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ITFC superfan Ed in cycle horror
at 12:32 16 Oct 2017

Ed Sheeran was knocked off his bike this morning in that London. Broke his arm.
Dean Saunders Sporting Evening Review
at 09:31 13 Oct 2017

As one of the lucky competition winners from TWTD I attended the Dean Saunders Sporting Dinner at Greshams last night. It is a great venue and looked splendid set out in cabaret style and packed to the rafters.

Evening started with a two course meal, steak and ale pie was delicious. Event raised over £1200 for St Elizabeth Hospice which was great.

Dean Saunders was next up. I wasn’t sure what to expect as he never really came across as a sparkling personality. I was very wrong.

He started with a great story about his first day at TalkSport with Town legend Alan Brazil, then talked about his time as manager of Wrexham. His next story was a brilliant tale about how he nearly signed for Forest and the meeting he had with Brian Clough. It was brilliant. His final story was about Ron Atkinson and the time he had at Villa. Dalian Atkinson featured heavily in the story. It was hilarious. Dean Saunders is actually a brilliant after dinner speaker and a very funny man.

The evening finished with a comedian from Yeovil who was a little bit old school. All in all a great evening. Next one in May features our own Terry Butcher.

So thank you Phil for the tickets. The TWTD table were a great bunch of people too and good company. So a very enjoyable evening was had by all.
Chaos at Foxhall Stadium
at 09:48 12 Oct 2017

Chaos at Foxhall Stadium as winner of Unlimited National Banger World Championship stripped of title.

They crowned the wrong bloke. Cost Betfred £10K in payouts to the wrong winner.

Get rid of FFP
at 10:11 8 Sep 2017

Arsne Wenger wants to get rid of FFP. No one is respecting it so just open it up and make it a free for all. What do people think?

Without big investment it would make it impossible for ITFC to ever dine at the top table again if this were to happen.
J block v Nacton
at 15:35 5 Sep 2017

Is Ipswich really as bad as the media are making it out to be? Are there drug gangs running around knifing each other? Is it safe to go to Nacton Road for a curry anymore?

All seems a bit hyperbole to me.
iPhone 7 screen replacement ipswich
at 14:05 1 Sep 2017

My lad has been quoted £199 from Acefast. Seems a lot. Anyone know of anywhere cheaper?
SSN Johnny Williams going on loan to Championship Club
at 15:43 31 Aug 2017

It's us isn't it? :)
England only: Most expensive ever in cumulative fees - guess who is number 1.
at 11:11 30 Aug 2017

8. Stewart Downing – £44m (Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Liverpool, West Ham, Middlesbrough)

7. Craig Bellamy – £45m (Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Cardiff)

6. Rio Ferdinand – £48m (West Ham, Leeds, Manchester United, QPR)

5. Peter Crouch – £49,060,000 (Tottenham, QPR, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Stoke)

4. Kyle Walker – £49.5m (Sheffield United, Tottenham, Manchester City)

3. Andy Carroll – £50m (Newcastle, Liverpool, West Ham)

2. John Stones – £50.5m (Barnsley, Everton, Manchester City)

Go Witches
at 10:14 25 Aug 2017

The Witches seem to be going along really well at the moment. any TWTD'ers go and watch regularly? I'm a fan via Ipswich Star. Maybe go once a year.

How good are they this year? What are their chances/ are Sheffield just too good?
Born to run by Springsteen
at 09:41 25 Aug 2017

Playing on Absolute Radio now. Boy is that a tune.
Colin Murray - Championship Channel 5
at 09:08 21 Aug 2017

Did anyone else find it a bit cringeworthy when he asked gambling addict Keith Gillespie how much he would have won if he had bet a fiver on Ipswich to win their first five games? to be fair to Keith he got it pretty much spot on.

About £1250 was the answer.
Fortuna Dusseldorf live on BT Sport this lunchtime
at 11:04 19 Aug 2017

Lee Martin article
at 09:37 18 Aug 2017

Good article here t Lee Martin for those of you with ten minutes to spare
Kings of Anglia
at 10:21 17 Aug 2017

Is it any good? Anyone bought a copy?

I hope it is good and sustainable. I imagine it's a difficult publication to make a profit on in this day and age.

I really miss the Green'un. If we had won I used to love going to get a copy of the Green'un to see the league tables, goal scorers etc. In the internet age this has died a death but it was a part of my ITFC history and culture.
Olympic Gold for Ipswich boy who had his bike nicked.
at 09:51 16 Aug 2017

Anyone got a spare few pennies to help this lad get a new bike?

