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First matxh
at 17:27 18 Dec 2021

for a while…and last match for a while.

Pre match entertainment- none.
Match entertainment- none
Player effort - none
Skill level - none

Beers down the Greyhound pre match -
Thread Mode
at 12:58 15 Dec 2021

Just dabbled with thread mode, after being a table mode user since the day dot.

WTF is that nonsense? Makes the whole forum unreadable. Anyone actually use that?
Town Social Media Standings
at 11:25 15 Dec 2021

Thought this was interesting enough to share

[Post edited 15 Dec 2021 11:26]
at 18:21 12 Dec 2021

On Sat I'm visiting with non regular fans and have plumped for the Pioneer so will pay a first visit to the FanZone.

Can anyone tell me how to access it? Is it via specific gate and then I have to come back out and round on myself or once im in can we just access the stairwell as normal?

Football Podcast
at 14:17 24 Nov 2021

I rather enjoy a podcast or two and a favourite is 'Sacked in the Morning' which has had Paul Lambert on recently and now has Terry Butcher -

Another is 'Sports Strangest Crimes' which has covered Shergar and Allen Stamford.

Are there any similar which I should take a look at?
High scoring game
at 09:08 6 Nov 2021

All things being equal, Town could easily ramp up a large win today.

However in this day and age of respect amongst managers and perhaps players, would we likely take our foot off the gas and keep the score respectable to our opponents?

Some nice odds on a 6+ goals haul so wanted to gauge this before I pull the trigger.
Suffolk Pubs
at 08:16 5 Nov 2021

I am a big fan of the pub. Sometime I wear a mask there.

Anyhow, from this list I have been to the Butt + Oyster and the Ferry Boat in Felixstowe, are there any recommendations for this weekend?
Greene King
at 18:44 31 Oct 2021

Never thought I would say it as I’m normally very anti Greene King, due to its unimaginative offerings and naff pubs.

However, just discovered Abbott and it’s blooming well lovely and ideal for these cold nights. Can’t think of anything Adnams offer which is similar apart from perhaps Broadside which is not a patch.
Anyone wanting a lift home?
at 12:22 31 Oct 2021

Leaving Plymouth after lunch and then driving home. Thought there might be a few stragglers who don’t fancy the train.
Peckham Pouncer
at 12:40 28 Oct 2021

Couple with torch shine light at someone else with a torch and yet somehow this makes the news?
Sunderland Prices
at 10:55 22 Oct 2021


and a 10hr round trip.

No thanks. iFollow for me.
Empty Seats
at 13:54 16 Oct 2021

At least 200 seats empty in the away stand today. Taped off. Could have sold those twice over.
Norwoods DD appeal
at 12:54 5 Oct 2021

Appeal against what exactly? You got busted mate. Get on the bus.
State of the town
at 11:31 30 Sep 2021

Was given my very first furlough day yesterday as I guess a 'thankyou' for holding the fort over the last couple of years, so I headed to the Butt and Oyster for F+C and a pint before making my way into the town centre.

Its been in decline for some years I know but was a real eye opener just how bad it is now. East of Upper Brook Street is a no-mans-land now, with the place in complete decay. The Buttermarket is on its last legs and the main thoroughfare just devoid of any useful shops.

Anyway, the question I have, where on earth do people who live there purchase clothes? I was only after a pair of jeans but after a quick 30 mins I determined that that was going to be an impossible ask.
[Post edited 30 Sep 2021 11:32]
Sunday Lunch
at 21:42 13 Sep 2021

I’m looking for recommendations for Sunday Lunch please. Preferably not somewhere in the @rse end of nowhere (I’m coming from Cambridge) and ideally at the tail end of a nice walk.

at 11:07 6 Sep 2021

Been watching this BBC series with interest and it certainly has grabbed my attention.

If I stop just for a second and try and consider exactly how I would feel on the sub, for weeks on end with no fresh air and being unable to escape then I know for absolute certainty that it is not something I could consider doing. Hats off to those that do.
at 07:40 4 Sep 2021

Took a trip to the Greyhound for a spot of food before the flicks last night after seeing it spouted everywhere as a good spot for grub.

Decidedly unimpressed to be honest which disappointed me.

Is there any other similar establishments serving a similar offering which I should try?
[Post edited 4 Sep 2021 7:41]
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