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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis at the Regent tonight...
at 19:37 12 Sep 2021

Anyone else going? My first gig and visit to Ipswich since Covid, looking forward to it!
Tom Hunt being an unpleasant virtue signalling idiot again.
at 15:19 31 Jan 2021

Do the people of Ipswich genuinely like this guy? He seems like a really nasty piece of work who is more interested in stirring up this culture war nonsense.

I don't know Alasdair, but he comes across as a decent guy on Twitter and seems pretty centre-left to me (not anything like he's being portrayed by Hunt).

I've seen other veterans calling out the conditions in these centres being appalling getting abuse on Twitter. It doesn't mean they approve of the fires that were set, just stating that they're living in awful conditions. Desperate people do desperate things and dehumanising them isn't going to help the situation. Thank you for your service, but not if you're left-wing and don't agree with Conservative Party policy I guess?
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Jerry Thorpe - Motor Neurone Disease Fundraiser
at 10:46 19 Jan 2021

Just seen Milts tweet about Jerry Thorpe (the Town supporter in the BBC's FA Cup intro), who sadly has Motor Neurone Disease.

This is both a sad and uplifting watch, I hope we can all help him out when this gets launched (I can't see any links yet):
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Watching my Nirvana - Live at Reading 1992 DVD...
at 01:03 8 Mar 2020

It really does highlight how sh*t music is now. There are exceptions, but nothing on this level.
Left my bloody ticket print outs at home, has anyone had their phone scanned?
at 11:15 23 Nov 2019

Most places will scan a QR code on your phone these day, but Town are a bit behind on these things.

Failing that, I assume the Ticket Office or Planet Blue can print them?


Can't get through to the Ticket Office or Planet Blue.
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The Selkirk
at 20:45 9 Nov 2019

Heard really good things about this place, is it worth going out of the way? Was thinking of getting something to eat after the Blackpool game but want to go somewhere different.
Talk Norwich City
at 04:34 16 Mar 2019

I'm going to be a judgemental prick now, but wow, what an entitled bunch of rich boys:

Carlos Edwards on Look East
at 19:06 14 Jan 2019

Always liked Carlos, spoke very well too.

He had benchware on. Of course anyone can buy kit, but does he have a role at the club now that I've missed? I know he plays for Woodbridge so clearly likes it around here!
Not great being a Norwich based blue today...
at 01:59 11 Nov 2018

Was walking to the pub just after we'd conceded. All good, we're drawing, they're losing, etc. Then heard a huge roar, checked and they'd equalised. Walked a bit further down then heard an almighty roar, they'd bloody won. Carrow Road has seemed quiet the last few years but that was a proper roar, I was nowhere near the stadium and I heard it. Depressing. They did us a favour I guess. Hope they f*ck it up though!
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Scuzz TV shutting down, MTV Rocks replaced by a Christmas channel.
at 13:02 10 Nov 2018

Yes, focusing on the real issues here I know, but it seems gone are the days where you could roll in from the pub and flick through a few channels of rock/alternative music. There was also Vintage TV which played some decent stuff which is also gone, so just Kerrang left now and that is stuck in 2002.

I know I can just queue up videos from YouTube onto my TV, but I like the laziness of flicking through the music channels (also 120 Minutes on MTV2 was also genuinely great and got me into a few bands). Maybe I'm set in my ways, but why is rock/alternative music so poorly catered for now in this regard (it's not like it has become hugely unpopular or something)?
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - All Points East Festival
at 10:30 4 Jun 2018

Did anyone else go to this yesterday? It has gone into my top 5 gigs for sure, the man an his band are sublime. Kylie came on to sing 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' too, very unexpected! The atmosphere was something else.

I also saw Nadine Shah earlier in the day, she was bloody excellent too. Overall a decent festival if you can stomach the London prices which are beyond extortionate.
Breaking sinkhole news in Norwich
at 12:51 14 Mar 2018

A car has fallen into a sinkhole in Norwich (well, its wheel has), the EDP have a live webcam for this monumentous occasion:
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Urgh, look what greeted me on login today.
at 08:06 9 Mar 2018

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Compleat Angler tomorrow
at 00:12 18 Feb 2018

Anyone without a ticket watching it there?
Chap on Look East (programme collector) seems to support both Town and Nodge?
at 00:39 17 Feb 2018

He had a huge collection of Town and Norwich programmes, was quite impressive. He said he'd be happy if either team wins, seems like a nice chap.

I have not come across this before myself (i.e. supporting Town and Norwich) bar what looked like a wind-up account on Twitter, has anyone else? I did meet a Norwich fan in the South Stand bar once though, I mentioned I live in Norwich and he said he lives in Ipswich, supports Norwich but watches both as he just likes watching football, can understand that a bit more I guess!
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Supporter screaming at full-time.
at 09:55 12 Feb 2018

This has tickled me more than it should.

I was planning on going, glad I didn't now!

Some people really do need to calm the f**k down though, I'm sure it was bad but there's more to life than getting this wound up surely?
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Hasn't it been asserted on here that it is Mick's decision to sell players?
at 16:33 5 Jan 2018

It certainly doesn't appear to be the case now or when McGoldrick was bid on by Leicester a few years ago.

From today:

"Bart and Didzy is another matter. Goodness knows that would be a real blow. None of us are wanting to lose them and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t do anything about being asked about it. If somebody comes in it’ll be discussed and decided."

After the McGoldrick bid in 2014:

"He says the decision will be owner Evans’s and not his: “If one does go, that won’t be down to me that will be down to what Leicester are bidding and what Marcus decides is the right [price]."

It is very worrying if we lose both those players and it looks likely they won't be effectively replaced this window. The season is pretty much written off anyway but that really will do it, I know we have to sell to cover our losses but it is so utterly depressing and if it isn't evidence than Evans is merely trading water I don't know what is.

It also shows that whilst Mick isn't blameless for the poor tactics, etc, over the last couple of seasons he is perhaps more hamstrung than some would like to admit.
I'm sanding my floorboards next weekend, any tips?
at 21:29 10 Nov 2017

Heard some bad things about the massive amounts of dust and how knackering it is but I've booked the bloody thing now. It can't be that bad though, can it?
Fickleness of supporters
at 02:53 16 Sep 2017

It never fails to amaze me, a run of wins then two losses and the knives are out again. Do some of you want Town to lose just to spite Mick FFS?

It is the same with my Nodge mates. One of them wants Farke gone already despite having played a handful of games, now I hope he is right about how s**t he is but come on!
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I know we've all seen this before...
at 06:02 19 Aug 2017

For those that don't know, I recently lost my Dad to cancer. I'm still not over it.

I'm sure the clip below isn't helping things, but it reminded me of one of the last football related things he said to me.

"Just you remember boy, we were so lucky. Don't forget it."

I write this with tears streaming down my face. I love my Dad, and the pride from watching the clip below cannot be measured.

I take huge pride in all these clips they mention Ipswich. I don't give a feck what budgies say, that sort of thing does matter and they will never partake.

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