfer of any share where: “The EFL has not confirmed its consent to the acquisition of control, the EFL has not confirmed that that such person is not liable to be disqualified, or if registering the transfer of any share would cause the club to breach any other equivalent rule or regulation of another body such as the Premier League or the Football Association.”

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BlueySwede added 14:35 - Jun 10
Well, that is ok, as long as time wasting is dealt with accordingly. There were so many games this season when players took forever to get off the field. Very frustrating when there were a lot of other time wasting.

RaymondovicBlue added 14:42 - Jun 10
BlueySwede - agreed. Refs need to be quicker to stop their watches during long walks !

MickMillsTash added 14:51 - Jun 10
If your goalkeeper gets cramp after 60 minutes can there be a rule that you lose all of your substitutions and your trainer is super-glued to the bench/ manager loses a limb
we should have a sign up outside the ground- picture of Paul Copper - 1973-1986 580 games, saved X penalties, trainer came on for him twice -
2019-2022 3 seasons in Division 3 trainer came for a goalkeeper 15 times.
*made up statistics but you get the point

MickMillsTash added 14:51 - Jun 10
If your goalkeeper gets cramp after 60 minutes can there be a rule that you lose all of your substitutions and your trainer is super-glued to the bench/ manager loses a limb
we should have a sign up outside the ground- picture of Paul Copper - 1973-1986 580 games, saved X penalties, trainer came on for him twice -
2019-2022 3 seasons in Division 3 trainer came for a goalkeeper 15 times.
*made up statistics but you get the point

Vancouver_Blue added 14:52 - Jun 10
Wearing your away kit or third kit at home is just wrong. It should be the away team who avoid a kit clash....I hate modern football

SamWhiteUK added 15:00 - Jun 10
Re. the subs - why? Change just for the sake of change?

Re. the kits - good that inclusivity is being considered is great, but wearing an away kit at home would seem wrong. Hopefully, the only time this is permitted is due to colour-blind supporters and it doesn't open the door for sponsors, kit manufacturers etc to leverage licensing deals.

Len_Brennan added 15:17 - Jun 10
Good news for the likes of Humpries & Ndaba, who will surely get more game time than they would otherwise.

Westy added 15:25 - Jun 10
Are we really saying that there may be occasions where Ipswich or for that matter any Club could sometimes wear the away shirt at a home match? - no way!!!

Radlett_blue added 15:37 - Jun 10
2 more terrible ideas. More subs = more disruption and time wasting, whatever they say about only 3 breaks for subs.
Kits - more senseless marketing of horrrible 2nd & 3rd kits, under the guise of helping the colour blind.
Modern football sucks.

Bergholtblue added 15:39 - Jun 10
I have never agreed with 'home' and 'away' kits. The club should have a 'club' strip that is worn both home and away, with an alternative where a clash happens.

Wooly74 added 15:46 - Jun 10
The five subs move will definitely help the bigger clubs for sure (like us in this league) as we will have a much bigger and better squad to choose from from the bench of a game is not going our way!

muhrensleftfoot added 15:55 - Jun 10
Being selfish, this should benefit us hopefully. Agree though that refs need to make sure they add on the time taken to avoid some of the frustrating time wasting we saw last season.

DerryfromBury added 16:14 - Jun 10
Terrible idea. Can you imagine the number of Substitutions that'll now be made in the 90+ minutes. A better idea would have been to "No substitutions after 90mins"


blues1 added 16:21 - Jun 10
Derry from Bury. Yes, therell be a maximum of 10 substitutions. But each team only has 3 windows during the game in which to make their 5. So they cant just bring one on at a time. So shouldn't affect things that much. Would like to see a rule where teams cant make a substitution after say, 85 minutes, unless for a bad injury.

blues1 added 16:33 - Jun 10
Really don't get the kit rule regarding the colour blind? Surely even if colour blind both kits would still be different colours to you? Would be interesting to know if that's not the case. Also, surely it should be up to the away team to make sure their kit wont clash? But then, why is this suddenly necessary? I've been going for 50+ years, and this has never been deemed an issue before. And I'm sure there's been colour blind fans going to football in all that time. So why now? Is this not just taking things a bit too far with inclusivity? For 50 years I've watched my team at home playing in blue and now I may have to watch them wearing god knows what colour? Bcse let's face it, our away kit may not be suitable neither. Ridiculous.

bringmeaKuqi added 16:38 - Jun 10
Re the colourblind/ away kit law change; I wouldn't worry too much. There would be very few occasions where the away team wouldn't have a suitable away or third shirt.

The most common form of colourblindness is red-green – which would only be an issue for us if we were playing a green team away. If our blue shirt was enough of a clash with their green shirt and our away shirt was red, we might need to wear the third.

Blue-yellow colourblindness is the next most common, which would be an issue if we played Wimbledon (whose home kit is blue and second kit yellow – their third is red) at home. Or Burton, or perhaps Cambridge who might need to change into their away kit. All those teams have away or third options that would be suitable for playing a team in blue anyway.

What it might mean is we no longer see a yellow home goalkeeper shirt.

grumpyoldman added 16:49 - Jun 10
Surely a simple way to solve the colour blindness problem is every team has to have a black and white striped or similar third kit with them. The home team should always be able to wear their home kit.

Kingfisher49 added 16:55 - Jun 10
I hope it does not go the same way as local leagues and have rolling roll off substitutes then it would take well over 2 hours per game.

chepstowblue added 17:24 - Jun 10
Pathetic. Absolutely no need to introduce the extra subs rule. It's done purely to dupe the public into making us think they're actually behind the scenes having serious
discussions. As with any new fangled crap it'll be just another way for the cheats to manipulate the rules and waste time. What is a bigger issue in most games are the 6mins of stoppages in each half and the board going up for 3. International football is unbearable to watch, haven't watched a champions league game for a decade, 1 premier league a week maximum. If it wasn't for the mighty ITFC I'd have nothing to do with the pathetic game. The most corrupt governing body known to man, incompetent officials, namby pamby players, VAR, and the resurgence of degenerate fans. I'm packing it in at 60. Have a good weekend y'all.

Freddies_Ears added 17:31 - Jun 10
As a colourblind fan, I am so pleased this issue is getting addressed. I don't think it will be an issue at Town, as we wear blue, but any red v green is utterly indistinguishable to me. I also struggle with orange / yellow (often, ref & gk).

Taricco_Fan added 17:41 - Jun 10
The extra subs will benefit clubs like us with deeper squads. Not saying I agree with the change but it is what it is and, in theory, should work in our favour.

Fat_Boy_Tim added 18:14 - Jun 10
Favours the big clubs, I’ve never agreed with it but it definitely favours us next season. All they want is the big clubs to do better and put an end to overachievers with smaller crowds. Typical of the way the EFL, FA, UEFA and FIFA see the world.

churchmans added 19:19 - Jun 10
What a shower!!! If it ain't broke don't fix it

Mark added 19:36 - Jun 10
I am against both these changes, as see it as part of modern football's efforts to get more money out of the fans. They seem to be ever expanding the number of matches teams play, advertising we are exposed to, TV channels they want us to subscribe to, and shirts they expect us to buy. I feel less and less engaged with top level football, and could hardly bring myself to watch England in the 'Nations' League'.

Bert added 19:53 - Jun 10
Games use to finish at 4.45 but currently 4.55 is the norm. It will be 5.00 in the coming season. Hope the train times for supporters move forward.

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