Don't people make you mad.
What is wrong with people these days?
at 11:26 11 Aug 2017

Absolute scum
Really good mail from Football365 on football transfers
at 11:10 11 Aug 2017

Clubs are not pawns anymore
‘If he wants to go there is nothing you can do.’

This opinion is really starting to grate with me. I am a Liverpool fan and we are currently in the middle of 3 reasonably complex transfer negotiations. Firstly we have Phil Coutinho who apparently wants to play for Barcelona but has the small issue of a recently started 5 year contract, then there’s Virgil Van Dijk who wants to join Liverpool but is one year through a 6 year contract with Southampton and Naby Keita who also wants to join but is at the start of his 5 year contract with RB Leipzig.

Firstly and to ensure there is no confusion, Liverpool, Southampton and RB Leipzig can refuse to sell. End of story. The player might complain in the media, he might go on strike, (and subsequently be docked the appropriate weeks wages) he might put in a transfer request or he might quietly talk to the club and express his wish, should a suitable deal be agreed, to leave, ultimately this doesn’t change the fact it’s the clubs decision to make. The player signed a contract and without going through an unthinkable and insanely expensive litigation process (which will rob the player of years of his career) would be expected to remain employed to the culmination of that deal.

This concept is not new, yet in the last 12/18 months there has been a subtle but significant shift in the balance between having money to spend compared to having talent already within the squad. Take Roman Abromivich’s real-world Football Manager experiment that started in 2003; that first summer he signed 11 players for a total of £121.3m. This included Makelele and Geremi from Real Madrid, Veron from Man Utd, Crespo from Inter and somehow Scott Parker from the colossal Charlton. Their record purchase that summer was Damien Duff for £17m from Blackburn.

All of these clubs from big to small looked at the millions of pounds being offered and felt their best option was to take the money. Cash in the bank could be reinvested; if the offer was paying over the odds, it was better to take the premium and look to upgrade with the increased funds.

However, this balance has moved. With an entire league of clubs flush with cash due to TV billions, commercial clamour for involvement swelling coffers further, super-rich foreign owners proliferate throughout Europe and lucrative new markets opening up in the East, many clubs around Europe have significant sums to spend should they find the appropriate talent available. However finding that talent is now the limiting factor. Having £100m to spend is all well and good but teams are struggling to find the requisite players to spend it on. And with this shifting attitude comes a change in the power structure within the player / club relationship. Where once a player could push for a transfer and the club would take any premium over the player’s expected value rather than having to deal with an unhappy player, now clubs cannot see value in selling a player even with a considerable premium, if there is not going to be guaranteed opportunity to reinvest, attaining relative parity to where they were before the original sale.

Currently there is considerably more incentive for the club to sit back and wait for the transfer window to slam shut and test the players resolve. If it’s Virgil Van Dijk telling the club he doesn’t feel able to play while not getting the requested transfer, how long after 1st September is he going to hold out when he has 5 years remaining on his contract, is 12 months away from a World Cup and is threatened with being docked every weeks wage sat in the stands?

Interestingly, agents seem to have been slow on the uptake; the logical transition for players within this environment would be for them to push for reduced length contracts (perhaps at some reduction in remuneration). Having 3 year terms increases the likelihood a player who becomes disillusioned with a club, will sit in the reserves for a season or even 2 allowing them to leave for free at the end of the contract. This option provides leverage for a player to push through a transfer. Yet 3 year terms are still a rarity for players under 30. Although expect this to change for those under 25 who believe they could further their careers instead of push for better terms and longer contracts. This balance is not necessarily here for the long run. I, like most people, think football has peaked in ever escalating tv revenues and the next package will be the first at a lower value than its predecessor but that’s a email for another time…

Anyway, my point was that a player wanting to leave doesn’t just get his wish whatever, and anyone saying otherwise is wrong. And for the record my belief is that all 3 of those players will still be at their respective clubs on 1st September, although I would be happy if VVD proved me wrong.
Ed Ern
Cash Machine - Hard-Fi
at 11:19 9 Aug 2017

Just playing on absolute. Forgot what a great band these boys were.

Little bit of the Clash about them.
based on what have seen and heard so far.. my best starting XI
at 10:17 9 Aug 2017

Iorfa Chambo Webster Knudsen
Ward Huws Downes Celina
Didsy Garner

Not a bad second team too.

Spence Smith Wolfy Kenlock
Rowe Skuse Adeyimi Nydam
Sears Waggy
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